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Congratulations to our cross-country runners in years 9 and 10. 
Following the half term break, students bravely tackled this run over two weeks in their lessons, and we are delighted to announce our winners. 
In year 9, Einstein came first with Newton as close second. 
In year 10 Einstein also came first with Franklin a close second. 
All points go towards our end of year House Cup winners.  A great start to the competition and well done to everyone who took part!
Although this year is different, we did not want our students to miss out on their fun Sports Day.
Therefore, we have designed a virtual Sports Day.
Studetns can take part in whichever activities they like - or all of them!
This will run from Monday 6 July to Friday 10 July
All recorded results should be uploaded by completing the Results Survey on FROG
There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for each individual event, plus a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place overall.
Challenge 1 Ultra 60-Minutes 
Equipment required
Fitness Tracker app (Free to download on your mobile phone).

How far can you travel in 60 minutes on foot - running, walking, jogging or skipping?
Using a fitness tracker, like the example above (STRAVA, GARMIN, or measure your own distance), record your 60 minutes so you can see how far you have travelled. The further the distance the better! 
The 60 minutes must be completed in one attempt not split between days.
Record your distance and include a screenshot of your distance 
Challenge 2 Speed Bounce 
The speed bounce is a test of your speed, agility and coordination
Equipment required 
A towel, stopwatch and non-slip area.
Lie the towel out in a long, thin position on the floor. 
Start on the left of the towel and jump from side to side as many times as you can in 30 seconds.
Record how many jumps you can complete in 30 seconds and Include some pictures or video with your results.
Challenge 3 ‘Keepy-up’ Toilet Roll 
How many keepy up’s can you do using a toilet roll?
Equipment required
Toilet roll
Mobile phone and someone to help you count and record or take pictures of you taking part (optional)
Hold the toilet roll in two hands.
Drop the toilet roll and hit it with any part of your body except your hands or arms to keep it off the floor.
Count how many touches you can do before the toilet roll hits the floor. If the toilet roll hits the floor start again.
You can have as many attempts as you want. Record your best score and include some pictures.

Challenge 4 Standing Broad Jump 
The Board Jump is a standing long jump, and test of explosive leg power.
Equipment required
Tape measure to measure the distance jumped.
A non-slip soft landing area.
Stand behind a line marked on the ground with feet slightly apart. A 2 foot take-off and landing is used, swinging the arms and bending the knees to provide forward drive. Attempt to jump as far as possible, landing on both feet without falling backwards. Three attempts are allowed.
The measurement is taken from take-off line to the nearest point of contact on the landing (back of the heels). 
Record the longest distance jumped, the best of three attempts.
Challenge 5 100 High Knees 
How long will it take you to do 100 high knees on the spot?
Equipment required
Stopwatch and a clear area to work.
Set your stopwatch and complete 100 high knees on the spot. Don’t forget to count!
You will need to do this as fast as you can - the faster the better. Record your time and video the performance 
Challenge 6 Sit Ups
How many sit up’s can you do in one minute?
Stopwatch. Assistant if possible.
Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, you can use  an object to help keep your feet flat.
Put your hands to the side of your head with your fingers on your temples (your hands must stay in this position).
Sit up until your elbows touch your knees and return to the starting position.
Every time your elbows touch your knees completes one sit up. Do as many as you can in one minute.
Record your result.
Challenge 7 Wall Sit 
The Wall Sit is a simple test of lower body muscular strength and endurance. 
Equipment required
Flat non-slip floor, smooth vertical wall and stopwatch.
Stand comfortably with feet shoulder width apart and about two feet from the wall, with your back against the wall. 
Slowly slide your back down the wall to a position where both your knees and hips are at a 90° angle. 
Ensure your feet are flat on the ground, and your knees and hips are at right angles. 
The knees should be directly above your ankles not over your toes, with thighs parallel to the ground. 
Time starts when in correct position and stops when the position can no longer be held.
Record time the position was held in seconds.
Challenge 8 Alternate Hand Wall Throws 
The Alternate-Hand Toss is a test of hand-eye coordination
Equipment require
A ball, a wall and a stopwatch.
Take one big step away from a wall, mark a line on the floor. Stand behind that line, facing the wall. 
The ball is thrown from the right hand in an underarm action against the wall, and caught in both hands. 
Next time throw with the left hand and catch in both hands. Keep switching hands and go as fast as you can.
See how many times you can catch the ball in 1 minute and record your results.
Challenge 9  Stork Stand 
A good test of balance
Equipment required
Flat ground to stand on.
Someone to record your time on a stopwatch.
Start by standing with two feet flat on the floor.  Put your hands on your hips. Balance on one foot and place the sole of your other foot next to the knee of the leg you are standing on. Attempt to keep this position throughout the test. 
Raise the heel of your standing foot and balance on the ball of your foot.
Once your heel is off the floor start the stopwatch.
If your hands come away from your hips, your heel touches the floor or the sole of your foot moves away from your knee, stop the stopwatch.  Have as many goes as you want and record your best time.
Challenge 10  The Plank
How long can you plank? Test muscular endurance.
Non-slip floor space and timer.

Place forearms on the floor with elbows aligned below shoulders, and arms parallel to your body at shoulder width.
If flat palms bother your wrists, clasp your hands together.
Record how long you can hold a continuous plank position without lowering your body or raising your hips.
*Please note - Always warm up before any exercise. Stop at any time if you experience any discomfort or pain. 
Good luck everyone - we look forward to the results!

Congratulations to our U16 Girls Football Team who won 7 goals to 4 against Kingsdown School on Tuesday 19 November.  Player of the Match was awarded to Alice Bevan in Year 9.

Well done to the team: Alice Bevan, Alisha Stuart, Ruby Seviour, Kitt Whisstock, Scarlett Kincaid, Amy Barter, Millie Fay Light, Evelyn Bonnick, Aimee Woodward, Annabel McDonald, Izzy Neale and Grace Wilkinson.

We look forward to more successes this year!

The College Year 9 Rugby team have played four fixtures already in this first term of 2019-20.

They started with the Frome RFC Tournament where the played Wellsway, John of Gaunt and Ralph Allen School.  Frome College came away with 2 wins and a closely fought loss to Ralph Allen School. There were some super performances and the team displayed an excellent attitude throughout the 3 games.

The boys then went on to play in the first round of the Somerset Schools Cup. Huish Episcopi from Langport were the opponents. The game was played in slippery conditions, but a tightly contested game saw Frome College finish on top with a 12-10 victory!

A great start, and with some focused training they can continue to progress and see more successes.

In the photo (L-R) Roan Jones, Ed Bucklow, Olly Marshall, Noah Stickley, Murray White, Toby Hoult, Toby Evans, Sam Cotterill, Kenny Street, Marely Leach, Solly Pearce, Rowan Walton, Sam Young, Felix Lindenmeier, James White, Tyler Amos.

Our congratulations go to Cassia Bell in Year 10, who has been selected to play for the Dorset & Wiltshire County U15 Girls Rugby Team after only two seasons in the sport! 

Cassia started playing Rugby at Frome RFC in October 2017, moving to Warminster RFC Pink Panthers in September 2018. She plays as a centre or on the wing, and is following in her Grandfathers ‘boots’ who played for Bath Rugby many years ago. 

We look forward to watching her progress in the future.
Congratulations go to Sinead Kelloway in Year 11, who has passed the 2nd Degree Black Belt in mixed Martial Arts, and has been invited onto the Adult Instructors Course - an amazing acheivement!

We wish her every success for the future.

Our congratulations go to Lizzy Bryant in Year 10, who is the winner of the Chivers Trophy 2018.

Lizzy finished the 18 hole course at Mendip Spring Golf Club on Saturday 21 April, with 43 points – 9 whole points ahead of the 2nd Place!

Lizzy was presented with the trophy by Carole Paterson, SCLGA Junior Committee, and Sarah Nancholas, Ladies Vice Captain at Mendip Spring Golf Club.

We wish her good luck for the future, and many more successes.

Morgan Curle in Year 12, and his sister Laura in Year 9, have both had incredible successes in their cycling careers so far.

Their father, Jon Curle, reports: "Laura was selected to ride for the South Region at the School Games Inter Regional Track Championships in Glasgow on Friday 15 to Sunday 17 September 2017 and has trained really hard over the last 4 weeks in preparation. She was looking forward to flying up as part of the team, the team hotel, and what was the toughest competition level of track riding she has encountered so far.

She had a great time at the championships. In the Team Pursuit the South team caught and passed the Irish team and rode really well. The Irish team did impeded them by holding them up, costing them 4-5 seconds, so their qualifying time suffered as a result. That said it was still a great ride!

The Elimination Race saw Laura in a qualifying race with some very strong U16 riders, but she did really well finishing about half way down the group, and repeated this in her final.
The coaches and team manager were very impressed with her for “riding with so much spirit”, and her “fighting - never give in attitude”.

The overall experience was a big one, travelling with the team, the flights, the team hotel, away from family, responsible for herself, her bike, equipment, etc… but she coped remarkably well, and learnt a lot which will help her in the future.

The team manager has been so impressed with Laura’s progress, he is helping to develop Laura going forward, and help her realise her potential. She will be taking part in a series of British Cycling Track Race Schools over the coming months starting on 1 October. All very exciting, and based on the Glasgow trip, Laura will do really well heading forward. 

Morgan, in Year 12, has finished his road season now and is on a short rest before he gets busy with his winter training and strength work. He will be spending some time at the Velodrome over the next few months to compliment his training. 

He did really well in his first season as an U18 Junior Road Racer, racing in national events including an amazing performance in the Tour of the Mendips at the start of the season, and a strong showing at the Monmouth Grand Prix.

The highlight of Morgan’s season was guest riding for the Giant Halo Team in the Tour of Ireland - a 7 day stage race that attracts top road teams from all over the world, including South Africa, USA and Europe. Morgan suffered a bad crash on Stage 3, but after picking himself up and getting a spare wheel from the team, he rode a solo 90km chase to limit his losses. He patched himself up later, and the mechanic fixed up his bike. Despite being injured, he rode well in the remaining stages, finishing with the lead riders and recovering some of the time lost in the crash.

Being brought down in the crash was a shame, as that aside he would have been in the top 20, but he did manage to ride his way in to a top 40 finishing place. A very respectable result in a field of 110 top riders from all over the World.

Whilst the tour was shown on Irish TV, highlights were shown on the UK Sports Channel, and it was fun to watch and play “Spot Morgan”. He did get a good mention when he was chasing back after the crash.

Morgan has a place on the Giant Halo Team for the 2018 season, and is looking forward to racing in Belgium, France, and Ireland once more, as well as the British Junior National Series.

An eventful season for Morgan, with some top finishes in road races, his first road stage races, and his first racing abroad – with a few crashes and a few more scars too."

We wish both Laura and Morgan every success in the future!

Congratulations go to Kieran Dunford in Year 9, who has won the Bristol Box Cup for his age group. The competition saw entries from England, Ireland and Wales.

The Frome College student, who trains at ABC in Frome, moved up a weight to ensure he had a contest at the Filton venue and on Sunday 4 June 2017 faced a competitor from Tamworth in the final.

Both aged 14, the pair set a fast pace from the start but it was Kieran’s hands and footwork that controlled the 1st round.  The 2nd round saw Morgan trying to get close to Kieran, who used his superior footwork to keep his rival at bay. Round 3 followed the same pattern and Kieran was awarded a unanimous decision, and add another title to his Western Counties Northern Division crown.

We wish him every success for the future.

Following their recent England Cup win, Frome College U16 Girls Football Team have won the Somerset County Cup Championship for the 4th year in a row!

The formidable team beat Worle School by 5-0 at Wincanton FC on Thursday 4 May 2017.

The win hails the team 4 x County Champions, following their success in 2014, 2015, 2016, and now 2017. This highly talented team were crowned U16 England Champions 2017 at Manchester Arena on Tuesday 25 April.

Well done to all of them!

Congratulations go to our U16 Girls’ Football team who have won the ESFA National Cup Final in Manchester Arena by 4 goals to 3, in a very tense match which saw 2-2 at half time.

Player of the match was Chloe Gilroy. Well done to the whole team for an outstanding achievement!




We would like to take this opportunity to thank the community and everyone who has supported the team to the final.

Special thanks go to the sponsors for their new kit, transportation and costs on the day.

Valley Transport Services

Connor Construction SW Ltd


Taylor Kendall Ltd

Frome College student Harry Glover in Year 10 has won the Western Counties Boxing Championship 2017 for the 2nd time in a row.

Harry started boxing at the age of 9 to keep fit for his part as goal keeper for Frome Collegians Football Team.  By the age of 10, it was recognised that he was good at boxing and was moved up to the 14 years and over group at Frome ABC.  Harry had his 1st skills bout boxing for Frome as their youngest ever competitor, where he won the Sean Allen Memorial Award for the best boxing performance of the night.

Harry moved to Trowbridge ABC, where in his 1st year, won 3 out of 4 competitive bouts.  During his 2nd year with Trowbridge, he became Western Counties Champion, and also won the Gold medal in the Bristol Box Cup. The competition included clubs from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and Harry beat previously undefeated boxers in the semi-finals and the final. He was named ‘Most dedicated boxer of the Year’ at the end of season awards night.

In his 3rd year, Harry boxed in Europe’s biggest competition with over 1000 entries, the Monkstown International Boxing Cup, where he won the Silver medal, and finished the season as Trowbridge ABC ‘Junior Boxer of the Year’.

Now in his 4th year of competitive boxing, Harry was called up in January to box for Wales v Guernsey, with only 2 days’ notice.  He flew alone for the 1st time to meet the Welsh squad, who he had never met before, and after only 3 hours from landing in Guernsey, Harry was in the ring and won his match.

On Sunday 26 February, Harry won the Western Counties Championship for the 2nd time in a row. He was boxing at 48kgs, and will now go on to compete in the quarter final of the England Championships on 11 March in Gosport.

Our congratulations go to Harry who trains twice a day, 6 days a week. We wish him good luck in the England Championships!

Congratulations go to our U16 Girl’s Football Team who won the semi-final of the English Schools National Cup on Friday 27 January 2017. The ‘nail biting’ match against Stoke Newington from Tower Hamlets (who had a Chelsea and an Arsenal player) was a close game for the whole 90 minutes - ending in a 3-3 draw. The match remained close going into extra time, and resulted in yet another draw of 4-4, forcing the game to a very tense penalty shoot-out. The Frome College Team won by 2-1!

In the quarter final stage on Tuesday 17 January, the girl’s beat Beaconsfield School from Buckinghamshire, by 4 goals to 2. Goal Scorers were: Ellie Strippel & Katie Minty. The previous 5th Round was on Friday 6 January, at home against Royal Wootten Bassett Academy; where the Frome College team produce another top performance and a convincing 6-2 win. Goal scorers were: A ‘hat-trick’ from Martha Peet, 2 goals from Chloe Gilroy, and 1 from Katie Minty.

Our congratulations go to the whole team for their outstanding performance, and one of the best semi-final matches we have ever seen. As things stand, the girls are currently one of the top two teams in the UK, and are looking forward to their chance to be No.1!

The Cup Final venue and date is yet to be confirmed against a team from either Telford or Bury. We will keep you informed as soon as we have the information, for anyone wishing to help support them bring the Cup home!

Good luck goes to the team in the Final - Betty Restorick, Josey Taylor, Enna Christmas, Rachel Pullen, Mary Brant, Ellie Strippel, Macey Ford, Chloe Gilroy, Katie Minty, Martha Peet, Maya Seviour, Gabbie Bird, Izzy Book, Chloe Hill, Chloe Tanner and Kate O’Connor.

Through two consecutive seasons from 2014-2016, James Porter represented Avon & Somerset in the National Cross Country Championships. 

James had to compete in the Regional, County and South West of England Championships in order to make the team for the National Championships. He successfully secured 15th Place out of 60 other competitors in the South West of England Championships in 2015.

This season, James has been selected to represent the Wiltshire Under 16 Football Team for 2016-17. 

We wish him every success for the future, and good luck competing against all the other South West counties!

Congratulations go to Izzy Book in Year 11, who has been selected for the Bath Rugby Touch Team.  Izzy played a tournament for the team against the other premiership sides on the 26 October at Sixways Stadium in Worcester.

She was honoured to be asked to Captain the Bath Rughy team, who finished 4th overall at the tournament - beating local rivals Bristol! 

Izzy, who plays Rugby for Bradford on Avon’s U18 team as a fly-half or a flanker, was scouted through her volunteering work with the Bath Rugby Foundation. She has also been Captain for Frome Rugby Club’s U15 team for 2 seasons, and has previously played for Castle Cary’s U15 and Bath Rugby girls U13 team.

We wish here every success for the future.

Our congratulations go to Steph Smith in Year 13 for receiving the ‘Special Commendation’ by British Eventing for her volunteering work at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials. 

At the event in September, Steph stepped up to the platform at the last minute, to lead a team of 100 volunteering Fence Judges when illness struck their organiser, and ensured everyone felt valued, knew their fence positions, and had all the equipment they needed.

It was then requested by the International Eventing Stewards, with just a few hours’ notice, that Steph place herself on the Cross Country course. Steph was placed right in the line of the jumping horses, to record the rider’s accuracy through the fences - a challenging task when a half tonne horse is heading towards you at 25 miles per hour! 

Steph has volunteered at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials before in various roles over the last 5 years as part of the Young Equestrian Leaders Award, and regularly meets top riders such as, Mark Todd, Pippa Funnell and Zara Tindell.

If you would like to volunteer for future events, please visit the website at YELA.org.uk or Blenheimhorse.co.uk/volunteer

Photography courtesy of © Nigel Gooddard

In the photo, Steph Smith stands in the middle of the track judging the fence, as Oliver Townend (GBR) goes by to win the Event Riders Master series and a £50,000 prize fund.

This summer saw Morgan Curle, now in Year 11, win his age category at the regional GHS Time Trial finals (run on the A37 course near Dursely) to become the West District 10 mile Time Trial Champion for 15 year old boys.  This took him to the national finals on 10 September in Warwickshire, where he rode well given the non-stop rain, but not his PB, his time was around 22 mins 50 for the 10 miles.


With road racing he picked up a good win after a 25 minute solo break in Bath at the Odd Down Circuit at the end of July, and gained his dispensation to being racing in senior (adult) races.  His first outing being an Elite/1/2 race at Castle Combe, where he rode extremely well and often riding at the front of the peloton and chasing breaks.

He has enjoyed 3 top 10 placings in senior races in the last few weeks, and his attention is now on the hill climb season and a solid winter of training before embarking on his first year as a junior with his team - BCDS. As a junior he will begin racing on open road courses as opposed to closed circuits, something he is really looking forward to where there is a good possibility of racing in Europe.

Morgan also won the junior section of a WTTA Hill Climb at Burrington Combe on Sunday 18 September. The event was organised by the T1Diabetes Race Team, and is part of a series under the WTTA that sees riders compete up hills in the area over a number of weekends.  The Burrington Hill Climb is 3.2 km in distance and he managed to reach the top in 7mins and 51 seconds, some 14 seconds clear of the next best junior.

 His next hill climbs are Burrington Combe and Blagdon (two in one event) on 1 October, followed by Claverton Hill in Bath on the 2 October. That aside, it is lots of strength work and winter miles as he builds for his first season or road racing and the national junior tour series.

Morgan’s sister Laura, who is 12, is also producing great results, and she also gained her dispensation to race up to U16 level.  Although she is young at the moment, she hasn’t looked out of place picking up two second places and a third in this age category whilst, crashes aside, finishing in the top 10 at National Series events at U14 level, and remaining the top ranked female Southern Rider in the U14 age group.

For next season Morgan will race as part of a junior team, Bristol Cycling Development Squad’s new Junior Academy Team. Who knows where it will lead in the future, but further sponsorship will be welcome to achieve his ambitions.  It is certainly an exciting journey for Morgan at the moment.

We wish him all the best of luck for the coming season.

The College Sports Awards Evening, which included the Duke of Edinburgh Awards for the first time this year, saw a full house in our campus Merlin Theatre on Tuesday 12 July.

Our VIP guest of honour for this event was the UK’s first professional free rider, National Mountain Bike Champion and World Record holder Chris Smith.  The former Frome College student, brought with him one of his five racing bikes which are valued at over £5,000 by his sponsors. 

Chris gave an inspirational speech to the crowd about following your dreams and how hard work and commitment can lead to great things in life. He has been a professional sportsman for over 15 years, and his own career has taken him all over the world. Chris followed the speech with a presentation which had the crowd gasping and gripped in their seats by a ‘white knuckle’ video taken from his crash helmet camera of a very narrow and very steep downhill street race and jumps through a mountain side town in Mexico.









Our congratulations go to all the award winners for their outstanding achievements this year, including our girls' football team who have won the Somerset County Cup for the third year in a row!

We would like to thank everyone involved for another truly memorable ‘Frome College’ celebration event to end a fantastic season, and to  Kevin Mitchell Photography for the continual support at our events. If you would like any photos from the evening, telephone 07917 877028 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




We look forward to more successes in sport and DofE for 2016-17!

Henry Eliot in Year 10 received the Frome Rugby Club ‘Player of the Year 2016’ award on Saturday 14 May.

The accolade was presented to him by Dick Sparey, founder of the Frome Rugby Club mini and junior section, and the former Bath Rugby captain, Stuart Hooper.

Congratulations go to Henry, who is already a valued player at county level with the Somerset team.

Charlotte Buxton in Year 11, and Chloe Gilroy and Ellie Strippel in Year 10, represented Frome College for Somerset Schools U16 in the South West English Schools Final against Dorset held at Shaftesbury Football Club.


The Somerset side got off to a great start when the girls put together a string of passes that Dorset couldn't handle, before Ellie put Chloe through to slot the ball home past the England Schools keeper who was left rooted to the spot making it 1-0 up!


After constant pressure from Somerset, the Dorset goal keeper pulled off a brilliant save from a penalty from Chloe. The constant pressure and resolute defending with Charlotte marshalling the back line, the girls added another goal to go 2-0 up at the half time.

Early in the second half, Somerset extended their lead to 3-0 and the manager began to make ‘wholesale’ substitutions and a fourth goal was added before the final whistle. The Somerset U16 Schools were crowned South West Area Champions for the second successive year!

Match report by Andy Gilroy (father of Chloe Gilroy)


The girls went on to represent the Somerset Schools and the South of England Schools at Birmingham City Football Club against Staffordshire Schools on Wednesday 11 May giving them the chance to become English Schools National Champions 2016. 


After a very tough match and Ellie Strippel scoring a brilliant goal, the team finished as runners up with the final score being 2 goals to 1.


Congratulations to them all on a fantastic achievement reaching such a big final!

Congratulations go to Ben Eley and Henry Eliot in Year 10 who have been selected for the Somerset County U15's Rugby squad.

They played in their first game on Friday 12 February against the Bristol Schools squad and won by 39-0. Following the match, they were presented with the Somerset team tie.





On the 21 February, the played against Devon at Walcot RFC in Bath, but unfortunately lost a very tough game by 24-5.

It is a great achievement for the boys to make the squad and they look forward to the next game against Hampshire on 27 March.

The College snow sports trip departed on Saturday 6 February with 21 students from Years 9 and 10 travelling to Pila in Italy. 












The group enjoyed a full week’s skiing, with plenty of snow and everyone enjoyed the fun filled apres and evening activities, including ten pin bowling and snow tubing at the fun park.


















Everyone said they had a fantastic trip and would thoroughly recommend it to students coming to the College.



Congratulations go to James Porter in Year 10, who has been selected for the Avon & Somerset Cross Country team.

Following the County and South West of England Championships in Exeter, where he came 15th out of 50, he was selected to go forward to compete for the county team in the English Championships on May 12 at Cofton Park in  Birmingham.



Charlotte Buxton in Year 11, Chloe Gilroy and Ellie Strippel in Year 10, have been chosen to represent Somerset Schools U16's team in the England Schools FA U16 Inter County Trophy.

The team has qualified for the national tournament after competing in the South West and Wales stages, beating teams from Wiltshire, Glamorgan and Oxford Schools.

After a long journey to Brighton on Thursday 11 February, the team played in the semi-finals of the tournament against Sussex Schools. 

From the start of the match the team dominated their opponents and at half time were 3-0 up. The second half was almost a repeat of the first half with the Somerset team controlling the match.  The final score was 5-1 to the Somerset side, with Ellie scoring 2 of the goals.



They are now waiting for the date of the final and news on who their opponents will be; this will represent the best of the South English Schools. If they are successful in this game, they will then go onto to play against the best of the North English Schools, making them the best girls’ school team in the whole of England, if they win. 

We wish them all good luck in the final.

Ben Eley in Year 10 has ridden in 2 national 10 mile time trial events on his time trial bike, organised by the RTTC (Road Time Trial Council).  Ben is a member of Frome and District Wheelers.

 On the 5 September it was an under 18 event at Marlborough with a finish time of 25 minutes, 38 sec followed by an under 16 event at Ware in Hertfordshire on 12 September, where he finished 14th in the country (in his age group) with a personal best time off 25min 5sec.
He was really pleased with his time and is looking forward to a successful year.

Ben has also teamed up with Izzy Brook in Year 10 to do a 100 mile cycle ride in aid of  ‘Mind´- a charity supporting those suffering from or caring for mental illness, by doing a 100 mile cycle ride on Saturday 26 September.   If you would like to sponsor them, go to www.justgiving.com/izzyandben




Year 9 student Chloe Gilroy was recently invited to attend the National Football Tournament in Leicester, with the two girl’s teams she plays for. The invites only, go to sides who have won their respective regional league, so the football is of a very high standard.

Chloe plays for Yeovil Town Ladies U15's who this year won their League Cup and came runners up in the league. Chloe was joint top scorer during the season despite being a year younger than most of the other girls in the league. During the day in Leicester, Yeovil played against teams from all over the country, after advancing through the league rounds they were eventually beaten 3-2 in a tense quarter final.

Chloe also plays for Frome Town Youth U14's when her Yeovil team commitments allow. In the Sunday Tournament, Frome played great football and despite losing one game in the league rounds, they qualified in third. They went on to face a Manchester team who had won six trophies this year, and looked formidable opponents. Frome started strongly and soon showed their team strength wining 3-0 and stopping the opposition getting a single strike on goal. The girls then had to play Doncaster Belles Academy who was the only side to beat them in the league rounds. Frome again showed their strength in attack and defence and advanced to the final winning 2-0  with Chloe scoring both goals.

The final was very tense, playing Walsall representative team, but Frome scored an early goal and held on to be crowned U15's Aces National Champions 2015 winning 1-0.

Chloe has also represented Somerset this year, being her sixth year playing for the County since the age of eight.

She has recently had successful trials for Bristol Ladies Academy and has been awarded with a one year contract with the U15 team, she will be reunited with other Frome College Year 9 students, Ellie Strippel who also plays for Bristol Academy, and also with Macy Ford, Josy Taylor and Tia Rollason who represented Frome Town Youth and won the ACE's Cup.

We wish them good luck for more successes in the future.

Charlotte’s achievements this season have been outstanding!  She has won the “Treble” with her Under 16 Yeovil girls’ football team, who have also won the league. On the Yeovil presentation evening, she was awarded trophies for ‘Manager's player of the season’ and the ‘Supporters player of the season’. Charlotte is also a valued member of the College U16 girls' team who won the Somerset County Cup this season for the second year running.

On top of this, she was selected by Somerset Girls' U16 team and went on to represent the South West U15 team as Captain, to play against the South East. We wish her every success in the future.


College student Ben Still has won the Gold medal in the Western Area Judo Competition 2016. Ben represented Frome College at the schools competition in February and won the Gold medal.  This qualified him for the schools Nationals which was held in Sheffield in March, however, Ben suffered a shoulder injury and could not participate. 

Congratulations go to him on his Gold medal.


Schools Health and Resilience Education Prince's Teaching Institute Mark for English We are a Somerset Inclusive Dyslexia Friendly School Geographical Association Secondary Geography Quality Mark

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