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Congratulations go to The Plant Notes team who came runners up in the University of South Wales, Making Business Happen Awards. It was a lovely event and a great experience where they were awarded £1,700 for their project.

Cara Honey in Year 13 has  been given this tremendous accolade for “The exceptional time and energy put into being Mayor for young people and the extra input she added to that role". Congratulations to her and her family.

The afternoon of Friday 20 November saw a full house at the Frome Memorial Theatre celebrating Frome  College’s most successful exam results to date, at the annual GCSE Certificate Presentation, giving both staff and parents the opportunity to congratulate the Year 11 success.  

The celebration this year was particularly well deserved as the results achieved by the students were so high.  Principal, Gavin Ball said “I am very proud how well they have all done, not only are their Maths and English results above the National Average but their Progress 8 levels, which track progress, were extremely high”.  
The student’s achievements were reflected by the highest attendance to date at the event, by not only students, but parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and many others who were keen to celebrate all the successes.

Everyone was warmly welcomed by Mr Ball, Vicky West, Pastoral Director, and all the Heads of House.  
Mr Ball introduced the prestigious guests who supported the event;  BBC Sport presenter, and Paralympian swimmer Kate Grey, who gave an inspiring motivational and moving speech, David Warburton MP for Frome & Somerton and Kate Bielby, Frome Town Mayor.

During the certificate presentation, there was a surprise award presented by David Warburton to Ben Manning in Year 12.   Ben not only was awarded Frome Youth Citizen of the Year Award earlier this year by the Selwood Rotary Club, but also received the extremely prestigious Diana Award.   Ben was very surprised and pleased to receive the award and David Warburton praised Ben for his outstanding community work and encouraged others to get involved.

Any Frome College event would not be complete without highlighting the musical talents of our students who performed some outstanding pieces.   Special thanks therefore go to Brynn Dunn, Jessica Billett and Jacob Howell in Year 12, who were extremely nervous performing in front of their peers but they were consummate professionals and the nerves did not show at all.

There will be more of the student’s musical talents on show at the College Carol Concert at St John’s Church on Monday 14 December at 7.00pm.

The ceremony was rounded off with refreshments in the Assembly Rooms.  

© Thank you to Harry Foreman in Year 13 for his photography throughout the event.

 A memorable afternoon of celebration was had by all - Congratulations go to the class of 2015!

College students have won the Young Open Competition Awards 2015 at the Black Swan Art Gallery. 20 of our students were successfully shortlisted for the competition this year and all their work is exhibited at the Gallery.

The winners were Ben Still and Grace Barnes in Year 11 with their GCSE coursework profiles on the subject of “Disguise”, Grace Ratcliffe in Year 12 with her animal skull and Barnaby Turner in Year 11 with his black and white drawing of buildings. Congratualtions go to them all.




29 students left bright and early at 3.30am to board a coach during the end of term 1 holiday, to begin their adventures on the cross-curriculm trip to New York.

Hannah North, Danielle Jackson, Chloe Palmer & Charlotte Leesom  in Sixth Form report:

"After arrival at Heathrow Airport and an easy check-in, smooth security checks, and of course duty-free shopping, we boarded the plane ready for our approximately 7 hour flight. We were all very impressed with the in-flight entertainment and food- which included pizza and ice cream!

We landed in New York at 1.00pm local time and were all buzzing with excitement to begin our 'NYC' experience! We were greeted at JFK airport by our lovely tour guide Lynn, who gave us a fascinating talk on the boroughs of New York and the history of some buildings, as we entered Manhattan. On arrival at our YMCA we unfortunately realised it was not up to standard, and we were extremely fortunate in being moved to the extravagant Roosevelt Hotel on Madison Avenue. We all felt very lucky being upgraded to our luxurious suites with king-sized beds and ensuite bathrooms! After a long day of travelling and switching hotels we were all exhausted, and as soon as we received our room-keys we went straight to bed.

The next morning we were awake and ready to go exploring in 'NYC'. First on the itinerary was an open-top bus tour of Uptown Manhattan, we were so excited to see Times Square for the first of many times, to see boroughs such as Harlem, and we also saw where some celebrities were living. After a quick lunch in the peaceful Central Park, we made our way to the American Museum of Natural History; it was really exciting to see artefacts that were featured in the film “Night at the Museum”. While walking back through Central Park to return to our hotel, we paid a visit to the John Lennon tribute “Strawberry Fields” just opposite to where he was shot. In the evening we went to Planet Hollywood restaurant, which was very cool as it had memorabilia from big Hollywood films such as Titanic- not to mention the food was great. After our meal we quickly stopped in Times Square for our first night viewing, the bright lights and exhilarating atmosphere were very surreal and we all felt very lucky to be there. Feeling both full and again tired from our jam-packed day and buzzing from the New York excitement, we returned to the hotel to sleep! 

The next day we had a real 'American breakfast' in the Morning Star Café, a mixture of pancakes, eggs, bacon, maple syrup and waffles. After breakfast we rode the subway down to the dock at which we caught a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. We were so shocked by the magnificent size of 'Lady Liberty', and walked around the base to take lots of 'selfies' - one of the highlights was Mrs Hyde trying to work her selfie stick! After a group selfie and a  quick visit to the gift shop we hopped back on the boat and went to Ellis Island, the gateway for many immigrants into America. On return to the dock we were again met by our guide for a walking tour of Downtown Manhattan, she walked us down Wall Street and the financial district. Later we walked to the 9/11 Memorial, with each victim’s name engraved into it, this was extremely thought provoking and touching, we also saw the new World Trade Center, also known as the ‘Freedom Tower’. After this we caught the subway to Little Italy where we ate a lovely Italian meal. The subway ride home was one of the highlights of the trip; we had such a blast and laughed the whole way back to the hotel.

The following day we walked across the island to the docks where we went on a ‘skyline cruise’, we saw the breathtaking New York skyline, including sights such as the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge, while aboard the cruise we also had a classic American hot dog for lunch- it was delicious!

Next on our adventure was a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the world’s largest department store- Macy’s Herald Square! It was intriguing to hear about the history of the store, they gave us 10% off coupons which we were very happy to take advantage of! After our shopping spree we walked to the Empire State Building and prepared to see New York from the 87th floor. We were lucky enough to get the timing perfect as it was sunset over the skyline- it was truly a beautiful sight. Feeling fortunate for our amazing experience so far we made our way to the Hard Rock Café, where we had a great meal surrounded by memorabilia such as the Beatles’ suits.

In the morning we had our last American breakfast at the Morning Star Café, and went back to the hotel to pack our suitcases before going shopping. We walked to Times Square for the last time, where we splashed out in all the large shops, before meeting on the famous red steps to eat pizza. We returned to the hotel, to try and squeeze our shopping into our packed suitcases- we just managed to fit it all in and stay below the weight limit, although there was some suitcase sharing! After our goodbyes, we boarded the coach to JFK, and had our last glimpse of the gorgeous New York skyline at sunset while leaving Manhattan. We were all really tired and although we were sad to leave New York, we were excited to see our families and friends.

We had such a surreal, and magical adventure in New York, thank you to Mrs Hyde, Mrs Hiron-Grimes and Mr Titchner for organising the trip and for being great company!

The College hosted the Somerset finals of F1 in Schools - Jaguar Primary School Challenge at the Leisure Centre this week.A number of different teams from across the county competed to win the coveted Jaguar Trophy.  Teams of Year 4 and 5 students have spent the last 8 months designing and building their own ‘Formula 1’ car which they built from cardboard.   The little cars shot across the track at great speed, much to the delight of competitors and spectators alike.  The students also had to create a display and present their ideas to a panel of judges from Jaguar and the Rotary Club.  There were some great presentations including singing, dancing and poetry to compliment the story of the design journey. 

The final students had to use all their skills to complete a design and make challenge on the day – with some fantastic results.  Every team managed to win a prize however, the winning team was ‘Furious Four’ from Whitchurch Primary School.  They were presented with their prizes by Gavin Ball, Principal at the College and David Barnard, Chairman of Jaguar F1 in Schools.

A huge thank you to everybody involved in the planning and preparation of such a great event, and the continued support of the Rotary Club, who always have such enthusiasm for College events. We wish the winners every success in the National Finals in Coventry on 23 June.


The BBC News School Report gives 11-16 year-old students across the UK the opportunity to research and produce their own news reports for a real audience.

The whole of Year 9 are involved in the project to decide upon, create and publish stories about news that is important to them.

Students from the College will be making the news for real on 10 March 2016,  as they take part in the BBC News School Report.

We aim to publish the news by 4.00pm on the ‘News Day’, so please save the link below, as a favourite and return to it later: 



For more information contact Jane Davis, Communicaitons Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frome College U16 girls win Somerset County Cup 2015Congratulations to the formidable girls’ team who beat the Kings of Taunton School in the county final by 2 - 0. They returned with the prestigious cup for the second year running. Well done to all of them!

Frome College U16 girls win Somerset County Cup

Students at Frome College are preparing to become space biologists and embark on a voyage of discovery by growing seeds that have been into space.

In September, 2kg of rocket seeds were flown to the International Space Station (ISS) on Soyuz 44S where they will spend several months in microgravity before returning to Earth in March 2016. The seeds have been sent as part of Rocket Science, an educational project launched by the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and the UK Space Agency.

Frome College will be one of up to 10,000 schools to receive a packet of 100 seeds from space, which they will grow alongside seeds that haven’t been to space and measure the differences over seven weeks. The students won’t know which seed packet contains which seeds until all results have been collected by the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and analysed by professional biostatisticians.

The out-of-this-world, nationwide science experiment will enable the students to think more about how we could preserve human life on another planet in the future, what astronauts need to survive long-term missions in space and the difficulties surrounding growing fresh food in challenging climates.

Mrs Pike, Teaching Assistant, and Assistant Head of House for Franklin at Frome College, said: “We are very excited to be taking part in Rocket Science. This experiment is a fantastic way of teaching our students to think more scientifically and share their findings with the whole school.

Rocket Science is just one educational project from a programme developed by the UK Space Agency to celebrate British ESA astronaut Tim Peake’s Principia mission to the ISS and inspire young people to look into careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, including horticulture.

Applications to take part in Rocket Science are still open and will close in March next year or until all packs have been allocated. Schools and educational groups can apply at rhs.org.uk/schoolgardening.

Follow the project on Twitter: @RHSSchools #RocketScience

For more information on the Rocket Science project or RHS Campaign for School Gardening, please contact the Campaign at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About the RHS Campaign for School Gardening
The RHS Campaign for School Gardening works with over 21,000 schools and groups, representing more than 4.5 million children across the UK, to inspire a love of plants and horticulture. Through our resources, unique competitions and hands-on projects, we support teachers to enhance children’s skills and development to meet the needs of the future. Our extensive bank of online resources and national programme of school gardening training courses enthuse teachers and give them skills and confidence to create outdoor learning experiences that impact on children’s achievement, health and well-being, whilst supporting the National Curriculum. rhs.org.uk/schoolgardening.

RHS Registered Charity No. 222879/SC038262

About the UK Space Agency

The UK Space Agency is responsible for all strategic decisions on the UK civil space programme and provides a clear, single voice for UK space ambitions. At the heart of UK efforts to explore and benefit from space, we are responsible for ensuring that the UK retains and grows a strategic capability in space-based systems, technologies, science and applications. We lead the UK’s civil space programme in order to win sustainable economic growth, secure new scientific knowledge and provide benefit to all citizens.

We work to:

  • co-ordinate UK civil space activity
  • encourage academic research
  • support the UK space industry
  • raise the profile of UK space activities at home and abroad
  • increase understanding of space science and its practical benefits
  • inspire our next generation of UK scientists and engineers
  • licence the launch and operation of UK spacecraft
  • promote co-operation and participation in the European Space programme

For more information on the UK Space Agency or Principia Mission, please contact Julia Short at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frome College U16 Boys win Somerset Cup 2015Another win for College Sport! The U16 boys' football team won the Somerset County Cup in Street. They beat Broadlands Academy by 2 - 0. Congratulations to the team for such a well-earned trophy.



The competition this year saw some truly outstanding entries for Rotary Young Photographer of the Year. It was a really wonderful evening on Wednesday 9 December at Rook Lane Chapel with kind sponsorship from NVB Architects, who provided the use of the Chapel. There was a great atmosphere and lots of very beautiful photographs.

The submissions this year showed a huge variety of skill and talent, which was noticed by both the Rotarians who organised the event, as well as the other guests who attended. The judges remarked that the standard was the highest they had seen.

Frome College is filled with some very gifted and talented students, and it makes everyone at the school, very proud and happy seeing them being recognised for all their hard work. Lisa Millard, Assistant Principal at the College attended the award ceremony on behalf of the school, alongside Frome Rotarians, Christopher Good and President, Patrick Cusworth.

We would like to thank all the students who entered the competition, and also, all the staff in the College Art department. In particular, Sarah Auld, for her constant input, and the assistance of Lily Knibbs in organising the event.

The final results are

1st Place - Charlotte Leesam in Year 13
2nd  - Thea Bryant in Year 13
3rd - Daniel Weston in Year 12

Winner, Charlotte Leesam, has been put forward to the District Final, and could go on to the National Final from there. We wish her every success in the future, and send congratulations to all of them.

College students have been working with the Target Youth Support Service to hand build high performance, classic steel, hard tail mountain bikes. The 6 students, Gavin Seago, Conner Maxted, Tyrone Jelly, Jack Hughes, Tom Sears and Josh Strudley built the bikes from scratch. One has been raffled at school and one has been given to Frome Rotary Club as a thank you for all their continued support to the students and families at College. The Rotary Club are raising money in their ‘Pop up shop’ by selling tickets for the bike and the money will be used to help take out a group of disabled children and their families for the day. The bike will be in the shop until 16 June where you can enter your name for £1 to win it. The charity shop is located in the Westway Precinct and open Monday to Friday from 9.30-4.30pm.  In the photo is College Principal, Mr Ball with Mrs Gay, PFSA presenting the bike to Norman Sellars from Frome Rotary Club.

After Christmas Bath Rugby Foundation will be working with Frome College students from Years 9-11 on a programme called 'On the Front Foot' which is a Premiership Rugby programme funded by the Department for Education.


The students will participate in five, 1-hour sessions which will involve a series of practical, rugby based activities focussing on developing the five core values of rugby; Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship.

The scheme, delivered by Bath Rugby Foundation, uses rugby, and its core values, to instil character and resilience in students through classroom and outdoor activity.

All 12 Aviva Premiership Rugby clubs, in addition to London Welsh and Bristol Rugby, will help deliver the 'On the Front Foot' programme nationwide.

They have received funding through the Department for Education’s £3.5 million character grants scheme. The grants are designed to expand initiatives that successfully improve the character of young people.

Mark McCafferty, chief executive of Premiership Rugby, said: “On and off the pitch, rugby’s core values of respect, teamwork, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship are at the heart of premiership rugby. Our work in the community with England’s professional rugby clubs is a fantastic platform to use rugby’s core values to build character.”

Fifteen boys, and fifteen girls from Frome College will be chosen along with support in some PE lessons.

Through participating in the programme it is hoped the young people will develop positive character traits such as resilience, grit, tolerance and honesty.

May Schymczyk, has received the funding through the Frome Town Council’s Youth Bank to start a radio news project at the College.  Working in partnership with FromeFM, students will produce and record programmes of 30 minutes to go on air fortnightly. All the recording equipment was purchased locally from Sounds of Frome, and radio training for the students and staff has been provided by FromeFM.




Pictured left to right is Jane Davis, Communications Officer, Adam Baker of Frome FM,  Kim Hyde from Sounds of Frome, May Schymczyk, Mrs Robinson, Head of Einstein House, Ali Edney-Jordan, Kate Hellar from Frome Town Council, Amy Bell, Mrs Smith from Radio FromeFM, Jazmine Carpenter, Principal Mr Ball and Terry Stewart from FromeM.

Frome College was highly honoured to host the successful English rock guitarist, Neil Taylor, who did an exclusive performance on Wednesday 16 December, for our Year 10 students in the College’s 240 seat campus Merlin Theatre, during tutor time.




Neil, who was a member of ‘Tears for Fears’ and played with Robbie Williams for 10 years, amazed the audience with memorable songs such as ‘Angels’ and ‘Shout’ as well as songs from his latest albums. 

Neil is currently touring with Chris De Burgh and has played concerts around the world, with one in the Ukraine of over half a million people.  He first came to play for College students 3 years ago and we welcomed his return this week to start the Christmas season with a fantastic performance.

We look forward to him returning soon.

© Photography by Paul Gillis @ paulgillisphoto.com

Congratulations go to our new elected ambassadors for the College. In the photo Fynn McLennan, Head Boy, Adrianna Seviour, Head Girl, Principal, Mr Ball, Becky Hinde, Deputy Head Girl and Bertie Harrison-Broninski, Deputy Head Boy.

The 'Frome College Matters' team are hosting a ‘Drive Live’ slot on Radio FromeFM on Thursday 28 January at 4.00-6.00pm.  This student led project will see teachers and staff coming in to present along side them. 

To listen to the broadcast, you can tune in on 96.6fm, online at frome.fm or download the free FromeFM app to your smartphone.

During the broadcast you can contact the studio with your good wishes, any local information, news or jokes, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by texting the studio on 07797 800631. We look forward to hearing from you.

These projects are open to ALL students at the College.  If you would like more information on any of our news features, please contact the Comunications Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ben, in Year 11 has been given the Diana Award, a life long honour, after receiving the Frome Citizen of the Year Award this week, for his volunteering activities and helping others. Along with the other projects he is involved in, Ben is currently organising, with Dorothy House Hospice, a sponsored bike ride to set up a charity which will be sustainable and continue to offer a mentoring service for young vulnerable people. He successfully secured a Youth Bank grant enabling him to train in First Aid and coaching skills which he can use to support young people. Ben is organising this with Dorothy House and accountants in his own time after school. As part of the on going network and mentoring programme the Diana Award will be holding an ‘Inspire Day’ in Bristol in July where the awards will be presented in a special ceremony.


Congratulations go to Ben from us all for such an outstanding and well-deserved achievement!

We are delighted to announce that our annual Carol Concert at St John's Church raised £470.15 in the collection for charity.  

Cheques have been raised to be divide the funds equally between Dorothy House Hospice Care and Positive Action on Cancer.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the event at Christmas and contributed to the collection.

We have launched the programme which will begin in September, giving members of the local business community the opportunity to help shape the lives and career prospects of pupils enrolled at the school.

Mrs Locke, Behaviour Manager explained; "A key part of our role is to prepare students for the next step and the workplace after their school years and we feel that the best people to help us do this are those business leaders that understand what skills and abilities are most valued by employers and who want to share their experience and knowledge to make a significant difference to the prospects of young people in Frome". 

These sentiments were echoed by Jo Beale of Epicocity who added. "Seeing the students develop an understanding of business needs over the course of the mentoring sessions, and realising just how much this will help them in their post school lives is incredibly rewarding, I would recommend becoming involved to any business people'

We are looking for more mentors, who will be offered training by Jimmy Dean from Sporting Family Change and regular support from the school Mentor Team. Anyone interested in becoming a mentor can contact Mrs Locke or Mrs smith at the College on 01373 465353.

In the photo are Jimmy Dean, Jo Beale, Martina O'Connor, Mrs Locke, Michelle Robinson, Andy Robinson, Principal, Mr Ball, Mrs Smith and Matt Smith.

This terms 'Careers Café' sees more and more guest speakers supporting the College.

Building on the successes of our previous two Careers Cafés, the ‘Next Steps’ team introduced dedicated tables for entrepreneurs and apprenticeships for our third session. 

Guest speakers gave fascinating insights about the nature of their jobs, and gave our College students invaluable advice about how to follow a particular career path. 



More than 500 students visited the session, and 14 guest speakers represented the areas of hospitality, catering, health, social care, medicine and nursing. 

This session also saw speakers from both Frome Hospital and from the Royal United Hospital in Bath which employs more than 3,000 employees locally. Other guests, represented hotel management, catering management, ophthalmology, fundraising for charity, nursing, counselling, social work and working for the homeless.








Principal, Gavin Ball thanked all of our speakers and said they were making a very important contribution to the future employment success and opportunities for Frome College students. 

If you would like to be a guest speaker at any of our future Careers Café, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Hana has also set up a Facebook page for all alumni students to offer advice and help to our future generations of students.

Students from Years 9 &10 have been working on a number of enterprise projects throughout the year and have raised over £1,200 for the charity 'School in a Bag'. The money has funded 65 school bags which were packed at Frome College during a celebration event and will be shipped to poor, vulnerable and disaster affected children across the world. The bags are numbered and the students will be able to track where they go, and hopefully see photographs of the children who have received them.  Thank you to everyone who has supported this project in the last 9 months.

On Friday 15 January, all the Year 11 students received their exam results from the mock exams they sat in December.







The day is purposely set up to be exactly the same as the ‘live’ results day in August. 

This process of sitting the mock exams, not only gives us an indication of how the students are progressing and what, if any, support they may need ahead of their real exams, it also enables the students to have the opportunity to experience what the exam season will be like, so they are well prepared, and which helps support them to avoid stress and anxiety in the summer.

We are planning to interview every one of our Year 10 students in our forthcoming interviews which will be held at the College on Thursday 2 July and Friday 3 July from 9am - 3pm each day. With approximately 300 students to interview and debrief, we are in need of a lot of employers!

Working with the Rotary Club of Frome we have already secured 30 interviewers for both days.  Ideally, to ensure we are able to arrange an interview for all of our students, we would like to have an additional 10 interviewers for each day.

If you are available to help with the interviews, please email Lisa Millard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Jill Bendry This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.           

There will be an interviewer briefing and an opportunity for Q&A's along with helpful information.  Each student will have a CV and cover letter they have worked very hard on, which you will have prior to interview.  If you know anyone else who would like to be involved in this valuable project, please forward our contact information to them.

The GCSE performance tables came out on Thursday 22 January and show the College's results have improved again by 5%!

Release of the official figures for the 2015 GCSE exam results once again confirms the continued improvement in results at Frome College.  GCSE results were the highest ever - above national averages - presenting another significant step forward in the College’s ongoing journey of improvement.

We are immensely proud of our students for their achievements, and the increased progression opportunities these results offer.  Many have chosen to remain at the College and we are excited by the momentum of the achievement they continue to demonstrate, as well as the progress they have already made in Sixth Form.

Staff and students in Year 11 are confident and committed to ensuring that this year’s GCSE results will once again be our best ever.

TV presenter and paralympic swimmer Kate Grey visited College this week to set up this new project with Sky Sports Living for Sports (SSLFS) programme and our PE department.  Kate will be our 'Athlete Mentor', working closely with groups of students in key area workshops to help boost confidence, change behaviours, team building, increase attainment and help improve life skills.
College already uses sport to help motivate students and we are delighted to have such an inspirational mentor as Kate on board.  We look forward to working with her in workshops and presentation assemblies to help students aim higher and plan for success.

Kate will be returning to College on 7 July to work with students and has accepted our invitation to be a guest of honour at our annual Sports Awards evening.

On Thursday 28 Janauary, students from the 'Frome College Radio Club' hosted a live 'Drive Time' show as part of a community event on FromeFM 96.6fm from 4.00-6.00pm. 


The live broadcast featured music, news, travel and weather provided by Year 9 - 12 students, and was also available online at frome.fm and the free Frome FM Smartphone app.

Audience feedback was fantastic with compliments from as far afield as New York and Switzerland!

If you missed the show, you can listen to it on the FromeFM ‘Frome College Matters’ webpage, 'Listen again' at  http://frome.fm/programmes/talk/frome-college-matters/





On Thursday 11 June, former student Lieutenant Tristan Williams, was chosen to represent his platoon, the Royal Welsh at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Her Majesty the Queen bestowed the regiment with new Colours, this has only happened twice before during her reign. Lt Williams presented the Colours to the Queen for her to bless as head of the Church.   





After the ceremony the Queen joined the regiment for lunch. Tristan is now based in Tidworth with the Royal Welsh and has been to Kenya, Canada, Poland and Germany in the last year. He remains a keen sportsman and is representing the Army in tennis.

The intermediate stage of the competition at Standerwick Centre on Thursday 28 January was outstanding, and two College teams from Year 9 successfully took the 1st and 2nd places! 






The students arrived at 5.45pm to present their pieces to a panel of judges throughout the evening.  The College also had a student team from Year 10, who presented their piece at the intermediate stage as practice ahead of the senior competition on 11 February at the Centre.

We would like to congratulate the winning students and the runners up who participated, with all the other students who received highly commended from the judges.

We wish them all good luck in the next round.


Year 10 students, Chelsea Lacey, Emily Vining and Shannon Tackle, organised several fundraising events in College including cake sales and a ‘mufti’, non-uniform day. The whole school took part and generously donated to the charity.

Helen Sprawson-White, Fundraising Assistant for Positive Action on Cancer visited College on Wednesday 24 June to receive the cheque for £724.90p from the three students and Principal, Mr Ball.

Helen said: “Positive Action on Cancer is a Frome based charity offering free and professional emotional support to anyone affected by cancer and life threatening illness, we receive no central government funding and rely entirely on voluntary donations, trusts and grants, so community support is vital in keeping the service going.

Each counselling session comes at a direct cost of £33; therefore the money that Frome College raised covers the cost of 22 sessions! We currently offer around 50 sessions a week to adults and children. We would like to thank the College, the students who organised the fundraising as well as everyone who supported them. The money raised will make a huge difference to those who need PAC’s support at a difficult time in their lives.” 

Well done to everyone involved in the events to raise such a fantastic amount!

Frome College U16 girls’ football team were victorious on Thursday 4 February, winning the quarter finals against Writhlington School by 8 goals to 0, and taking them through to the semi-finals of the Somerset County Cup. 







Goal scorers were Katie Minty, Charlotte Buxton, Chloe Gilroy, Lucy Macey, and Ellie Stripple.




Congratulations to them all on a fantastic result! We wish the all good luck in the semi-finals.

In February, staff from the College attended an event in Bristol arranged by Governor Max Wide, where a number of local businesses and organisations presented information about employability and enterprise opportunities in the South West.

Following this event, a number of enterprising students have been selected to take part in an exclusive visit to the Engine Shed in Bristol to find out about these developments and to meet local business people and entrepreneurs. 

Bristol is very accessible from Frome and there are lots of innovations and business developments happening as part of the 'Enterprise Zone' urban regeneration project in the Temple Quarter near the train station.  This could open up many opportunities for young people in and around Frome. We want to give students a chance to explore these opportunities and also to be able to meet and network with business people who are at the forefront of these exciting changes.

The information and contacts gained from this trip will then be passed back through to other students at the College through ‘The Next Steps Hub’ for Employability & Enterprise.  This will give all students access to the full range of options available to them in their future career paths.   

The group of Gifted & Talented students from Year 9, 10 and 12 who show entrepreneurship potential in subjects such as computing and creative technologies, travelled by train to the Engine Shed in Bristol on Thursday 25 June where they had the opportunity to hear about career developments, opportunities in the area, have a tour of the building and meet local business people. One such business was Ultrahaptics, where students were able to demo their ultrasound technology. 

Information and interviews from the trip will be coming out soon in the Frome College Radio Show on Frome 96.6 FM.

Congratulations go to Charlotte Leesam in Year 13 for a 'Highly Commended Award' in the senior section of the Rotary Young Photographer of The Year Competition.











The competition was on Saturday, 6 February in Weymouth. 

Charlotte produced a stunning portfolio of forest images.

© Photography by Charlotte Leesam




The Year 11 students celebrated the end of their GCSE exams with a Prom held at Center Parcs on Wednesday 24 June.  The Prom was a huge success with almost 250 students and staff in attendance and a fantastic evening was had by all. The evening began with the Frome All Stars Band and finished with DJ Dill, and the students did not want the evening to end, leaving parents waiting till the very last minute to collect them. 



The students were keen to pass on their comments to staff, “Best night ever – so glad I came!”, “It was amazing” and “Thank you we’ve had an awesome night”. 

The students were a real credit to Frome College and it was a great chance to say farewell to them in style as they take the next steps in their careers. 

Good luck to everyone on their GCSE results day at 11.00am on Thursday 20 August in the main Hall.

© Photos by 35mil Photography


The latest Careers Café on Wednesday 2 March was another huge success and focused on the importance of literacy in the world of work.  Among the amazing guests we were supported by some incredible literacy figures including children’s book author Michelle Robinson, science fiction/fantasy writer John Walton and games designer Piotr Swietlek.

Over 700 students visited the main College Hall to listen to guest speaker’s talk about how literacy and the love of words have helped them to take advantage of all of the opportunities life presents.  


We were delighted to host the BBC Points West News Presenter Sarah-Jane Bungay who is a former Frome College student.  




The Mayor of Frome, Kate Bielby talked to students about her work, and was joined by former Mayor Helen Sprawson-White who talked about how literacy and the spoken word has helped with her charity and fundraising work.  Other guests provided useful insights into the application of literacy skills to a range of occupations including construction, theatre production, acting and museum work.

This extra Careers Cafe was a collaboration between Aron Schneider, Deputy Assistant Principal and Faculty Head for English, and the Next Steps Team at Frome College as part of the celebration of National Book Week.  All of the guest speakers are keen to keep in touch with the College and continue to contribute to the development of our young people. 


The next Careers Cafe will take place on Wednesday 16 March with a theme of science, engineering, maths, data, transport and logistics.  

College Principal, Mr Ball, thanked everyone who attended and continue to support the College and the invaluable help and advice given to our students.  

If you would like to be a guest speaker at a Careers Cafe, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This year our Year 13 Prom was held in the idyllic surroundings of Cumberwell Park near Bath on Wednesday 1 July. The students enjoyed a formal occasion on a glorious sunny evening with a choice menu and two course meal.

The evening continued with dancing and a disco through the evening until late.

We wish them all the very best in their chosen next steps and in their careers paths.

The A Level results will be available on Thursday 13 August in the main Hall at 7.00am followed by the AS Level results at 9.00am.








© Photos by 35mil Photography   

Welcome to the BBC School Report News Day 2016!

From just before 8am, School Reporters have already appeared on Farming Today, 5Live, BBC Breakfast and BBC Local Radio stations across the UK. And we’ve got hours of reporting and broadcasting ahead of us!

Huw Edwards has recorded a special message for all the schools taking part today - take a look! http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport/35766485

Frome College students are busy today filming and recording news.  More updates on our website as they come in through the day here www.fromecollege.org/news-dates/bbc-news-report










Year 10 students have been focussing on their careers and employability skills over the last couple of months.  As part of this process they had to consider their own skills and experience and produce a CV and covering letter.

On Thursday 2 and Friday 3 July, 260 Year 10 students were interviewed, with support of the Frome Rotary Club and employers. They were asked typical interview questions based on their CV and then given valuable feedback on their performance.


During these two days a small group of Sixth Form students supported the interviews by running the reception desk. They were extremely efficient and organised and gained extra experience to add to their own CV.

The interviewees were all very positive about the experience. Matthew Cook in Year 10 said: "It was extremely useful. The interviewers were really nice. They made it a realistic environment. I was pleased with the feedback and I know how to improve."

The employers were also very positive about the students, rating the majority of them as likely to be shortlisted or appointed based on their interview performance.  One employer said: "the students seemed to be very well prepared and all have a wonderful variety of talents and interests."

We are very grateful that these professionals have given up their time to support our students:  it really was such a valuable experience for them.   

Well done to everyone! 

The Year 9 Food Preparation, Nutrition and BTEC classes have met the Sodexo catering challenge to compete in an egg-citing Easter bake off.  Students were asked to design a cake or cup cakes with an Easter theme, and given 2 hours to complete their cakes and present them to the judges. The designs were brought to life as students baked and created their designs in their food lessons.
Tara Thorner, Assistant Catering Manager for Sodexo, judged the entries. She was extremely impressed with the standard of baking and quality of decoration.  “The students have been really creative, it is really difficult to judge, and perhaps we have some great British 'Bake off' contestants of the future."
The winner was Emily Eacott, in 2nd place was Luke Berryman and in 3rd place, Sophie Edwards.  They were all awarded prizes from Sodexo for their achievements.
Sarah Petroff, Food Technology teacher, commented on the high standard of baking and how proud she was of the student’s achievements. Congratulations go to all of them.

Kate Grey, TV presenter, World Medalist and Paralympic swimmer completed her first day as our Athlete Mentor this week with the new Sky Sports Living for Sports (SSLFS) project. Kate is working closely with groups of our PE students in key area workshops to help boost confidence, motivation, team building and improve life skills.

Frome College already has a very successful sport programme and we are delighted to be working with such an inspirational mentor as Kate. We look forward to more of her workshops and presentation assemblies in the future.

This week’s Careers Cafe on Wednesday 16 March, was a great success with over 700 students attending the event to listen to guest speakers from the world of Science, Engineering, Math’s and Data, Transport and Logistics.

The College is moving swiftly forwards in promoting STEM activities and it was especially exciting to welcome Michelle Robinson who has co-authored a book called The Space Man with Major Tim Peake,  who is now a world famous astronaut serving a 6 month mission aboard the International Space Station.  Photographs from this Careers Cafe will be sent to the British Astronaut in space, to help celebrate his achievements.

Other guests were represented from Renewable Energy, the Institute of Physics, PGP Surveyors, Arla Engineering Degree Apprenticeships, NVB Architects, SEA based in Beckington, the University of Bath, Dennis Maps, Mathematics and Inter-Alia.

The next Careers Cafe will take place on Wednesday 5 May from 8.45-9.30am with the theme of Sport, Leisure, Agriculture and Animal Care.   If you would like to be a guest speaker at any of our Careers Cafes, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the College.  

The College PE students and staff who travelled to Wimbledon were thrilled to see a classic day of tennis in the sunshine. First, they watched the ladies doubles semi-final with Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza on Court No.1, followed by Novak Djokovic beating Richard Gasquet and then Roger Federer beating Andy Murray in 3 straight sets on Centre Court to go through to the finals.





An outstanding and memorable day was had by all!



A large crowd saw a brilliant 'Later …with Frome College' concert on Tuesday 15 March in the Cheese & Grain. 


The diverse talent of College students was showcased across 3 stages, in a cabaret style programme of pop, jazz, acoustic, classical, choral percussion and electronic music.










The very popular event which was moved from its summer spot was a great success, and to celebrate the day, Year 12 Employability students organised a ‘Mufti day’ to raise money for PAC, Time is Precious & Dorothy House.




Thanks go to everyone involved and to James Wallis and Daniel Weston in Year 12 for covering the photography on the night!


© Photography by James Wallis

This year’s exhibitions have been outstanding and the best attended at Frome College. The standard of work was so high; the judges had a very difficult job to do. Well done to everyone involved!

The final list of highly commended and winning students is as follows:

Year 9 Art, (Highly Commended) – Tilly Le Lohe Attwell, Daisy Harrison-Broninski, Emma Marshall, Keelan Pincott, Matilda Lunt, Natalie Howell.  Winner, Pippa Turner

Year 9 Photography – Avalon Ross, Cordelia Tarbrooke, Freya Cotterill, Jasmine Ware.  Winner, Shanna Williamson

Year 9 Ceramics - Oliver Francis, Joe Palmer.  Winner, Ryan Priddle

Year 10 Art – Emily Gulbis, Chloe Morris, Luna Brudenell, Alice Daniel, Susie Williams, Imogen Piper, Tiffany Lee, Sophie Godman, Abigail Welch.  Winner, Hannah Roberts

Year 10 Photography – Kelsey Palmer, Eloise Price, Sol Warsop.  Winner, Luna Brudenell

(Photo of Grace Barnes with her winning painiting) Photography                                                                           

Year 10 Ceramics, Winner, Kyra Lanfear

Year 11 Art – Jack Hurrell, tabby Lawson Coe, Erin Macallum, Zoe Harding, Blythe Plenderleith, Ben Still, Barnaby turner, James Muxworthy, Ben Charlesworth.  Winner, Grace Barnes

Year 11 Photography – Callum Hill, Dan Weston, Jess Billet, Millie Painter, Chloe Tawse, James Stevens, Ruby Newton, Kia Cole, Cally Allinson.  Winner, Blythe Plenderleith    

Year 12 Art – Zoe Oswin, Molly Birch.  Winner, J’Azaria Yearly-Webb

Year 12 Graphics – Poppy Riley-Stitt.  Winner, Zoe Sowing

Year 12 Photography – Lois Eames, Georgia Cox, Otto Saner.  Winner, Harry Foreman

Year 12 BTEC – Ben Short.  Winner, Jack Hughes                                                   

Year 13 Art – Jess Oldham.  Winner, Helena Kendall                                    

Year 13 Graphics – Jon Bowler. Winner, Isobel Furness

Year 13 Photography – Jess Oldham.  Winner, Rosie Oakley

Product Design, the Cullen Award winner, Yoel Gil Cobo

Outstanding Food Award, winner, Molly McKechnie

Textiles Award, winner, Freya Olsson

                      (Yoel Gil Cobo with the Cullen Award and Principal, Mr Ball)







© Photos by Kevin Mitchell Photography                                            

Our College Sixth Form students, Jake Howell, Charlie Sloan and Ben Manning who make up the Home Guardian team, were awarded second prize in the national enterprise competition 'Making Business Happen'.


The competition is organised annually by the University of South Wales and this year attracted over 300 entrants from across the UK.


This is the second year in a row that Frome College has had a team winning this runner-up prize, with the Plant Notes team winning the prize last year.

Home Guardian were awarded the prize of £1,500.  Some of the funds will be used by the College to purchase a 3D printer for the team and for future enterprise projects. The team will also receive business mentoring and hope to enter the competition again next year.

The judges were extremely impressed with their proposal, their professional presentation and their business skills.

Congratulations go to all of them on such an outstanding achievement. We wish them good luck for the future! 

The College students and staff, along with the Frome community were fully entertained with our sell out music extravaganza at the Cheese & Grain.





Our annual concert saw the talented students of Frome College thrill the audience on three stages throughout the evening.  It was a fantastic array of different styles of singing and musical instruments, from bands to solo performances. 








Well done to everyone who took part!


Congratulations go to Ben Still in Year 12, who has won the Bronze Medal in the British Schools Judo Championships!


Ben who represented Frome College at the national competition held in Sheffield over the Easter holiday, won by throwing his opponent with an ‘ippon’ (a clean throw resulting in the opponent landing flat on their back).



We all wish him every success for the future.

Frome College Year 10 students were beaming with talent in this year’s lighting competition. Students studying GCSE Product Design at the College were given a brief by Fiat Lux Lighting Competition sponsors and competition organisers Rotary Club of Frome; to design desk lights and lamp shades to meet a target market of their choice.
Subject leader Brin Newton at College worked closely with Nick Cook, Fiat Lux owner to develop the competition for the students. The idea was to give the students experience with working with a real client and working within commercial constraints.

The students were invited to submit designs base on research they had undertaken and also show further development drawings, the students were judged on their final working light using the full resources of the Design & Technology department.

Competition winner Joe Leesam used the design movement ‘De Stijl’ to laser cut a light pattern based on a modern take on Piet Mondrian. The light was made to a high standard and Nick Cook said “it was very commercial and would be attractive to customers”. In contrast the second prize went to Jess Eardley for her ‘Beach Hut’ design, judges liked the small attention to detail included in her product and thought it would be easy to sell in seaside resorts. Max Gillingham’s third place light was aimed at children’s bedrooms; he got his idea from children’s building blocks with pictures and letters engraved on each side of his light. Made from laser cut pieces each side included a different coloured lens to let the light out. Nick Cook said “he could see the commercial potential of the light if the blocks of light were interchangeable”.

Patrick Cusworth, President of Frome Rotary Club, retired teacher and Head of House from the College commented on the high standard of work and presented the lighting awards with Nick Cook at Fiat Lux Lighting showroom in Bath Road, Frome on Wednesday 15 July. Brin Newton thanked the Rotarians David Gerhardt, Mike Darville and welcomed the competition as one which provides both recognition and motivation to the students.


All three winners received a silver engraved trophy, a cash prize and the winner was also presented with an original classic design Anglepoise lamp from Fiat Lux Lighting. Three runners up Soloman Warsop, Joel O’Connor, Jonathan Waldeck were highly recommended by the judges for their excellent lighting designs.



(In the photo, left to right, Patrick Cusworth from Rotary, Max Gillingham, Jess Eardley, Joe Leesam and Nick cook from Fiat Lux Lighting)


Frome College Year 10 & 13 students took to the Merlin Theatre stage on Earth Day, 22 April for a presentation to their parents and special guests.  The College was privileged to welcome one of the most influential and respected world leaders, His Excellency Mohamed Nasheed, former President of the Maldives.

Frome Cadets welcomed the distinguished guests to the Theatre, including members of Frome Rotary Club and former Frome Mayor, Peter McFadden.  


© David Chedgy Photograhy

Year 10 students gave outstanding presentations on particular aspects of climate change and human rights including issues of gender, women in politics, democracy and freedom of speech and how we can all play our part in tackling climate change. 

The presentations were the culmination of 8 weeks of research on a Social Justice Module planned and delivered by University of Bath’s researcher, Ioannis Costas Batlle and students, Lydia Salter and Robin Guy, part of the College’s work with the University’s Widening Participation Office.

Year 13 A level students presented a thoroughly researched, perceptive and articulate assessment of the issues surrounding the Maldives and introduced a fantastic audience participation question and answer session.    

Chris Curtis, who had introduced the evening and stated the President, was a beacon of light for climate change and human rights said “Your achievements at the Copenhagen Summit in 2009 are extraordinary and will be a lasting legacy for all time.  The agreement for world leaders to honour the 350 PPM for CO2 emissions will be one of the most important decisions of our generation.” The Presidents’ words from the Copenhagen summit were also quoted: “If we cannot save the Maldives today, then what hope is there to save England tomorrow”.

The result was a stunning evening of presentations and an inspirational talk about important issues in the world given by His Excellency, who is the first ever democratically elected leader of the Maldives.  He gave an inspirational speech to the audience and emphasised the need for every country to place human rights and tackling climate change at the forefront of its policy making.  He said he was deeply moved by the passion and determination of Frome College students, and congratulated them on the exceptional levels of research and understanding they had shown in a truly unique evening.  The President gave a moving account of the many challenges he has had to overcome including being sent to prison as an innocent man on many occasions and being tortured twice.  

His Excellency wishes to build on the success of the evening and expressed a wish to continue to keep in contact with Frome College and forge exciting links with the people of the Maldives.  He planted an apple tree near the Merlin Theatre, and a plaque to recognise his contribution to the world stage will be unveiled in the near future.

We would like to thank Frome Rotary Club for sponsoring the event, Combe Grove Manor in Bath for generously providing accommodation, The little Flower Co for the beautiful flower arrangements, Emma Chapman Pottery for the bowl presented to the First Lady and to Grace Barnes in Year 12 for her fantastic portrait of the President, which she presented to His Excellency on stage.

The presentation was organised by Hana Thompson and Chris Curtis as part of the progression with the Able & Ambitious Programme at the University of Bath.  Other guest speakers also gave inspirational and eloquent talks on the issues of climate change. 

The University of Bath Widening Participation Office (WPO) has an ongoing relationship with Frome College to plan innovative activities for the students. The KS4 Project is aimed at the school’s Able & Ambitious students within Key Stage 4, therefore Years 9 to 11.  It is designed to stretch and challenge the students while encouraging them to see going to university as a viable, attainable option.

The WPO offers 2 after school 6 week projects each year run by University PhD students. After each project the students prepare a presentation and deliver it to members of the senior management team at the school, parents and representatives from the WPO. 

The WPO also offers sessions across the year on transferable skills such as presentation skills, revision techniques and writing for different audiences. Each project has an element that is delivered at the University campus, giving the students the opportunity to develop the necessary wider skills for Higher Education study, for example communication and presentation skills and breaking down some of the barriers towards Higher Education.

Since February, the Year 10 project has been Social Justice with specific reference to the situation in The Maldives.

Commenting upon the presidential visit, Sam Wenman WP Outreach Programme Manager, said: “We have really enjoyed working closely with Frome College for the past 2 academic years. Feedback from the teachers and students alike has been equally positive and reassuring. This presidential visit is a wonderful experience for the students and gives them first-hand exposure to the real world.”

Ioannis Costas Batlle, a PhD Research Programme student in Education working on the KS4 Project added: “I have really enjoyed working with the students since February. Their passion for social justice came across during each of our sessions. It’s one thing to study a topic, but to hear from someone actively involved in social justice is something else entirely. I think this experience will have an impact upon their attitude towards education going forward, and will hopefully increase their appetite for Higher Education.”

The Widening Participation Office at the University of Bath is responsible for a wide range of widening participation activities designed for under-represented groups who have the potential to benefit from Higher Education. http://www.bath.ac.uk/study/teachers-advisers-parents/widening-participation/index.html   

Congratulations go to former Frome College student Jess McLennan who has become the youngest store manager for supermarket chain Asda.  At 21, she is in charge of 94 employees after joining the firm’s fast-track retail graduate scheme.

Jess first started working for Asda in Frome as a sales assistant when she was 19.  When she went on to study Criminology and Psychology at the University of Southampton she transferred and was promoted to section leader at a store there. 

While she was working part-time, her store manager noticed her leadership skills and encouraged her to apply for the graduate scheme which gave her training and confidence to progress.

On top of the scheme, she also gained ‘on-the-job’ experience in a variety of stores. She said “It was the practical experience that fast-tracked me into management so young and shows that Asda encourages potential (regardless of age).”

Jess’s application process involved a variety of assessments, including an online test, telephone interview and assessment days.  She spent a day in a local store and one in the Asda reality center, where she faced real life and everyday business situations. 

Jess now hopes to manage a larger store.  She says: “There are so many opportunities; I want to grab them as they come by”.

Her brother Fynn is an ambassador for College as our current Head Boy, and we hope Jess will visit College when she is in Frome.




The College U16 girls’ football team beat Gordano School by 2 goals to 1 to win the Somerset County Cup 2016 for the 3rd year in a row.

The Fome team started strong and had 5 chances in the first half, but struggled to get the ball over the line, ending in 0 - 0 at half time.

In the 2nd half, the College girls fought even harder and Chloe Gilroy scored from great passes made between Lucy Macy, Ellie Stripple and Katie Minty, but Gordano School equalised with a goal straight from a corner.

Ellie Forrester and Macy Ford battled hard in the center to stop Gordano breaking through. Chloe Hill marked well and was relentless in her battling but Frome missed a few chances and it looked like it would go to extra time. Then Chloe Gilroy scored a fantasitc goal with a half volley and lobbing the keeper from 25 yards. Mary Brant and Josey Taylor defended well to stop Gordano's wingers from equalising and the final whistle blew crowning Frome College the Somerset County Cup winners for 2016!

The whole team were outstanding and we are proud of them all -  Betty Restorick, Ellie Forrester, Charlotte Buxton, Mary Brant, Josey Taylor, Macy Ford,  Chloe Hill, Lucy Macy, Katie Minty, Ellie Stripple, Chloe Gilroy, Darcy Marshall, Chloe Tanner.


'Player of the Match' went to Katie Minty for her outstanding effort and performance.  Charlotte Buxton kept Gordano School from ever having a chance to shoot by commanding th defence.  Ellie Stripple dominated the center of the pitch and played some lovely balls to Chloe Gilroy.


Well done to them all on a great acheivement.

Congratulations to Frome’s year 13! This year, with the highest percentage of students achieving the top grades in the facilitating subjects (those desired by Russell Group universities).

We are extremely proud to recognise the individual achievements of all of our students: here are just a handful of examples of the outstanding successes this year:

Ross Windell, A*A*A* who is ‘”really pleased with results and to be top of the year!” and going to Durham to study Natural Sciences, majoring in Physics and Maths:.

Yoel Gil Cobo, A*A*AA who has accepted a place at University of Bath to study Architecture: “Absolutely thrilled…”

Leah Mundy A*A*AA who will be studying  Modern Languages at Exeter University: after a tough year, really pleased to have been accepted to her chosen course.

Molly Parry, A*AA accepted a place at Edinburgh University to study Biomedical Sciences. 

Magnus Jorgensen, A*AA who says he wishes he had been at college to collect his results and celebrate/cry with everyone and will be going to study Biomedical Sciences at University College London.

Peter Greenstreet, A*A*A who was so overwhelmed by his results that he is considering a deferred application at Cambridge:  “results better than I could have expected!”

Toby Kay achieved AAAB and has accepted a place to study Physics and Philosophy at Bristol University.

Harrison Butler-Stroud, who achieved A* English Lit, A in Chemistry and History and is going to Cambridge.

Mary Hurrell has secured a place to study English Language at Aston University.

Katie James has accepted a place at University of Kent to study Biomedical Science.

Sammi Kelly who ‘hasn’t stopped crying’! since she got her results will be going to Goldsmiths to study Education, Culture and Society.

Some truly outstanding combined A2 & BTEC grades were achieved by a large proportion of year 13, including Harry Hitchcock BTEC D*D*D*D* who will be studying Exercise and Sport Sciences at Exeter:

Jazmine Mullane AC BTEC D*M and has accepted a place at London Met to study Criminology and Youth Studies.

In year 12, AS levels (equivalent to half an A level), with Frome’s highest ever percentage of A to B grades. Molly Birch, Freya Caldwell, Ryan Gilroy, Jake Malley, Fynn McLennan and Ailsa Williams with 4 grade A. Bertie Harrison-Bronisnski, Bo Luan, Robert Slater and Oliver Snelgrove with AAAB grades; Emma Whitley with AAB. Alongside these there were some superb achievements by students following level 2 courses who can now follow on to level 3 courses or their chosen alternatives.

These are phenomenal achievements and we are immensely proud of all our students and grateful to their teachers for supporting and challenging them. We also wish to thank students’ parents who work so closely with us to ensure the students succeed.

This year, pass rates at both AS and A2 have improved again on last year’s good results and are in excess of National averages. We have the largest proportion of students going on to Higher Education in the college’s history. This is largely due to the outstanding achievements of the students and the work of their teachers and support staff in preparing them. A crucial part in increasing uptake to Higher Education, apprenticeships and training is the guidance to both UCAS and alternative routes for our year 13 students.  We wish all Frome Future Students the very best of luck in their chosen paths and congratulate them all for their hard work, courage and high aspirations.


On Saturday 30 April at 12 noon, Frome College students staged the 24hour takeover of FromeFM to raise funds for further training and equipment for their radio club – the first time a group of school aged students had broadcast alive for 24 hours continuously from a community radio station in the UK.


Shows written and presented by College students and staff covered topics including science, maths, cookery and film reviews.  The Business and Enterprise hour welcomed guests from Frome Rotary Club, and a special pre-school bedtime hour enjoyed book readings from children’s author Michelle Robinson as well as stories written by local school children.


Between the hours of 11.00pm and 1.00am the FromeFM studios became a vibrant concert venue with over 20 students performing live music sets, under the direction of Nick Waterhouse from the music department.

The broadcast was a spectacular success receiving over 300 messages of support in to the studio whilst on air, as well as messages on social media.  Listeners were tuning in from all over the world including New York, Melbourne, Kentucky and the Falkland Islands. A seal of approval was even given on Twitter by astronaut Tim Peake direct from space!


Matt Sims, from FromeFM said “On behalf of all the directors of FromeFM we wish to congratulate the Frome College Radio Club on their successful 24 hour broadcast. There was such a buzz going on from start to finish and the studio was really alive - the way it should be in a community station.”

Rupert Kirkham, also from FromeFM added “It was great to hear the students enjoying themselves and being so confident. The ‘Teenage Kicks’ show with Gavin Ball was hilarious, and reflected a great relationship between the College students and the Headteacher, as did all the shows.”

Local businesses The River House, Rectory Farm Riding Stables, 35mil Photography, Not Just Pets, Epicocity, FromeTech and Sodexo came on board before the broadcast to support the students by sponsoring shows, and donations came in from listeners and local organisations throughout the 24
hour broadcast.

Frome College support staff member, Jennie Smith, who runs the radio club in her spare time said “The support from the local community, and beyond, was overwhelming. The money raised will enable us to provide training and get more students involved in broadcasting on FromeFM. It’s a lot
of fun for the students, but importantly it enables our young people of all abilities to work with, and get to know people within their community allowing them to have a say in services that affect them, as well as providing them with important life skills and experience.”

The shows are available to download from the FromeFM website at frome.fm and so far the students have raised £1,300.00!  Donations can still be made online at frome.fm/donate until the 23 May.

If you are interested in getting involved in the College Radio Club or would like any more information on the project, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frome College Best Ever GCSE ResultsFrome College has achieved its best ever GCSE results this week continuing the upward rise in examination results.

57% of students achieved five higher-grade GCSE passes which includes English and mathematics. This is nearly a 10% improvement on last year and places the College above the national average (using last year’s figure). This is also the first entry figure and does not represent any re-takes.

Boys have also out-stripped girls, with a higher percentage of boys achieving five A*-C with maths and English than girls.

Mathematics has been one of the big success stories this year, where 67% of students achieved a C grade or higher which is a 10% improvement on last year.

English Language also achieved 67% of students achieving a C grade or higher, which places both subjects above the national average. The grade boundaries in English have been raised this year making it harder to achieve the higher grades. English Literature achieved an 85% higher pass rate.

Science grades were substantially higher than previous years with 63% of students achieving at least two science qualifications at a C grade or higher. This is an improvementincrease of over 40%.

Progress levels in all three Core GCSE subjects are also very high and above national averages, showing increases at all ability levels. This is particularly important for a fully-comprehensive school such as the College.

Results in the humanities subjects have also increased with 70% of students achieving C grades or higher. History in particular has made important increases. Overall the rise in the grades of the more traditional subjects at the College represents a relentless focus on the academic rigour of the curriculum.

In GCSE computer science, a subject highly regarded by both government and industry, 90% of students achieved a C grade or higher.

In other option subjects GCSE drama achieved a 100% pass rate on C grades and above, GCSE music 87%, GCSE physical education 90%, GCSE religious education 85%, GCSE photography 90%. This illustrates the breadth and depth of the quality of learning and achievement across Frome College.

In a new government measure called ‘Progress 8’ the College has recorded an impressive result of ‘’0.19’’. This basically means that our students are making really good progress over a range of at least eight subjects. The College is absolutely delighted to score such a positive figure in this new performance measure showing that we are on the road to become an outstanding school.

We are proud of all of our students but there were some exceptional individual performances: Ben Davies achieved eleven A*s and one A; James Muxworthy gained nine A*s, two As and a B; Blythe Plenderleith attained six A*s, three As and two Bs. Some of our other excellent achievers were (alphabetically):

Grace Barnes - six A*s, one A, three Bs

Jake Barrow - six A*s, three As, one B and one C

Kieran Hill – six A*s and four As

Chana Joyce - five A*s and six As

Jessica Perry – five A*s and six As

Samuel Wilson six A*s, four As and a B.

In addition to these amazing results, a large section of our students also achieved four A*s.

We have amazing students and staff at Frome College and my thanks and congratulations go out to all of them. I would also like to thank our community for their support. We have a dynamic school and town that we can all be proud of.

Gavin Ball
Frome College


Our congratulations go to Eleanor Marshall & Adam Cook for receiving their DofE Gold Awards from HRH Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace. A great achievement! Well done to them both.

This summer saw the arrival at College of a 250 year old, 57' tall, 11 tonne, Oak tree which fell in Turner's Paddock, Stourhead in January 2013.

The intention is to re-erect it on the site in summer 2016 as part of a scheme to create a more significant main entrance to the College. The tree featured in the painting 'View over the lake at Stourhead' by JMW Turner in 1798 when it was 30 years old.

The Heritage Lottery have awarded the project £40,000 to involve Frome's young people in the tree's historical and ecological heritage. The sculpture will signify the now depleted great forest of Selwood first recorded in 898 which once covered the whole Frome area.

Students are carving personal aspirational tattoos into the heartwood of the tree. A visit to Tate Britain is planned for the end of September with a talk by the Curator of the Turner Collection. Oral histories of Selwood will be collected, young filmmakers will be supporting and documenting the project and a guided walk is planned along the 15 mile route through the forest from Frome to Stourhead. Talks by local experts will take place and an exhibition will be mounted next year in Stourhead by the students.

Celebrating the installation of the tree at Frome College in July 2016 students will be involved in creating the start of an annual event, coordinating a performance/procession and traditional tree related activities, that will also fundraise to ensure the on going maintenance of the tree.

Students who would like to be involved in creating or designing a carving for the tree can meet the group in the Media Arts Centre on Mondays 3.00-4.00pm.

Kodie McCall in Aristotle House, received the winners’ trophy at the National Junior Novice Baton Twirling Competition in Bournemouth with over 500 people watching in the arena.

She competed against a strong field of 10 others and goes forward to the next stage of the competition in Torbay in October. 

Our congratulations go to her, and we wish her good luck for the future.

Welcome back to all our students and an extra warm welcome to our new Year 9 students who are enjoying their first few weeks at College.






We are all excited to get back to teaching and learning and looking forward to another highly successful year ahead!



For a full Year 11 revision timetable for the May holiday, click on the link.

ASDA store Manager, Shaun Harrowing presented the first prize cheque of £200 to the College this week after a successful green token bank campaign at the Frome store for the College library resourses. 

Students at school enjoy a well stocked library and the funds will go towards more resourses to enhance their learning.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the project and ASDA for their help to achieve this.


(In the photo left to right) College Principal, Gavin Ball, ASDA Manager Shaun Harrowing, College Librarian Teresa Fox and Communications Officer, Jane Davis.

On Tuesday 7 June, Frome College arranged for the RAF to come in to the school for a 'Fun with Flight' jet fuelled presentation exploring the physics of flying.

Students discovered how the physics of forces they study in the classroom is an integral part of the work that engineers undertake in the RAF and other engineering organisations.





The team used exciting demonstrations involving students in some extraordinary experiments. Drones, balloons, airships VR demonstration and even jet engines were explored during the presentation - with lots of noise!


The RAF are actively promoting women into engineering and the session demystified some of the myths around engineering, hopefully encouraging some of our female students to explore the exciting opportunities available to them in STEM subjects. 

This was a huge success and a great opportunity for students to engage with STEM learning like never before.

Our thanks go to the RAF Education Team for their visit to Frome College; we hope to see them again next year.

The College has been awarded the Geographical Association's 'Secondary Geography Quality Mark'.   
We were among only 46 schools in the UK to be awarded with this prestigious award, which recognises high quality, innovative teaching and learning of Geography in secondary schools. To achieve this award the department had to submit a 60 page portfolio of evidence to prove we meet the high standards of the Geographical Association. 

We are very proud to receive this award, as it demonstrates our commitment to improve all aspects of our department.

Here's what the GA say about the award; 'The SGQM award process encourages and supports schools to reflect on their work and strive for the highest quality in their teaching. All the award winners undergo a rigorous moderation process, and the team of assessors were hugely impressed by the manner in which all are continuing to embrace new and innovative approaches to teaching geography.

The SGQM, now into its 9th year, recognises student attainment, progress and achievement in areas such as geographical knowledge, understanding, values, skills and concepts, and sets expectations about the quality of teaching in geography. It aims to promote effective subject leadership and management, helping subject leaders raise the standards of geography in their schools.'

 Congratulations to everyone in the department!


Former Head Girl and first Frome Youth Mayor Cara Honey, has secured funding to direct her own show and will be visiting the College to work with our A Level students.

Cara, who is studying Drama at the University of Winchester, has also won an award for ‘Most improved cast member’ for her performance in Peepshow. The show won the Performing Arts of Winchester's award for best show in 2015-2016 - a really prestigious award, covering all the productions in Winchester and not just the university.

Our congratulations go to Cara, we are very proud to see how students continue to take up opportunities and flourish beyond Frome College.  We wish her every success for the future!


The College welcomed everyone in the Frome and surrounding areas on Thursday 17 September, to come and see what a vibrant school it is and to see first-hand all that it offers the students who attend. 

The evening began in our campus Merlin Theatre with an address by Principal, Gavin Ball, who spoke to a full house about the current trend of success, the best ever exam results this summer and the aspirations of the school looking ahead.

He inspired the audience with a confident speech on student self-belief, ‘every child counts’ and the opportunities on offer at the College giving the best life chances and support needed for their chosen paths. He said there are more choices in the important key areas of Maths, English and Science and a 5 year programme which begins in Year 9 through to Sixth Form. He spoke with passion about the Colleges’ programme of ‘Employability ‘and how important it is to offer students the life skills needed for the next step when leaving school.

Mr Ball spoke warmly of the commitment of the staff, who enjoy working at the school and the good staff development plan in place with many training sessions on offer including the successful Olevi training which is now offered by College staff to other schools.

Head Boy, Fynn McLennan,  Head Girl, Adriana Seviour and the student leadership team followed by talking about their experiences at College, the constant support from staff and the large range of activities available, such as trips, drama productions held in the Theatre, inter-house competitions, rewards and the great Gifted and Talented programme.

Pre 16 students, Macy Mourant, Charlie Parker, Isobel Jones, Milo Herbert and Lianna Denwood all spoke about their chosen areas of interest they are involved in and the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer.

Mrs West, Pastoral Manager finished the session with information to parents about the evening ahead and offering  the audience  personal student guides to accompany them around the site to see points of interest.

Everyone left the Theatre to tour the site and participate in many activities in Design Technology, PE, Maths and English. Food Technology staff and students offered superb hot food to guests, and in Science the Mayor of Frome, Kate Bielby, who was also attending as a prospective parent, volunteered to take part in a controlled experiment with ignited chemicals. The Art department displayed their superb student exhibition and the Music department students set up around the site supplying a variety of accompaniment.

The feedback from the evening was outstanding and many parents said that they had looked at other schools in the area but Frome College stood out as a committed school with a community feel where they felt their children would flourish.

Mrs Thelwell  from Frome said ‘I have no doubt in my mind that my children will be happy at this school, I attended From College when I was young and it is amazing to see how much it has changed in that time, it was a great evening and I feel reassured hearing how it continues to develop’. 

Mrs Cornish from Wiltshire said, ‘I thought the evening was fantastic and we all enjoyed it. I can see how much effort has gone into the evening and how passionate the teachers are about their subjects. The quality of students' work on display was outstanding and I was very impressed by everything I saw, my daughter is looking forward to coming to College next year’.

Mr Thomas from Beckington said ‘I feel very happy about what I have seen tonight and how much the development of the College has enhanced the students learning.  The new Sixth Form and Maths buildings are an impressive working environment for the students to study’.

We will be holding an Open Morning on Tuesday 22 September from 9.30am to 12.00noon for anyone who was unable to attend the Open Evening.

If you are unable to attend either event, please don’t hesitate to contact the College on 01373 465353 to arrange a tour.

(Photos supplied by Kevin Mitchell Photography)

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week in November 2015 the entire Year 9 cohort at Frome College had to pitch for ideas of products or services to sell at the Frome Independent Market. There were 5 finalists and out of those 2 winning teams were chosen to have a stall at the June market.

The winning team was ‘Draw it, Wear it’.  Their product was a design your own T-shirts stall. They sourced their shirts locally from T-Shirts & Sons in Westbury, and their fabric pens and stencils were purchased from Ellenbray Press.  This team was made up of Oscar Slade, Ben Underhill, Jakob Seviour and Josh Bond from tutor group 9F2 in Franklin House. 

The runner-up team ‘Pet Stop’ came up with the idea of a pets’ corner. To make it more interactive for children they also designed a word search, quiz and fact sheet to accompany the petting of the animals. This team was made up of just two students – Grace Lloyd and Yazia Stout from 9E1 in Einstein House.  The animals mainly belonged to them; they bought in some tiny chicks, land snails, guinea pigs, rabbits and stick insects. They also hired a European Eagle Owl from Steph who works at Not Just Pets in Frome - his name is Boo and he was a star attraction. 

In the lead up to the market the students have taken part in all aspects of a business start-up from seeking advice, researching costs and materials, and designing ways to market their stalls.  They sourced all of their materials and stock from local businesses and had the opportunity to negotiate and interact with the business owners.

On the day they were all there bright and early by 8.00 am to set up. They worked tirelessly throughout the day in the warm sunshine. They became very busy and had a constant flow of customers which kept them all very busy.
The students did very well to cope with the pressures of a busy market and one of them commented ‘I felt I really gained in confidence doing the market’ and another student said ‘I really enjoyed working with the animals and the children, it was tiring but definitely worth it’.  They also gained valuable business and enterprise skills with one student saying that he felt he learned lots about their target market and ways to effectively sell products.

Alongside this beneficial experience of gaining transferable skills both teams were also able to make a profit of £200 each which they distributed evenly between their team members.

College Enterprise Coordinator Rose Hiron-Grimes said ‘We are very proud of the students for the work that they put into organising their stalls and we are very grateful to all the support and mentoring from the Independent Market.  We would like to thank them and the local community for their ongoing support of the students at Frome College, and to Emma Knibbs for the photogaphy’.

Stunning art work produced by two Frome College students has helped in the rebuilding of a close church community in Charleston, South Carolina following a shooting incident in May which led to the loss of nine members of a Bible study group.

Rebecca Evans and Jamie Buckland gifted their celebrated art work to the town with help from Maths teacher, Mr Curtis, the Consortium in Trowbridge and friends who lived in South Carolina.  

Rosetta Singleton from the Mother Emanuel African Episcopal Church said, ‘Gifts such as these from the College have helped the community in Charleston to carry on’.  Mr Curtis said, "The school wanted to make a symbolic and positive contribution to a beautiful part of South Carolina that has been hit by tragedy;   Rebecca and Jamie are great ambassadors for Frome College and have acted in a selfless way by giving to a community something they worked hard to create and could have kept themselves.’

The two students, who have completed their studies, enclosed messages of support to the community with their work. Rebecca produced a fantastic three dimensional view of a country scene within Trowbridge Park and wrote "Please accept these gifts of art as a token of our love and support during this difficult time.  We hope you enjoy them and that they bring you peace and comfort knowing that you are in our thoughts.”

Jamie produced a stunning series of images featuring sunsets and shooting stars and wrote:  "What inspired me to take these photographs was the power of nature.  What fascinated me when taking these images was the technicalities that came with producing the images and I am very proud of them.”

John Richards, Consortium Area Field Sales Manager, who planned the careful shipping of the art work said, "We thought it was important to help Frome College send this symbol of support to the people of Charleston, to show that people across the world stand with them as they rebuild their community and we are proud to be associated with this offering".


The College’s last Careers Café of this academic year saw over 15 voluntary organisations talking to hundreds of students on the theme of voluntary work, continuing the growing trend of this flagship event. 

A superb presentation was given by Corporal Dan Carter who gave a fascinating insight into the many varied careers available in the British Army, and guest speakers from a newly commissioned charity called Stand Down, enlightened the students about their work providing psychological help and support to active serving members or veterans of the British Armed Forces who suffer mental trauma.  This charity also aims to provide help and support to the dependents of those affected by psychiatric injury.

The Careers Café also hosted Cinnamon Trust which is the only specialist national charity for people in their last years and their much loved and needed companion animals.  In addition, it was an exciting new development for the project to see our own students representing the Bath Cats & Dogs Home careers table; our students were able to talk about how they had engaged in fundraising activities to support the organisation and to give out newsletters and details of volunteering opportunities.

British Eventing was well represented by Jennie Smith, and proved incredibly popular with students interested in volunteering in equestrian activities.

Frome Hospital is currently looking for volunteers to assist with their forthcoming Summer Fete.  Guest speakers from the hospital informed students that volunteer roles are very varied from assisting with marketing to running fundraising activities.  St John Ambulance spoke to students on how to operate a defibulator when every second may count in saving a life.  Students were reassured to find out that clear operational instructions are given when a defibulator is brought into action in a medical emergency. Somerset Care was also represented and students were informed about the fantastic work undertaken by this organisation throughout the county.  

We Hear You (WHY) is a free professional one-to-one counselling service for anyone affected by a diagnosis of cancer or a life threatening illness, this includes family, friends and carers in addition to patients themselves.  The organisation would welcome volunteers for fundraising or for supporting a local charity in a variety of ways.

Also in attendance was Frome Library who is recruiting volunteers for the annual Summer Reading Challenge.  Last summer this event attracted over 7000 children to continue to inspire a love of reading by encouraging children to keep reading over the summer.  Activities are available for volunteers to talk to children about the books they are reading, to help children choose books and to participate in craft and story time sessions. 

Frome Museum is also looking for support and the museum can offer experience with conserving artefacts or volunteering to work at the museum.  The Merlin Theatre also welcome any volunteers who would like to help with events at the Theatre in the future.

Frome Park Rangers offer real opportunities to volunteer with fulfilling roles for those who love to work in the great outdoors and help protect our local parks and wildlife.  

DNA Worldwide, who won the Mendip Business of the year Award, spoke about their exciting apprenticeship opportunities and gave a very interesting insight into the industry. 

CIL newly partnered with Frome College attended to offer an amazing insight into their business and look for potential apprentices.  Founded in 1986, CIL is an independent management consultancy.  They provide evidence-based advice to assist clients to grow their business, manage risk and make better investments.

The Citizens Advice Bureau spoke about volunteering for those interested who wish to gain experience in banking, finance or accountancy.  The organisation offers not only much needed support and advice to our students but also the wider community.

Chris Curtis thanked all of the guests who gave their time and expertise to help our students see a bigger picture in terms of their overall personal and professional development to complement and enrich their academic studies.  He said that he found out many years ago that volunteering to help others can be one of the most fulfilling jobs by way of personal fulfilment. 

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the College this year.  We will be contacting local clubs and organisations next term in preparation for our Participation Fair in September.  If you are interested in getting involved in any of our future Careers Café’s, the Participation Fair or wish to contact any of the organisations, please contact the Next Steps Team via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lianna Denwood in Year 11 gained the 'Best Cadet in the Division' award after attending a senior cadet camp in July on HMS Bristol in Portsmouth. 

Lianna and Jake Godfree, also in Year 11, undertook the challenge of spending a week away from home to learn how to lead our new 'CCF' Navy Cadet section - even though they were completely new to the Cadets. 

Liannna's achievement is even greater because she was competing against hundreds of experienced cadets from all across the country. 

Both Jake and Lianna had a great time learning how the Navy operates as well as having a go at fire fighting and damage control in a flooded ships cabin.  They even managed to sail all the way to the Isle of Wight and back...without getting lost. 

To acknowledge their huge achievement, Mr Ball awarded both the students a 'Principals' Commendation' and thanked them for their courage and committment shown by particpating in a new project and how they are ambassadors for others who will follow on in the project.

The Navy section is continuing to expand and will soon be at full capacity.  If you are interested in joining the Cadet Force, please see Mrs Smart or Miss Foxwell for more details.

The parade is 3.00pm -6.00pm every Wednesday.

On Monday 20 June, interviews were held at the College for the Rotary Young Citizen Award 2016.  Three
Year 10 students from Frome College were selected for the final stage and the judges said they had another tough choice to make with such worthy candidates.  Staff and students were asked to produce statements for the judges to outline what they have been doing and working on in College and in the wider community. Their statements are as follows:
• May Schymczyk
May is a very active member of both the College and Frome society.  In recognition of her community
work, pitching, presenting and co-running a school funded community project ‘Oakfield makes a
Difference’ she received the Mayoral Civic Award.

May was also awarded a Blue Peter badge in recognition of her community work.  May has been part of the Frome Town Youth Council helping to make changes in the town for young people; and volunteers for Fairtrade Frome, promoting the message for responsible consumerism to Frome shoppers and their children.  Her involvement in the Frome Twinning Association involved organising a tour and activities around College campus for German, French and Polish students.  May has also volunteered to work in the Frome Children’s Festival this year, and attended a 7 hour First Aid course as part of her training.
Within the College, she has received the highest number of community points within the school achievement points system, and as a result was made Community Representative for her
House.  Since then she has organised several community events, including a charity cake sale which
raised over £60.00.  In recognition of her community work, May was awarded the Colleges' Mike
Myers Award.
May is also a founding member of the College community radio project, pitching the idea to the
Town Council in order receive funding to develop regular radio shows.  Since then she has recorded,
presented and broadcasted on Radio FromeFM and qualified to present under OFCom regulations.

During the 2015 general election May interviewed the parliamentary candidates for Somerton and Frome, which was subsequently broadcast on FromeFM.  Earlier this month, she was part of the 24 hour live take over charity broadcast at the station which raised £1,300 as well as raising the profile of young people in Frome.
As part of her passion for writing, May was invited to join the lottery funded history project ‘The Home of our Delight’ - a research project which has been commissioned to research WW1 in the village of Mells.  She also regularly writes articles for the local papers; has had a short story published in a young writer’s anthology; and was invited to make a presentation to former president of the Maldives, His Excellency Mohammed Nasheed on unjust democracy detailing how voting and participating in one’s own community is a basic human right. 

• Ben Green
Ben has been very pro-active in tackling the issue of cyber bullying. Working with UKYPAG (Youth
Parliament) he produced a campaign that was launched across Somerset to raise cyber awareness
amongst teenagers.  He then went on to join the team that created the ‘All Rise’ movement that
has produced a report on global cyber abuse; an online paper on sexual harassment; an interactive
website on the issues; as well as films on the subject.  To take the campaigns further, Ben has
applied to be on the Youth Board of ‘Online World’, which takes concerns to government bodies.

In addition to his work on cyber abuse, Ben swims competitively at County level, and competes in
interschool athletics across the area. He is also the writer and editor of the blog site ‘From our Egos’.

• Lily Breese
Lily is a diligent supporter of local charities.  In this academic year alone she has participated in a
car wash in aid of boxer Nick Blackwell’s recovery; organised a cake sale to fund a sporting
opportunity for a local teenager; run a charity 5k for Endometriosis UK; joined a Cycle 4
Charities event; and joined in the Frome Carnival.

Whilst undertaking all these challenges, Lily still finds time to fully contribute to school life.
She is an active player in all House competitions; takes part in school productions;
represented the school on a culture trip to Paris; and most recently gave a speech, in the
Merlin Theatre, on ‘Unjust Democracy’ in front of the former President of the Maldives, His Excellency Mohammed Nasheed and a full audience of local dignities and parents.  Lily’s determination to help others and play a full role in all aspects of her life makes her an ideal candidate for the award.

The judges from the Rotary Club congratulated all the nominees on their valued work and contributions to Frome and the surrounding community.  After great deliberation, they announced Lily Breese to be the winner. 

Our congratulations go to Lily and to all of the students who were nominated for their outstanding achievements. 

We hope they all continue with their good work and continue to inspire us all.  We wish them good luck for the future.

Congratulations go to Izzy Brook and Ben Eley in Year 10 who cycled 100 miles on Saturday 26 September to raise money for ‘Mind´- a charity supporting those suffering from, or caring for mental illness.  

They aimed to raise £500 but have managed to go passed that target and have so far rasied in excess of £600 and hoping for more donations. 

The College have supported them through their fund raising campaign and hope to plan a 'mufti-day' towards the charity.

If you would like to help towards the charity, visit  www.justgiving.com/izzyandben

In October, six students were selected at the College for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.  The students were interviewed by Rotarians Chris Stilton and Malcolm Westgate.  After a difficult judging process and much discussion, they announced the winner to be Kathryn Wright in Year 12.

Both judges were very impressed with all the candidates but said that Kathryn stood out. They said “Kathryn is a bright and determined young lady who knows her own mind and is clear on her strengths and weaknesses.  It was a very good interview which highlighted the benefits she could gain from the RYLA course.  Kathryn doubts her true abilities which hides some of her many strengths.  An excellent candidate and a deserved winner.  We think she will benefit most from attending the course.”

Kathryn was presented with her award at the Frome Selwood Rotary award ceremony on the evening of Tuesday 21 June, held at the Fox & Hounds in Tytherington.  There was a fantasitc astmosphere where she was joined by Lily Breese in Year 10 who received the Rotary Young Citizen of the Year Award.

Congratulations to them both for such outstanding achievements and being such great role models and ambassadors for the College.

Able and ambitious students at Frome College have the opportunity to work with the prestigious University of Bath from the week commencing 5 October on a series of innovative and exciting projects designed to stretch and challenge more able students and to share a passion for learning.

Fifty students from Years 9 and 10 will team up in our Frome Futures Centre to work with talented academics from the University of Bath for twelve weeks of learning during Wednesday twilight sessions after College as part of the Gifted and Talented Academy.  

Students will gain invaluable skills in effective participation, creativity and critical thinking skills during two six week projects.  The Year 9 students will develop their presentation skills while learning about renewable energies. They will also have the chance to build their own wind turbines and solar panels in an engineering course.  During the second series of workshops, students will learn about how businesses are formed and will design their own product to present to a 'Dragons Den' style panel of experts.
The Year 10 students will learn about the physics of sound, light and buildings and will design their own music festival.  They will also participate in a social science project and will present posters of their work.  Both groups will have an opportunity to celebrate their work and present it to family members. 

The college is delighted to provide these opportunities for students. Our partnership with The University of Bath is a great opportunity for our students to work with the world class University.
For further information, please contact Mr Curtis via email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A fantastic night was had by all at a truly ‘Frome College Prom’.  The theme this year was ‘woodland & floral’  and the decorations were predominately found in the College gardens.






The attendance this year was the highest ever with 220 students arriving in style and by various means of transport.


Everyone said they had a really great time and especially enjoyed the photo booth, which was new this year.

All the Heads of House received gifts donated by Rectory Farm Riding Stables, and all the staff at Center Parcs ensured that everyone was very well looked after.

Thank you to everyone involved and all those who helped to bring such a memorable event together!

For any photos from the evening, please contact 35mill Photography.



Thursday 8 October marks the start of a 4 day trip to our twin town of Murrhardt by a delegation of 26 representatives from a partnership between Frome Twinning Association, Frome Town Council, Frome College and Local Businesses to exchange information and ideas on business, economic development, vocational training and communications (in particular Broadband).

This is the second part of a 4 part, 2 year Thematic Networking Project funded by EU and will also bring together delegations from our other twin towns of Chateau Gontier (France) and Rabka Zdroj (Poland) with the aim of sharing best practice, forging business and educational links between all 4 towns.

The Frome delegation will include staff and students from Frome College including the award winning Plant Notes Team, Gabriel Barnes, Jake Malley, Alex Osborne and Harry Foreman.  Plant Notes was established by 4 enterprising students who will be presenting their exciting new product that monitors soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, soil PH levels and light intensity in plant growing environments.  The product is expected to be brought to the market with the help of industry professionals.

Another innovative Frome based team will be presenting in Murrhardt, they are Field, who are a new internet provider that has developed a wireless based system for delivering superfast broadband.  Field hope to roll out their service in 2016 supporting businesses and households in Frome and surrounding villages.
Frome Town Council will also be presenting their current work and future ideas in support of the environmental technologies and creative business sectors within Frome.

Speaking on behalf of Frome Town Council, Peter Wheelhouse, Economic Development & Regeneration Manager said “The trip marks a new phase in the development of our relationship with Frome’s twin towns.  For the first time, we will be sharing ideas and knowledge that will help to develop the economies of all four towns.  This will also help put Frome at the forefront of the European map as an innovative, creative, forward thinking and welcoming place to be.”

Damon Hooton, Thematic Networking Officer at Frome Twinning Association said “This is continuing the exciting 2 year Thematic Networking Project, with Frome hosting the third event in March 2016 with the fourth and final event in Rabka Zdroj in September 2016.  The partnership travelling to Murrhardt shows the enthusiasm and potential for growth for Frome, the sharing of best practice and knowledge marks a new era in Twinning and I would like to thank Peter Wheelhouse (FTC), Lisa Millard (Frome College) and many others who have put a great deal of time and work into making sure this event takes place and will be successful, it bodes well for our future.”

Lisa Millard, Assistant Principal of Frome College said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the brilliant partnership work we have been doing with Frome Town Council and local businesses. We have developed real opportunities for our students through collaboration and we are very much looking forward to sharing our success and learning about the links between business and education in our twinned towns.”   

This year’s Frome College Battlefields of the First World War tour ran between 12 - 15 June. A report by Roland Hurrell, leader of Battlefields Trip below.

"As usual we visited sites in Flanders Belgium and The Somme France. 41 students did a whistle stop tour of significant areas of these battlefields including cemeteries, tunnels, trench lines, mine craters and memorials.  2016 marks the centenary of the infamous Battle of the Somme. On the 1 July and for a further 3 months, the British and the French armies battled to push the German forces back and end the war.

For the British army, the first day of The Battle of the Somme has gone down in history as the one with the greatest loss of life. Lions led by donkeys? 20,000 died and 60,000 were casualties….

As part of our focus on this 100 year anniversary, one of our Year 9 students, Jago Paton, visited the grave of his relation John (always known as Jack) Alexander Hellard who is buried at Serre Cemetery No2 – the largest of the Somme graveyards. He was from Stogumber in Somerset and served in the 1ST battalion Somerset Light Infantry.

The story of 2nd Lieutenant Hellard’s death will not be dissimilar to many brave men who died in that battle. The letters and reports (given to Mr Hurrell by Jago’s family) read out to the Battlefielders, tell how on 2 July this well-loved officer led his men in attack through 3 German trench lines and barbed wire fields, only to be shot dead just in front of the fourth German trench line. He was 34.


Jago and many other students walked through the cemetery searching for the grave of John Hellard. Once there Jago had some quiet time just alone in the graveyard beside the grave. He brought back a beautifully scented yellow rose from in front of his relation’s grave.


Another focus based around the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme was linked to Tamsin Thomas of the College Art department. Her family were from a very small Welsh speaking village in North Wales. As a child she was always intrigued that amongst the long line of her family’s slate gravestones in the little village graveyard was an empty grave. This grave is in memory of 21 year old Private William T. Jones 21569 of the 3rd Welsh Battalion - a great uncle of hers who never returned – nor has any known grave - Missing in action.  Tamsin showed the students photos of her family graves and talked about the small village and simple farming life of her family to help provide background to this visit. 

Mametz Wood was the site of an attack launched by the concentrated Welsh battalions on 7 July. Private Jones was lost on that day. His name appears on The Thiepval Memorial to the missing, alongside another 72,000 men there who have no known grave. Tamsin found his name on a panel there amongst the very many Jones’ (as had her two children Fin and Sol on previous battlefield tours.)

Mametz Wood was a killing field. The German machine guns did their work and wiped out the flower of Welsh youth. We visited the site of the action – the wood is still very much there - and stood on the battlefield, probably only metres away from where Private Jones died.

There is a wonderful red Welsh dragon monument down that isolated, single track, dead end country lane. It is raised above the battlefield site - a sentinel standing forever guard over its people beneath its feet. It was still and silent apart from the sweet song of the lark above. Tamsin brought a Welsh poppy from her family’s graveyard in North Wales to lay there in memory.

She returned with a blood red poppy picked there in Mametz Wood to place on Private Thomas’ empty grave in her family village."

We held our first 'Careers Cafe' on Wednesday 7 October for students in all years based on Creative Arts, Media,Journalism, Drama and Music during the extended tutor time from 8.30-9.30am, in our College Hall. 

We had a fantastic attendance of people coming into school from different skilled areas covering their professions in Graphic Design, Acting, Social Media, Television work, Journalism, Fine Art, Gallerist, Curator, Musical Theatre, Voice Coaching, Theatre Production and Stage Management and Music Production.  They brought along a wealth of experience and advice that they shared with the students.

The visitors were very supportive and motivational and encouraged the students to be determined to follow their chosen career paths and not to be disheartened if they see challenges ahead.   All students had the opportunity to meet with our professional guests, to questions and discuss their areas of expertise.  The sessions last an hour and give our students an insight into different areas they may not have considered before, helping and supporting them when making path choices for the future in career areas.

Mr Curtis, who coordinates the speakers, said “Education is a conversation between generations and this was a great opportunity for students to talk to highly experienced and talented adults from an array of professions in Creative Arts, Drama and Music”.

Lisa Millard, Assistant Principal, said “We have had a fantastic response to this project from a variety of professional people offering our students support in their respective areas.  We were overwhelmed by the amount of students who were so enthusiastic to come along and discuss many career areas. The feedback has been very positive and we look forward to building on this success for many future sessions”. 

Principal, Mr Ball thanked the guests for giving their time freely to help the next generation gain a sense of purpose and hope for the future, the support is invaluable and gives the students a real insight into their next step.

We will be covering a wide variety of careers and different areas of expertise in each session.  The next Careers Café will take place on Wednesday 25 November from 8.45 - 9.30am in the Main Hall, where the theme will be Business, Enterprise, IT, Legal, Finance and Insurance.
If you are interested in supporting our Careers Café, please contact Mr Curtis at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

During the extreme heatwave, students do not have to wear their blazers in or out of the classroom.  They should fold them and put them safely away in their bags to avoid losing them.

All students are given updates and advice via their tutors in the morning registration.

On Monday 12 October we welcomed Palestinian celebrity professional chef, Laila el-Haddad, author of ‘The Gaza Kitchen’ to College, who was in the area with Frome Friends of Palestine. 

Laila came in to cook with our Year 12 Hospitality students; they made a Palestinian dish which translates to "Sour pomegranate and lentil stew" which they all enjoyed.



We were all very honored to meet her as she took time out of her busy schedule to visit us; we were the only school in the Country who had this fantastic opportunity while she is on tour, on her way to the Frankfurt Book Fair.


Frome College - A level results 2016Frome College is celebrating its best A level results ever. Notably, nearly a third of A level grades awarded were A or A* grades, significantly above the UK national average.

In addition, 57.4% of grades awarded were A*-B, marking another outstanding year of improvement for the College's Sixth Form. Several subjects have performed remarkably well: biology, chemistry, mathematics, religious education, hospitality, drama, health and social care (double award) were in the top 10% of schools in the country, whilst further maths, graphics, product design, public services, art, photography and history are in the top 25% of schools.

Students and staff have worked exceptionally hard to achieve some of the best results the College has ever seen, exceptional academic performances were achieved by many students. Jake Malley who attained A*A*A*A* in computing, maths, further maths and physics, has proved himself to be among the very best students in the country. Jake has now accepted an offer from the University of Southampton to read electrical & electronic engineering with computer science. Ailsa Williams achieved A*A*A* in biology, chemistry and maths and will apply to study neuroscience next year.

Three students from the college have successfully gained places at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Ryan Gilroy (A*AA) will be reading biochemistry at Oxford whilst Head Boy, Fynn McLennan (A*A*A*), and Freya Caldwell (A*AA) will be going on to study chemistry and English at Cambridge. Sophia Burlison has achieved A*AA and will being reading English at the University of York.

These Sixth Form results reflect the hard work and talent of our students and staff and demonstrates the continued and improving strength of academic performance of Frome College"

Gavin Ball, Principal

Other members of the Student Leadership Team received excellent results; Head Girl Adriana Seviour achieved A in law and geography, B in psychology and will be going to the University of Exeter to read law. Deputy Head Boy, Bertie Harrison-Broninski (AAA), and Deputy Head Girl, Becky Hinde (AAB), both did fantastically well and will be taking gaps years whilst applying to study at universities next year.

Frome College - A level results 2016

Students on our vocational courses have also worked hard to achieve outstanding results, Lewis Connor and Lucy Fox received triple distinction star in their BTEC sport studies (the equivalent of three A* grades), Jordan Harding achieved a triple distinction and Ellis Walton achieved double distinction star on the same sport course. Elise Gait achieved a double distinction star on her BTEC health and social care course and is going to the University of Southampton to study nursing.

Frome College is clearly a Sixth Form which can support students who want to go to some of the world's best universities. We are also securing high quality work placements in the local community for students on more vocational routes. The College has a clear commitment to providing a place for students of all abilities to take their next steps in education.

Assistant Principal, Jonathan Black, said: "During my short time here I have had the pleasure of seeing our students displaying tenacity, good humour and grit during one of the most strenuous times in their lives. Staff at the College are keen to reflect upon best-practice and work hard to ensure no student is left behind; their hard work is clearly having a huge impact on student achievement. I look forward to playing my part in ensuring that we continue to develop and improve upon our already excellent results to ensure the young people of Frome have access to a high quality sixth form."


Frome College - A level results 2016

Frome College - A level results 2016


Congratulations go to Blythe Plenderleith, who has won an art prize of a two week exhibition in the form of a pop up gallery at the Black Swan in Frome. This is a reward for her outstanding College Art & Photography work over the last two years.

This is her first solo exhibition and runs from 12- 24 October.  She will be at the Black Swan in her exhibition space during many of her Art & Photography lessons leading up to the exhibition, creating work in readiness for the event opening on Saturday 17 October.

Blythe is organising a rota of family, friends and students to steward her exhibition at other times.  It is a most exciting project and fantastic start to Blythe’s A Level courses. 

She said “My exhibition is running between the 12-24 October.  The early part of this week is setting up, and the opening day is on Saturday 17 October, 2.00-4.00pm.  
I believe there is integral beauty in everyday objects, people and locations.  Through using the mediums of photography and art, and a variety of materials and techniques, I am able to morph the two to allow them to be seen from a unique viewpoint.   This exhibition called ‘Stolen Gems’ captures objects and individuals in an instant that would otherwise be lost.  It offers an intriguing glimpse and a stolen moment into another life; another time and another dimension.”

We wish her every success on her exhibition and future projects!

Frome College - our best ever GCSE results


Frome College has again achieved its best ever GCSE results this week! This represents a year-on-year improvement over the past four years and follows on from the best ever A level and BTEC results last week.

Just under 70% of students achieved A*-C grades in mathematics and in English – the highest ever achievement for Frome College when taking both crucial core subjects together. This is above the national average for these subjects.

The same percentage of students achieved a higher GCSE grade in a humanities subject, again above the national average and also now a compulsory part of the curriculum. 125 students took geography with 80% achieving A*-C.

Sciences continued their improvement too, with particularly high performance in triple science. 50% of the grades in physics were A*/A with biology and chemistry very close behind. 66% of the year group achieved an A*-C in a science.

In modern foreign languages, French achieved 80% A*-C grades with a cohort of 81 students, once again, results above the national average.

These subjects represent the key traditional curriculum elements of what the government measure schools against and in which the College is showing tremendous success. These same subjects also scored highly at A level last week with record results.

The College has breadth in its subject options, valuing all components of the curriculum. 33 students took music GCSE with 85% achieving A*-C with a third of students achieving an A*/A. 68 students took photography GCSE with 93% achieving A*-C GCSE grades. 71 students took religion & philosophy full GCSE with 86% of students achieving A*-C with over 50% achieving an A*/A! BTEC subjects continued to add tremendous value and achieve high grades including business studies with 100% pass rate and 37% of students achieving Distinction*/Distinction (A*/A).

This year also saw an increase in the ‘average point score per student’. This means that more students are achieving more GCSEs and at a higher level than ever before at Frome College: this figure is also above the national average. This is testament to our offer of four option subjects taken over three years for all students.

Overall just under 60% of students achieved five A*-C GCSE grades with English and maths included – our highest percentage yet. However, the most important news is the value-added measure of ‘Progress 8’. This judges the performance for each student across eight subjects using their KS2 scores as a ‘baseline’; a ‘zero’ score represents break even progress. The College achieved an average Progress 8 score of +0.15 for all students in Year 11. Yet again the College is delighted to achieve this very positive figure which shows we are on the road to becoming an outstanding school.

We are proud of each and every one of our students but there were some exceptional performances. Solomon Warsop achieved 13 A*/A grades, Jacob Lee and Susie Williams both achieved 13 A*/A grade GCSEs comprising of 11 A*s and two As whilst Eve Anderson also achieved 13 A*/A grades comprising ten A*s and three As.

There were a host of other high performing students achieving the top grades of A*/A grades. Chloe Morris also achieved 13 A*/As grades; Catherine Foreman achieved 12 A*/As, Tom Dunn and Emily Gulbis 11 A*/As; Elizabeth Allen, Luna Brudenell, Matthew Cook, Kieren Grist, Laura James, Dodi Swan-Capper, Dolly Swann, Christian Sandoval achieved 10 A*/As; Chloe Eacott, Hannah Roberts, Tyger Teeranggoon achieved 9 A*/As; Casey Gilroy, Kelsey Palmer, Finlay Peet, Holly Scott, Tabitha Tarbrooke achieved 8 A*/As. This is the largest number of outstanding performing students that the College has seen. There were lots of students who also gained high grades in their GCSEs, well above the targets set for them. Our congratulations go to all of our students and staff.

“These results show that Frome College nurtures and develops fully rounded young people. In one of the most successful years for winning competitions in public speaking, enterprise, sport, computing, showcasing first class music, dance and drama as well as achieving some of the highest levels of participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme regionally our students also achieve high academic grades, at GCSE, BTEC and A level. We wish all of our students the very best for their next steps”.

Gavin Ball, Principal

A high standard of rhetoric was in evidence when 16 students contested the Frome College English and Media Faculty’s Year 9 Public Speaking Competition.  The competition was being run for the second year and every student in Year 9 was required to develop and deliver a speech declaring what they would change ‘If I Ruled the World’ in a sequence of heats. 

Every contestant was warmly congratulated by the judges and the audience of parents and staff recognised the high quality of the speeches and maturity of the content. 

The judges, Mayor Kate Bielby, Principal Gavin Ball and Aron Schneider, Deputy Assistant Principal for Literacy and English, debated long and hard before confirming the top three speech-makers and confessed that, because of the quality of the speeches had found it hard to single out a winner. 

In the end they awarded third prize to Grace Lindley, who spoke about forming a world council; second prize to Holly Fleetwood, who spoke about making education more inclusive whilst the winner was Solo Candy who spoke about the dangers of social media.

Aron Schneider praised Sarah Henry for organising the event and the competitors.  He said: ‘New GCSEs and the demands of higher education and employer’s means that it is essential that young people are skilful and confident when taking part in presentations.’
Gavin Ball concluded the evening by praising the contestants as ‘brilliant’ and celebrating the achievements of all involved. 

Frome College - Last Tree Dreaming goes upright!After much work by students and local artists, the Last Tree Dreaming today went upright! 

Having fallen in 2012, the 250 year-old, 17.3 metre, eleven tonne oak tree from Turner's Paddock, Stourhead, was transported to the College in January 2013 where it has since been carved with personal, aspirational 'tattoos' by students at the College.

The oak tree featured in JMW Turner's 1798 painting 'View over the lake at Stourhead'  when it was 30 years old.

Students and staff visited Murrhardt, Frome’s twin town in Germany, as part of a Thematic Networking project between towns in France, Germany, Poland and the UK and stayed with host German families.

There was a lot to fit in the four day trip including attending a workshop that explored the idea of ‘the digital future’ and the expansion of broadband internet services in the twin towns.  There was representation from a company called WIK Net from Rabka-Zdrój (Frome’s Polish twin town) who is implementing high quality internet access via fibre using GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology and multipoint transmitters located around the local area. 

The Frome based company, Field, founded this year, are a new community-owned internet service provider, using modern wireless technology, similar to the transmitters used in Poland, Field deliver superfast internet to homes, schools and businesses in rural areas.

During the trip, we met a woman who was on the very first Town Twinning visit to Frome over 20 years ago. Mrs Dale found herself next to Karin Galan during one of the workshops on Vocational Training and Vocational Exchange in the Twin Towns and there followed a series of coincidences.  Karin told her she was one of the first school exchange students among a group of 34 from Murrhardt in October 1983.  Now 46 and an interior designer, she has fond memories of attending Drama lessons in the Merlin Theatre and of her host family in Frome.  

Karin is a member of Murrhardt Chamber of Commerce and a firm believer in close links between schools and businesses.  Her father, a former Chief at the Bosch Company in Murrhardt, (Twinning members had visited Bosch that same morning) set up some years ago a programme to promote such links.  His idea has been widely adopted in the region.   At the end of the workshop it was proposed to establish a networking platform by March 2016 between the 4 twin towns of Frome, Murrhardt, Chateau-Gontier in France and Rabka-Zdroj in Poland.  Karen volunteered to be the contact for the Murrhardt Group.

The Plant Notes team went as part of the students group and thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the academic life of students in Germany was different to ours. The trip was also a great opportunity to network and meet many new industry experts, while promoting the Plant Notes project to representatives from Poland, France and Germany, during a workshop discussing vocational training. 

The team were given the opportunity to discuss their project and impressed everyone with an engaging speech about their journey and how vocational training in Frome has been a big part of their education. 

There was also a workshop about the ways in which the other twin towns approach schooling and the problems they face.  For example in Germany at the age of 10, it is decided whether a student should take a vocational or academic route. This influences whether they are able to attend university, or follow a vocational route and go straight into work or apprenticeship. It was fascinating to think that at such a young age this is decided for them and how different schooling and apprenticeship approaches are in the other towns.  

Lisa Millard, Assistant Principal, said "The students and staff at Frome College who attended the Twinning event would like to thank Frome Town Twinning Association and Frome Town Council for inviting us to attend. It has been very fruitful trip that will undoubtedly lead to greater opportunities for cultural exchange and the development of employable skills in the future."

Report by Harry Foreman on behalf of Plant Notes in Year 13

This summer saw the 'Last Tree Dreaming' go upright! The 250 year old, 17.3 meter, 11 tonne, Oak tree which fell in Turner's Paddock, Stourhead in January 2013 go upright at Frome College.

The intention was to re-erect the tree on site this summer as part of a scheme to create a more significant main entrance to the College. The tree featured in the painting 'View over the lake at Stourhead' by JMW Turner in 1798 when it was 30 years old.

The Heritage Lottery awarded the project £40,000 to involve Frome's young people in the tree's historical and ecological heritage. The sculpture signifies the now depleted great forest of Selwood first recorded in 898 which once covered the whole Frome area.

Students have carved personal aspirational tattoos into the heartwood of the tree and visited the Tate Britain with a talk by the Curator of the Turner Collection.

Young filmmakers supported and documented the project and enjoyed a guided walk along the 15 mile route through the forest from Frome to Stourhead. Talks were given by local experts and an exhibition will be mounted in Stourhead by the students.

Celebrating the installation of the tree at Frome College in July 2016 students were involved in creating the start of an annual event, coordinating a performance/procession and traditional tree related activities that will also fundraise to ensure the on-going maintenance of the tree. After much work by students and artists, the ‘Last Tree Dreaming’ finally went upright on Wednesday 31 August.

The College Sixth Form Open Evening saw a huge crowd in our campus Merlin Theatre auditorium.

The evening opened with Head Boy Fynn McLennan, Head Girl, Adrianna Seviour, Year 12 students Charleigh Mustow and Ben Manning  speaking to the audience about their experiences ‘jumping up’  from GCSE to A Level and the excellent leadership team support network at College to make that transition smooth and giving the students a ‘voice'.  They said how fortunate they felt having the purpose built Sixth Form block to study in which helps them focus and gives a good attitude to learning to support the expectation to act like adults. The audience listened to them explain about the induction day which is important to help make the right option choices, the study periods to work in and cover homework, the large amount of trips on offer to support the courses chosen with a huge variety of extra-curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.

Principal, Gavin Ball followed with a talk about ‘what’s on offer’ at Frome College, and with over 400 students in the Sixth Form, it enables us to offer the widest choice of subjects in the area. He spoke proudly about how focused the College is on teaching, choice, challenge and the high expectations to ensure that students meet their goals in their education at the same time as promoting ‘conceptual thinking’ to work alongside other agencies and community to ensure individuals have a rounded and positive experience with the best outcomes and essential life skills.

He said that the College is proud to have great care plan for all students starting with their tutor programme and working with a network of welfare and intervention staff to help and support individuals if needed.  The College is already working hard to put in place the new three subjects A Level system with exams at the end, and offering tailor made courses including the EPQ research project and qualifications to run alongside other options, ensuring that the right students are in the right courses and choosing the right paths with something for everyone. 

He introduced Dr Andrew Ross from the University of Bath, who works very closely with Frome College who attended to speak about the two year ‘On  track to Bath’ programme open to Sixth Form students to support them going on to University.

Vice Principal introduced the Sixth Form team members and their roles and the focus being on achievement, hard work, attitude to learning, the importance of attendance,  good teaching, the careers, apprenticeship and UCAS support available and the 1-2-1 mentoring programme.  

Dr David Smith, who has recently been recruited to the Sixth Form team to cover maternity leave, spoke about the caring tutor team at the College and how important it is to build relationships between the staff and students.


Student guides were on hand to escort the audience around the site to see displays of art and music, speak to staff in all subject areas, and to meet the Sixth Form team and discuss any questions or to find out information on courses.

The Sixth Form Course Guide is on our website by following the link below:


© Photos supplied by Kevein Mitchell Photography

Four students from the College have successfully gained places at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Ryan Gilroy achieved A*AA grades and will be reading Biochemistry at Oxford, Molly Birch achieved A*AB and is studying Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge, whilst Head Boy Fynn McLennan achieved A*A*A* and Freya Caldwell A*AA, and will be going on to study Chemistry and English at Cambridge. 

Principal, Mr Ball invited the students to have lunch with him and Assistant Principal, Head of Sixth Form, Mr Black, at the College on Wednesday 7 September to congratulate them in person and celebrate such an outstanding achievement. Although Fynn McLennan was abroad and unable to attend, Mr Ball said he was immensley proud of all the students who had taken GCSE and A Level exmas this year, contributing to the best exam results in the history of the College, and with the largest amout of students being accepted into Oxbridge. He wished them all good luck for the future, and they said they would like to come back to the College and share their experiences and support to current students who will be sitting the exams next year. 

Other brilliant results came from Sophia Burlison who achieved A*AA and will being reading English at the University of York, whilst other members of the Student Leadership Team also received excellent results; Head Girl Adriana Seviour achieved A in Law and Geography, B in Psychology and will be going to the University of Exeter to read Law. Deputy Head Boy, Bertie Harrison-Broninski achieved AAA, and Deputy Head Girl, Becky Hinde gained AAB, both did fantastically well and will be taking gaps years whilst applying to study at universities next year.

Congratulations go to all of them and we wish them every success with their chosen next steps.

During the past year, the College has been involved in a pilot study to identify good practice in countering gender stereotyping in education.  The initiative, called “Opening Doors” has been run by the Institute of Physics and supported with government funding.  Its culmination has been the publication of a good Practice Guide to help schools address gender based issues.  Frome College has played a key supporting role in the development of this guide.

On 20 October, two teachers from College, attended a conference in London to celebrate the publication of the 'Good Practice Guide' and to also hear a series of lectures on gender based issues in education.  These lectures included sociological perspectives on gender and also the very latest research from the field of neuroscience on how female and male brains differ and what the implications are for education.

Russell Middleton, one of the attending teachers said, “The lectures gave the audience the chance to hear the very latest cutting edge research from Science, Psychology and Sociology.  I was particularly impressed with the latest findings from neuroscience delivered by Dr Stephanie Heyes from the University of Birmingham.  Additionally, the information provided by Dr Gijsbert Stoet, from the University of Glasgow, on the study of sex differences in cognitive abilities was fascinating.

With the publication of the Good Practice Guide, Frome College will be able to lead the way in reflecting upon practice in subject areas and tutor groups and developing an action plan to combat gender stereotyping that can be a barrier to students taking the right subjects and achieving their best.

Russell Middleton went on to say that ”It was really good to hear Frome College being thanked by Professor Peter Main from the Institute of Physics for all the work that we have done so far.  It has given us all a lot to think about and we are working hard to support young people in making the right choices”. 

The College saw a full house on Thursday 15 September when it opened its doors to welcome everyone in the area to come and see the largest range of courses on offer in the area, and to see first-hand what a vibrant school it is and all that it offers the students who attend.

The evening began with an address by the Principal, Gavin Ball, in the campus Merlin Theatre, who spoke about the continued trend of success, the best exam results in the history of the College, and the aspirations and expectations of the school for the future.

He inspired the audience with a confident speech about the College’s values and vision, on student self-belief, high expectations and generating great life chances for every child to achieve their personal best,  and the wide range of opportunities on offer at the College. He said there are more choices in the important key areas of Maths, English and Science and a 5 year programme which begins in Year 9 through to the post sixteen stages, making a seamless transition in to the Sixth Form where there are nearly 400 courses on offer. He spoke with passion about the Colleges’ programme of ‘Employability’ and apprenticeships working closely with the community, and how important it is to offer students the life skills needed for their chosen paths and next steps when leaving school.

Mr Ball spoke warmly of the commitment of the staff who enjoy working at the school and the good staff development plan in place with many training sessions on offer to ensure the College is constantly developing young people and encouraging participation and volunteering.  He introduced guest speaker, Dr Andrew Ross from the University of Bath, who works closely with the College and the Able & Ambitious programme to guide and support students wishing to go to University.

Head Boy Ben Manning, and Head Girl Isabel Brewster, together with the student leadership team followed by talking about their experiences at College, the constant support from staff both academically and pastoral, and the large range of activities available, such as trips, Drama productions held in the campus Theatre, inter-house competitions, rewards and the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and the great Gifted & Talented programme. Pre- 16 students Felix Piper, Zena Harper, Matthew Haines and Grace Beaven, all spoke about their chosen areas of interest and the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer.

Mrs West, Assistant Principal, finished the session with information to parents about the evening ahead and offering  the audience  personal student guides to accompany them around the site to see points of interest.
Everyone left the Theatre to tour the site and participate in many activities in Design Technology, PE, Maths and English. Food Technology staff and students offered superb hot food to guests, and in Science, visitors were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiments. The Art department displayed their superb student exhibition and the Music department students set up around the site supplying a diverse variety of accompaniment.

The feedback from the evening was outstanding and many parents said that they had looked at other schools in the area but Frome College stood out as the best they had seen, and was a truly committed school with a warm community feel where they felt their children would flourish.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to 35mil Photography for covering the event. If you were unable to attend the event, please don’t hesitate to contact the College on 01373 465353 to arrange a tour of the campus.

The whole school paid tribute for Remembrance Day, with all students and staff at the College marking the day with early morning assemblies at tutor time in the house areas and in the main College Hall.


There were very moving and powerful presentations in all the assemblies covering World War I and World War II to honour and remember the fallen, those who survived and the history of why we all wear the poppy. The assemblies all fell silent for two minutes after the bugler played the ‘Last Post’.





At 10.45am, our Combined Cadet Force joined the Principal, Mr Ball, who invited representatives from our campus partners and the local community to attend the annual ceremony in the College Memorial Garden. 


All the guests and students from each house lay a wreath at the foot of our Memorial Fountain to pay tribute to those who fought.  Mr Hurrell, teacher of History led the service by giving a speech and students read out tributes to former students of the College who sadly lost their lives in conflict.












Mr Goldsworthy, teacher of Music, played the ‘Last Post’ and the gathering all fell silent for two minutes at 11.00am to remember everyone who has fought, both past and present, as a mark of respect.

Principal, Mr Ball held a special lunch for the newly elected Student Leadership for 2016-17 on Monday 19 September. He was joined by Mr Black, Assistant Principal, Sixth Form, Mrs O’Connell, Sixth Form Office Manager and Mrs West, Assistant Principal.

Mr Ball spoke highly of their natural leadership skills leading up to securing the positions, and the hope that they will continue with their hard work and to inspire the students in their respective Houses. 

These great ambassadors for the College are very keen to develop communications for all students and emphasised the importance of having a ‘voice’ within the school in order to be able to change things and develop new ideas and projects. The students are setting up a ‘Student Council’ which will be led by Mr Owsley, Head of Faculty International & Enterprise.

Sixth Form Senior Student Team
Head Boy: Ben Manning
Deputies: Jake Barrow & Barnaby Turner
Head Girl: Isabel Brewster
Deputies: Grace Barnes & Tabby Lawson-Coe

Franklin House Leadership
House Captains: Lottie Baker & Ethan Gregory
Deputy House Captains: Liam McPherson & Emily Chapman
Sports Captains: Jon Hoare, Lydia Ball, Oscar Slade & Rachel Pullen
Health & Wellbeing: Issy Book
Numeracy & Literacy Captain: Maisey Hurd
Charity Captain: Phoebe Oakey
Community Captain: Megs White

Aristotle House Leadership
House Captains: Oshi Francomb & Lily Breese
Vice Captains: Emily Connew & Louis Tozer
Charity Coordinator: Anna Snelgrove
Community Coordinator: Courtney Smith
Year 11 Sports Captains: Jack Gerrish-Ives & Tallulah Hooper
Year 10 Sports Captains: Maddy Howes & Tom Bird

Einstein House Leadership
House Captains: Flora Williams & Tom Haines
Vice Captains: Holly Davis & James Porter
Charity Coordinator: Polly Stradling
Community Coordinator: Isabel Jones
Sports Captains: Emily Oakley & Josh Cambourne
Year 11 Sports Captains: Melissa Cook & Chris Clacee
Year 10 Sports Captains: Tilley Reilly-Stitt & Harry Wright
Literacy and Numeracy Leader: Maya Edwards

Newton House leadership
House Captains: Grace Beaven & Matthew Haines
Deputy House Captains: Rhiannon James & Ryan Snook
Sports Captains for Year 1:  Luke Hurrell & Alice Cox
Sports Captains for Year 10: Max Hart & Chloe Hopkins
Sports Captains for Year 9: Ella Kincaid & LJ Land
Community Leader: May Schmyzck & Amy Cotterell
Charity Leader: Rhiannon James, Ollie Freestone & Chloe Nicholls
Literacy and Numeracy Leader: Grace Lindley

Hypatia House Leadership
House Captains: Betty Restorick & Finlay Collinson
Deputy House Captains: Ellie Brooks & Jack Humphreys
House Sports Captain: George Lee
Year 11 Sports Captains: Ben Eley & Katy Minty
Year 10 Sports Captains: Ella Kempshaw & Joe Gigg
Community & Charity Captains: Grace Rawlins & Laurie Keech
House Health Champions: Jude Bostock & Mikaela Forrester
Numeracy Captain: Archie Stone

Not all the students were able to attended the lunch, however the students who did were photographed. From left to right are: Mrs O’Connell, Oshi Francomb, Jake Barrow, Lily Breese, Tabatha Lawson-Coe, Grace Beaven, Flora Williams, Betty Restorick, Barnaby Turner, Finlay Collinson, Mr Black, Grace Barnes, Principal, Mr Ball, Mrs West, Lottie Baker,  Isabel Brewster, Tom Haines,  Ben Manning & Matthew Haines.

Ben Eley in Year 10 has ridden in two national ten mile time trial events on his trial bike, organised by the Road Time Trial Council.  Ben is a member of Frome and District Wheelers.  In September he competed in an under 18 event at Marlborough with a finish time of 25 minutes, 38 seconds, followed by an under 16 event at Ware in Hertfordshire, where he finished 14th in the UK, with a personal best time off 25minutes, 5 seconds.

Izzy Book in Year 10 teamed up with Ben to fund raise for ‘Mind’ - a charity supporting those suffering from, or caring for mental illness.  They set out to raise £500 towards the charity which provides advice and support across England and Wales.

They completed the 100 mile ride on Saturday 26 September in 8 hours and 52 minutes raising an incredible amount of £812.50, for the charity.  Ben and Izzy met with Principal, Mr Ball to discuss 'Mind', and ask the College to support it by doing a ‘Mufti day’ in October to go towards the charity.

So many generous people gave to the fundraising campaign with the two events, they totalled it up to an incredible £1460.90p!

Mr Ball congratulated them both and awarded commendation certificates for outstanding fundraising initiative. He presented them with the cheque for 'Mind' and said tha they set inspiring examples to everyone at the College. 

Molly Myall from the charity said: “On behalf of Mind I would like to thank everyone who supported Izzy and Ben by donating money for their 100 mile bike ride and through the ‘Mufti’ day at school. They have been incredible fundraisers and are great ambassadors for other young people.

For those who don’t know ‘Mind’ very well we are the leading mental health charity for England and Wales. So by mental health we’re talking about everything from depression, stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and schizophrenia.  There are two main branches of what we do as a charity.

Firstly, we provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.  When you're experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change your life.  We help people to understand their condition and the choices available to them through:
•  Our ‘Infoline’ which offers callers confidential help for the price of a local call.
•  Our Legal Advice Service which provides information on mental health related law to the public, service users, family members/carers, mental health professionals and mental health advocates.
•  Our award-winning publications and website, now certified by the Information Standard.

Last year our ‘Infoline’ took over 36,000 calls from people, who had nowhere else to turn, this number has doubled in two years.  In many ways, it is incredible that more people are asking for help, but our resources are stretched thin and we were unable to answer almost as many calls. This is why fundraising events like this are so hugely important, with your support we could be there for even more people.

Secondly, we campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.  We believe everyone with a mental health problem should be able to access excellent care and services. We also believe you should be treated fairly, positively and with respect.

We campaign on a range of issues that could affect anybody with a mental health problem. This includes health services; legislation; protection of legal rights, and employment.  This year we finished a year of campaigning in the lead up to the General Election. Thanks to our brilliant campaigners, 95% of MPs read our manifesto for better mental health, and in October 2014 a few weeks after we campaigned for better access to talking therapies, the Government announced that, for the first time ever, there will be waiting time standards for talking therapies. From April 2015, 75 per cent of people should get treatment within 6 weeks.

We can see change happening, we can see our services being needed more than ever, and we can see more people talking about mental health.  But there’s a long way to go, at the moment, suicide is still the biggest killer of men under the age of 35, and teenage girls all over the world.

So once again I would like to reiterate how grateful we are to Izzy and Ben for their amazing fundraising efforts and hard work that has gone into raising this money.  We will continue to work until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect, but we couldn’t do it without people like you.”

Principal, Mr Ball presented a Commendation Certificate to Avalon Ross in Year 11 to celebrate her achieving an A* GCSE in Photography & Graphics a year early when she was in Year 10.

Avalon, pictured with Mr Ball and Mr Knight, Head of Art, received the certificate on Friday 16 September, where she produced her fantastic portfolio on ‘Man v Nature’- a study of the contrasts of manmade buildings and products against nature’s repetition. 

The complex and detailed portfolio was full of exquisite drawings and graphic images together with in-depth analysis of each project. Mr Knight said the high standard and quality of the work was on par with what he would expect from an A Level student in Sixth Form.






Some of her photography which achieved the A* included a picture of a Damselfly and a close up photo of an owls profile.

Congratulations go to Avalon for an outstanding achievement in Year 10.

Two teams from the College competed in the 1st round of the Cybercenturion Challenge on Sunday 15 November. 

We had one team from Year 10, Tom Haines, Matt Haines, Dylan Oliver and Adam Kerslake, and another made up primarily of students from Year 13, Jesse Wood, Chalie Sloan, Joe Malley, Jake Malley and Will Tyler. The round lasted a gruelling 6 hours, but at the end, our Year 10 team lay 6th nationally, whilst our Year 13 team were in 13th position. It was very animated as teams were fighting vulnerabilities - and time - to download updates and win a few more vital points. 
The Cybercenturion Challenge is designed to test a team's ability to protect a computer system from malware, vulnerabilities and external or internal attacks.

The competition consists of 3 rounds and is played in teams of between 4 and 6 people.  Each round involves downloading a virtual computer full of vulnerabilities that could present opportunities for a cyber-criminal. The teams then have a single 6 hour window in which to ensure the cyber security of the systems that they are tasked with protecting. The competition has several major sponsors, including GCHQ and BT.
The next round of the competition will take place on Sunday 6 December, with a further round after Christmas, all culminating in the final, face to face competition to be held at the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, in April 2016.

Only the top 8 teams will go through and we really hope that at least one of our teams will get there -  They certainly have the skill and the motivation!

Well done to all of them.

The annual Frome College Participation Fair held on Wednesday 28 September in the Sports & Fitness Hall was another outstanding success.

Over 1,100 students from all year groups were given the opportunity throughout the day to see the amazing clubs and activities on offer in and around the surrounding areas.

Each organisation in attendance spoke to students about how their participation and volunteering can not only be thoroughly enjoyed by them, but can also help and support others.


We would like to thank everyone who helped make this another great ‘Frome College’ event and to all those people who continue to support our students.

If you would like more information about the clubs and volunteering opportunities on offer, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Frome College Savers Club is starting this week in partnership with the Mendip Community Credit Union. 

Students can open a savings account at College, then pay into it on Tuesday lunchtimes or after school in the Media Arts Centre.  They will receive interest on their savings through a dividend payment.

This is part of the College's ongoing personal finance education to encourage students to be responsible with their money.

The 'Savers Club' will be run by students as part of the Frome College Enterprise Club. This gives students a further opportunity to gain work experience to help with their ‘Next Steps’.    

New members are always welcome!  

The Mendip Community Credit Union is regulated by the Financial Service Compensation Service which offers the same safeguards and protection as all other banks and building societies.  

If you would like more information please contact Rose Hiron-Grimes, Enterprise Coordinator on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or visit the Credit Union website at   https://www.mendipcommunitycu.org.uk/

BBC Somerset Breakfast Show was live from Frome College’s campus Merlin Theatre on Friday 30 September, with guest David Warburton MP and the Shakespeare for Schools Company.

The team from BBC Somerset arrived at 7.00am to set up in the foyer of the Merlin Theatre for their 9.00am Breakfast Show with Ben McGrail hosting a hot seat with David Warburton MP. Frome College students were thrilled to do a Q&A session live on air through the 9.00-10.00am slot with the MP.


Throughout the morning the show covered the Shakespeare for Schools workshops with local schools on how to produce and set up a show, which they will perform in November. Frome College’s Vice Principal, Su King was interviewed by Ben, along with special guests who arrived throughout the show.

Claudia Pepler, Art Director at the Theatre said, 'We are proud to be one of the partner organisations of the Shakespeare’s Schools Festival, an event that we have been programming for over 10 years. It is always a highlight of our autumn season. This workshop was led by practioners from the festival working with schools and their teachers, the actual performance will be on Friday 11 November. '

James Craig from the BBC said, “Thanks to Frome College for helping to arrange everything, and for letting us be based on the campus. The show sounded really good and it was great to be able to speak to so many different people on air."


David Warburton MP said, “It really was fantastic to see the Shakespeare Schools Festival cast workshop with Selwood Academy performing superbly at Frome’s Merlin Theatre. I was blown away by the energy and focus of the children and the incredible skill of the workshop leaders, bringing out the very best in everyone’s ability.

“Thanks also to BBC Somerset for coming along and recording the event, even if it also meant an hour in the hot seat for me beforehand with good old Ben McGrail! Seriously, as always, it was terrific to talk to Ben and to answer questions sent in by listeners and students at Frome College. Looking forward to the next one!”

To celebrate ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week’, the whole of Year 9 took part in an enterprise challenge. The Frome Independent market set them a brief of creating a business pitch for a product or service to sell at the March 2016 market. The students worked in teams within their tutor groups. They had a series of heats to get through before one team was chosen to represent each of the 5 houses in the final.

The final pitch was done like ‘Dragons' Den’ whereby the teams had to face 7 ‘Dragons’ to pitch their ideas.  The judges were the market director Tabitha Clayson, the Frome Independent finance manager, Liz Andrew, Frome Mayor Kate Bielby, market founder and venture capitalist Gavin Eddy, Enterprise coordinator Rose Hiron-Grimes, Sixth Form student business manager, Harry Foreman, and College Principal, Gavin Ball.

The judges were very impressed with the ideas from the students and found it so difficult to choose one winning idea so they chose 3 ideas to go through to the market, 1 winner and 2 runners up teams. Tabitha Clayson said “All the teams displayed great confidence, passion and originality, and the market is very much looking forward to working with the winning teams to help bring their ideas to life in the market”.

The Frome Independent have very kindly given a start-up grant of £150 to the winning team and offered start-up loans of £100 each to the other 2. The teams will be mentored by the market management team and through the ‘Next Steps’ team at College to develop their business idea ready for March.

During the afternoon the Year 9 students also had the opportunity to work with local organisation Edventure, looking at social enterprise and thinking about ideas for the theme 'How can we tackle waste food with entrepreneurial ideas?’ 

Enterprise coordinator Rose Hiron-Grimes said, "We are really proud of how hard our students worked throughout the day. There were some really excellent ideas and they all showed entrepreneurial talent and skills. We are lucky to have many examples of entrepreneurship in the Frome area and would like to thank Edventure, The Frome Independent Market and stall holders and other local businesses for their help, support and inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs at Frome College."

Thank you to Harry Foreman in Year 13 for supplying the photography of the judging panel and the winning team.

Young adult author, Chris Vick, gave an inspirational talk to Year 9 and 10 students in the Merlin Theatre on Tuesday 4 October.

Frome College students listened with interest to Chris explaining how he wrote his book, where his ideas came from, and what makes a good story.  Chris, who wrote the book Kooks, visited the College as part of the Bath Children's Literature Festival which is celebrating its 10th anniversary year. 


During the morning, Chris held a question and answer session for students, and some purchased personally signed copies of his book.  He gave three copies of Kooks away to Year 10 students, and many of them received a complimentary wristband. Both Year groups said they had benefitted from his knowledge and experience of writing and enjoyed his enthusiasm of reading. Chris’s next book, due out soon is called Storms.

The College is pleased to receive The Prince’s Teaching Institute Mark for 2014/15.

The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI) launched the Schools Programme in 2007 to recognise and reward school departments that develop inspirational ideas and activities which enhance teaching, regardless of their pupils’ backgrounds or abilities. It is run as a membership group for school departments that choose to commit to increasing the challenge of their subject provision.

Our English department received the Mark in recognition of the work done by those departments in 2014/15 in response to membership of our Schools’ Programme.

The PTI’s Schools’ Programme is open to all state secondary schools in England. To become members, school departments must demonstrate their commitment to increasing teachers’ subject knowledge, and to furthering their students’ understanding of and enthusiasm for the subject, regardless of their background or ability. To achieve the PTI Mark, departments then have to demonstrate that they have increased the challenge within their subject curriculum; developed their staff’s own specialist subject knowledge; developed subject-based links outside school; and enthused their students through subject-based activities beyond the curriculum.  After three years of Schools’ Programme membership, departments may choose to become Associate Departments by devising an advanced multi-year programme in one of these areas. As Associate Departments they will share their growing expertise with others in the Schools’ Programme to the benefit of all.

Principal, Mr Ball, said, ‘We are delighted to have been awarded the PTI Mark for our English department innovative work, and will be proud to carry the Mark on our stationery and website as evidence of our commitment to inspirational teaching.’

The Schools Programme recognises and facilitates the achievement of excellence in schools and is an expansion of the annual Summer Schools run by The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI).

In order to become members of the Schools Programme, schools must consider particular criteria for excellence within subject specialist provision:

  • Clear commitment to the subject specialism
  • Evidence of a high level of pupil engagement and attainment in the subject
  • Pupils’ access to a range of extra-curricular activities related to the subject, both within school and off-site
  • Subject-based links and partnerships with other schools and areas of the community
  • Breadth and depth of study, ensured through coherent planning and monitoring
  • Coherence and challenge, identified and developed in curriculum planning and delivery
  • Departmental commitment to subject-based Continuing Professional Development
  • Effective and inspiring teaching.

The school’s Head of Department decides how his/her departmental plan for the forthcoming year can be enriched through ideas gained from participation at a Prince’s Teaching Institute Schools Programme Day or Summer School.

A written application form is reviewed by teachers from other schools who work with The Prince’s Teaching Institute, and the objectives for the department are mutually agreed. The PTI Mark is given at the end of the year for departments that achieve their objectives.

More than 1900 teachers have attended the Summer Schools since the first Prince of Wales Education Summer School was held in 2002. Alumni of the Summer Schools who have chosen to join the Schools Programme meet annually at PTI Schools Programme Days. 

In addition, PTI Regional Events are organised across the country, bringing together local teachers, academics and eminent speakers and writers.

The PTI also organises an annual conference for Headteachers and in 2011/12 launched a Schools Leadership Programme for Heads and their senior leadership teams. In 2014 the PTI hosted its first annual conference for Primary Headteachers and launched a Primary Leadership Programme for alumni of this course.

The PTI was constituted in 2006 as a registered charity (1116224) to provide more systematic support for teachers.  It works in strategic partnership with the University of Cambridge. 

The College was recently contacted by 'We Hear You' (WHY); a free professional one-to-one counselling service for anyone affected by a diagnosis of cancer or another life threatening illness, including family, friends and carers as well as patients.

WHY held a Christmas card competition to help raise money for charity workers, where many schools entered.

The winning 1st prize from the 13-16 categories went to College student Elliott Clarkin in Year 9, and the runner up was Alex Waldeck, also in Year 9. The winner will receive a £10 book token, and the runner up a selection box, and both will receive a pack of their winning Christmas cards once they are printed. Congratulations to them both.

Photo of the winners with Helen Sprawson-White, Fundraising Assistant for WHY.

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