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All Year 11 students were invited to try our Sixth Form for the day on Wednesday 29 November. They were given permission not to wear their uniforms for the day and try out some A Level lessons.

After lunch, former Frome College student William Johnson, returned to visit the College and gave a talk in main College Hall during lesson 5.  Will spoke about his own experience at the school, and the decision he made to go elsewhere for his Sixth Form education. William, who is the son of Mr Johnson, teacher of Maths, gave an in depth speech about the temptations to go to other schools, and in fact, quite often, the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence.

Will said:  “What happened to me might be of some interest to you. I attended Frome College from Year 9 to Year 11 like most of you and then left at the end of Year 11. Why did I leave? After looking around, I decided to go to Wells Blue School with less distraction from friends, I thought the change would be good, and at the time, their grades appeared better, so I thought that would make mine better.

However, the daily reality was very different - Expensive transport, early start and very late finish, and I had no time left for me after studying to see any of my friends. You have to wake up a hell of a lot earlier to go to another school!
On top of this, it is not easy joining a school where people have known each other since year 6, and it’s hard to make friends. I did have some friends but didn’t feel at home, and was out of my comfort zone. You may think some of your friends are idiots at times, but you’ll miss them - trust me!  I never felt fully comfortable at Wells Blue School and thought this feeling would go after a while, but after 4 months, that feeling hadn’t gone. I thought Wells Blue would offer better schooling, but to be honest they offered the same contact time and resources as Frome College. 
When you start A Levels, it is a huge change.  A new school is an even bigger change, new daily routine, new times, missing your friends and getting to know new ones. Ideally, when doing your A Levels, you really need as little change as possible.
Appearances don’t count. Some of you might get bowled over because of the appearance of, or money spent on a school. Looks can be deceiving - when the appearance and money is taken away, you may be left with somewhere you don’t like, but with less time at home, further to travel, and without your friends.
I wish someone had told me it’s not ‘all that’ going to a different school. When I returned to Frome College, because I was unsettled by changing schools, I didn’t do as well as I should have in my A Levels. I am now having to do an access course to enable me to get into university - it’s costing me £3,500 and is twice as hard as A Levels!
At the end of the day, you have everything you need to do well at Frome College. Why roll the dice and take risks by going to another school?”.

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