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The destination for the Frome College Ski Trip 2019 was Pila, a lovely resort in the middle of the stunning Aosta Valley in Northern Italy. We stayed in the charming three star hotel, Hotel Des Roses; it was located a few minutes away from the ski hire, which required a short coach drive in the morning and afternoon.

We were very lucky to be accompanied by three of the most caring and selfless members of staff – Mr Haines, Mr Cantrell and Ms Craven-Smith. Without them, the trip would not have run, and we would not have laughed so hard at Mr Haines knocking Dan, our Interski co-ordinator, over on the slopes whilst sat in a giant, inflatable rubber ring! Along with the extreme quantity of pizza and the endless laughs, this trip proved that, yet again, Frome College skiing trips are the best and the students always have lots of fun.

As a tradition of the skiing trip, there is one member of staff who is designated to look after the money and passports of the students, when they are not needed; this year, Mr Cantrell was nominated and took the responsibility in his stride and adopting the nickname ‘Bank Trell’.

Another tradition of the ski trip is, each night a person is nominated for one of two awards. The first is the ‘Kindness Award’ - given to the student who had performed a kind act that had made someone else’s life a little easier. This was awarded with a chocolate bar and the congratulations of the whole group. The second award was the ‘Wally Award’ - given to someone who had done something particularly silly that got the recognition of the group. This was awarded with a moose hat helmet cover, handed over after a short ceremony to accept the responsibility of being the Wally for the next day.

We left Frome College at around 1.30pm on the 9th of February for the 22-hour coach journey that lay ahead. For the first 3 hours, we had a lovely man called Dave as our driver, he put up with our noise and our excitement until he changed over with the bus drivers who would be spending the week with us and driving us around in Italy. John and Lou took over; an incredible couple that kept us entertained, talked to us over the tannoy system and let us watch films (‘Grown Ups’ and ‘Blades of Glory’). After the ferry and a long drive through the night, we arrived in Pila at around 11.30am; we were to go straight to ski hire to get ski boots, poles and skis for the next day skiing. With ski hire completed, we headed back to the hotel to get a good night’s sleep before the start of lessons at 9.30am on Monday morning.

Pila is well known for its incredible skiing and immaculate slopes; all of the runs that we were taken on were picturesque and chosen to suit the ability of those in the group. Our instructors were wonderful and always taught us skills that were going to help us build confidence and improve our technique. Our instructors were Brandon, Nia, Hugo and Ewoghann. We are all very thankful to them for teaching us how to ski or improve our skiing from previous lessons we have had. We were very lucky that we could ski from 9.30am to 3.30pm, which was an hour longer than the other schools that were also in Pila.

Every night, after skiing, we had an après ski activity; for example, on Monday, we were treated to pizza night! Both students and teachers consumed a lot of pizza and ice cream; the night was very fun and entertaining! On Tuesday, we had a billiard tournament in a local club.  This competition was tense and everyone became very competitive. In the end, Ethan and I won the tournament; however, I am sure that I was the worst billiard player in the whole trip! We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Wednesday’s après ski was a peaceful trip into Aosta for shopping and exploring the area. On Thursday, we were very lucky that we had two activities – we were tubing in the afternoon and swimming in the evening. Tubing is where you sit in an inflatable rubber ring and go down a section of the slopes.  Many students and teachers fell off the rubber rings at the bottom of the slope after colliding with someone else, which was very funny for everyone else who was watching. On Friday, we all went to the supermarket to pick up presents for our lovely instructors to say “Thank You” for all of the hard work that they put in to help us all improve our skiing. After dinner, we hosted the instructors in the hotel for a presentation of levels and certificates for everyone who had skied.

This year, we were very lucky with the weather and with the incredible experiences, we had. Everyone who went on the trip really enjoyed it, and want to go again next year.  Thank you very much to Mr Haines for organising the trip and visiting the groups throughout the day to see how everyone was getting on. Thank you also for treating us to hot chocolate and ice cream at various points in the trip. Thank you to Mr Cantrell and Ms Craven-Smith for supporting all of the students and helping organise the trip with Mr Haines. Thank you to Dan for putting up with us throughout the day, and in the evening, and for organising swimming on Thursday as well. Thank you to the bus drivers, John and Lou, for ignoring us when we were loud and moving us around the valley for various events. Finally, a massive thank you to our instructors for challenging us and helping us to dramatically improve our skiing!

By Josephine Cowley in Year 10

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