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As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week in November 2015 the entire Year 9 cohort at Frome College had to pitch for ideas of products or services to sell at the Frome Independent Market. There were 5 finalists and out of those 2 winning teams were chosen to have a stall at the June market.

The winning team was ‘Draw it, Wear it’.  Their product was a design your own T-shirts stall. They sourced their shirts locally from T-Shirts & Sons in Westbury, and their fabric pens and stencils were purchased from Ellenbray Press.  This team was made up of Oscar Slade, Ben Underhill, Jakob Seviour and Josh Bond from tutor group 9F2 in Franklin House. 

The runner-up team ‘Pet Stop’ came up with the idea of a pets’ corner. To make it more interactive for children they also designed a word search, quiz and fact sheet to accompany the petting of the animals. This team was made up of just two students – Grace Lloyd and Yazia Stout from 9E1 in Einstein House.  The animals mainly belonged to them; they bought in some tiny chicks, land snails, guinea pigs, rabbits and stick insects. They also hired a European Eagle Owl from Steph who works at Not Just Pets in Frome - his name is Boo and he was a star attraction. 

In the lead up to the market the students have taken part in all aspects of a business start-up from seeking advice, researching costs and materials, and designing ways to market their stalls.  They sourced all of their materials and stock from local businesses and had the opportunity to negotiate and interact with the business owners.

On the day they were all there bright and early by 8.00 am to set up. They worked tirelessly throughout the day in the warm sunshine. They became very busy and had a constant flow of customers which kept them all very busy.
The students did very well to cope with the pressures of a busy market and one of them commented ‘I felt I really gained in confidence doing the market’ and another student said ‘I really enjoyed working with the animals and the children, it was tiring but definitely worth it’.  They also gained valuable business and enterprise skills with one student saying that he felt he learned lots about their target market and ways to effectively sell products.

Alongside this beneficial experience of gaining transferable skills both teams were also able to make a profit of £200 each which they distributed evenly between their team members.

College Enterprise Coordinator Rose Hiron-Grimes said ‘We are very proud of the students for the work that they put into organising their stalls and we are very grateful to all the support and mentoring from the Independent Market.  We would like to thank them and the local community for their ongoing support of the students at Frome College, and to Emma Knibbs for the photogaphy’.

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