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The Frome Agriculture & Cheese Show proved to be another exciting opportunity for our GCSE Food Prep & Nutrition students at Frome College. They were all invited to cook on stage with the acclaimed chef Jean Christophe Novelli throughout the day, where he gave them tips, great advice and the benefit of his extensive experience.

Over his career, Jean Christophe has accumulated four consecutive Michelin stars and many culinary accolades including five AA Rosettes, AA Chef of the Year, and European Chef of the Year representing Great Britain. Jean Christophe Novelli began his career at the young age of fourteen as a baker in Arras, northern France, and he was keen to give our students some guidance about becoming a chef.

Jack J Norris and Sam Oliver, two of Frome College’s Year 11 Food students, were very surprised when Jean-Christophe invited them onto the stage, during his ‘Celebrity cooking slot’ to cook with him - a rare and invaluable experience for them. They impressed him with risotto and spaghetti carbonara with a cheese twist. They received fantastic feedback from him and it was so nice to see a professional chef encouraging the new generation of potential young chefs. Both boys are embarking on their final year of GCSE and this was a huge boost to their confidence, for which we are very grateful to Jean Christophe.

At the end of last term in the College Food department, we ran a Cheese Competition where students had to use their creativity to produce an exciting and delicious recipe to include cheese. The three winners, Matthew Nelson, Beth Freestone and Jamie Leigh Parker, all cooked their dishes on the theatre stage in front of a live audience, with Jean Christophe as their chief taster.

Following their great experience on stage, they then took part in the Cheese Judging Competition alongside Judge, Gareth McCabe - although judging from the faces that were pulled the students were not that keen on goat’s cheese!  All our young chefs were a credit to Frome College for their professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm throughout the day.

Frome College Radio Club members Niamh Casey and Amy Wells hosted their first outside radio broadcast at this year’s Frome Agricultural & Cheese Show. With help from FromeFm’s Technical Directors Terry Stewart and Julian Crawley, the Year 10 students simultaneously produced a live broadcast to the show’s visitors and the station’s usual FM and internet audiences direct from the West Woodlands showground.

Frome College Navy Cadets were also on hand throughout the whole show to support the organisers wherever they were required.  In the afternoon, they ensured the Show Jumping event was a success by moving the jumps into the right places as well as replacing the poles if they fell.  It was a hard, hot job but the Cadets completed their tasks with a smile.  SLT Perry was interviewed by Jennie Smith from FromeFm broadcasting to the nation the wonderful opportunities that Frome College offers young people.

A huge thank you should go to everyone who attended, and gave our students the opportunity to participate in such an awesome event!

During the past year, the College has been involved in a pilot study to identify good practice in countering gender stereotyping in education.  The initiative, called “Opening Doors” has been run by the Institute of Physics and supported with government funding.  Its culmination has been the publication of a good Practice Guide to help schools address gender based issues.  Frome College has played a key supporting role in the development of this guide.

On 20 October, two teachers from College, attended a conference in London to celebrate the publication of the 'Good Practice Guide' and to also hear a series of lectures on gender based issues in education.  These lectures included sociological perspectives on gender and also the very latest research from the field of neuroscience on how female and male brains differ and what the implications are for education.

Russell Middleton, one of the attending teachers said, “The lectures gave the audience the chance to hear the very latest cutting edge research from Science, Psychology and Sociology.  I was particularly impressed with the latest findings from neuroscience delivered by Dr Stephanie Heyes from the University of Birmingham.  Additionally, the information provided by Dr Gijsbert Stoet, from the University of Glasgow, on the study of sex differences in cognitive abilities was fascinating.

With the publication of the Good Practice Guide, Frome College will be able to lead the way in reflecting upon practice in subject areas and tutor groups and developing an action plan to combat gender stereotyping that can be a barrier to students taking the right subjects and achieving their best.

Russell Middleton went on to say that ”It was really good to hear Frome College being thanked by Professor Peter Main from the Institute of Physics for all the work that we have done so far.  It has given us all a lot to think about and we are working hard to support young people in making the right choices”. 

Frome College Savers Club is starting this week in partnership with the Mendip Community Credit Union. 

Students can open a savings account at College, then pay into it on Tuesday lunchtimes or after school in the Media Arts Centre.  They will receive interest on their savings through a dividend payment.

This is part of the College's ongoing personal finance education to encourage students to be responsible with their money.

The 'Savers Club' will be run by students as part of the Frome College Enterprise Club. This gives students a further opportunity to gain work experience to help with their ‘Next Steps’.    

New members are always welcome!  

The Mendip Community Credit Union is regulated by the Financial Service Compensation Service which offers the same safeguards and protection as all other banks and building societies.  

If you would like more information please contact Rose Hiron-Grimes, Enterprise Coordinator on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or visit the Credit Union website at   https://www.mendipcommunitycu.org.uk/

Our congratulations go to Eleanor Marshall & Adam Cook for receiving their DofE Gold Awards from HRH Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace. A great achievement! Well done to them both.

We held our first 'Careers Cafe' on Wednesday 7 October for students in all years based on Creative Arts, Media,Journalism, Drama and Music during the extended tutor time from 8.30-9.30am, in our College Hall. 

We had a fantastic attendance of people coming into school from different skilled areas covering their professions in Graphic Design, Acting, Social Media, Television work, Journalism, Fine Art, Gallerist, Curator, Musical Theatre, Voice Coaching, Theatre Production and Stage Management and Music Production.  They brought along a wealth of experience and advice that they shared with the students.

The visitors were very supportive and motivational and encouraged the students to be determined to follow their chosen career paths and not to be disheartened if they see challenges ahead.   All students had the opportunity to meet with our professional guests, to questions and discuss their areas of expertise.  The sessions last an hour and give our students an insight into different areas they may not have considered before, helping and supporting them when making path choices for the future in career areas.

Mr Curtis, who coordinates the speakers, said “Education is a conversation between generations and this was a great opportunity for students to talk to highly experienced and talented adults from an array of professions in Creative Arts, Drama and Music”.

Lisa Millard, Assistant Principal, said “We have had a fantastic response to this project from a variety of professional people offering our students support in their respective areas.  We were overwhelmed by the amount of students who were so enthusiastic to come along and discuss many career areas. The feedback has been very positive and we look forward to building on this success for many future sessions”. 

Principal, Mr Ball thanked the guests for giving their time freely to help the next generation gain a sense of purpose and hope for the future, the support is invaluable and gives the students a real insight into their next step.

We will be covering a wide variety of careers and different areas of expertise in each session.  The next Careers Café will take place on Wednesday 25 November from 8.45 - 9.30am in the Main Hall, where the theme will be Business, Enterprise, IT, Legal, Finance and Insurance.
If you are interested in supporting our Careers Café, please contact Mr Curtis at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This year, the main Year 11 exam period begins on the 13 May 2019.  It is our belief that the College is best able to support students with expert guidance, key resources and in structuring their revision time if they remain at school throughout the bulk of the exams with 100% attendance.  For this reason, we need Year 11 students to attend all lessons until Friday 7 June 2019; this is one week after summer half term.  From the 7 June onwards students will only be expected to attend lessons where they still have exams and are free to sign out at other times.  If they are unable to go home then a study area will be set up for students to work in school.

In lessons where examined components have finished, students will be allowed to revise independently and their tutors and teachers will be available to support them with making the best use of their time.

We would like to thank you for everything you have done so far in supporting your child’s studies and appreciate your continued support in maintaining excellent attendance throughout the exam period.

The destination for the Frome College Ski Trip 2019 was Pila, a lovely resort in the middle of the stunning Aosta Valley in Northern Italy. We stayed in the charming three star hotel, Hotel Des Roses; it was located a few minutes away from the ski hire, which required a short coach drive in the morning and afternoon.

We were very lucky to be accompanied by three of the most caring and selfless members of staff – Mr Haines, Mr Cantrell and Ms Craven-Smith. Without them, the trip would not have run, and we would not have laughed so hard at Mr Haines knocking Dan, our Interski co-ordinator, over on the slopes whilst sat in a giant, inflatable rubber ring! Along with the extreme quantity of pizza and the endless laughs, this trip proved that, yet again, Frome College skiing trips are the best and the students always have lots of fun.

As a tradition of the skiing trip, there is one member of staff who is designated to look after the money and passports of the students, when they are not needed; this year, Mr Cantrell was nominated and took the responsibility in his stride and adopting the nickname ‘Bank Trell’.

Another tradition of the ski trip is, each night a person is nominated for one of two awards. The first is the ‘Kindness Award’ - given to the student who had performed a kind act that had made someone else’s life a little easier. This was awarded with a chocolate bar and the congratulations of the whole group. The second award was the ‘Wally Award’ - given to someone who had done something particularly silly that got the recognition of the group. This was awarded with a moose hat helmet cover, handed over after a short ceremony to accept the responsibility of being the Wally for the next day.

We left Frome College at around 1.30pm on the 9th of February for the 22-hour coach journey that lay ahead. For the first 3 hours, we had a lovely man called Dave as our driver, he put up with our noise and our excitement until he changed over with the bus drivers who would be spending the week with us and driving us around in Italy. John and Lou took over; an incredible couple that kept us entertained, talked to us over the tannoy system and let us watch films (‘Grown Ups’ and ‘Blades of Glory’). After the ferry and a long drive through the night, we arrived in Pila at around 11.30am; we were to go straight to ski hire to get ski boots, poles and skis for the next day skiing. With ski hire completed, we headed back to the hotel to get a good night’s sleep before the start of lessons at 9.30am on Monday morning.

Pila is well known for its incredible skiing and immaculate slopes; all of the runs that we were taken on were picturesque and chosen to suit the ability of those in the group. Our instructors were wonderful and always taught us skills that were going to help us build confidence and improve our technique. Our instructors were Brandon, Nia, Hugo and Ewoghann. We are all very thankful to them for teaching us how to ski or improve our skiing from previous lessons we have had. We were very lucky that we could ski from 9.30am to 3.30pm, which was an hour longer than the other schools that were also in Pila.

Every night, after skiing, we had an après ski activity; for example, on Monday, we were treated to pizza night! Both students and teachers consumed a lot of pizza and ice cream; the night was very fun and entertaining! On Tuesday, we had a billiard tournament in a local club.  This competition was tense and everyone became very competitive. In the end, Ethan and I won the tournament; however, I am sure that I was the worst billiard player in the whole trip! We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Wednesday’s après ski was a peaceful trip into Aosta for shopping and exploring the area. On Thursday, we were very lucky that we had two activities – we were tubing in the afternoon and swimming in the evening. Tubing is where you sit in an inflatable rubber ring and go down a section of the slopes.  Many students and teachers fell off the rubber rings at the bottom of the slope after colliding with someone else, which was very funny for everyone else who was watching. On Friday, we all went to the supermarket to pick up presents for our lovely instructors to say “Thank You” for all of the hard work that they put in to help us all improve our skiing. After dinner, we hosted the instructors in the hotel for a presentation of levels and certificates for everyone who had skied.

This year, we were very lucky with the weather and with the incredible experiences, we had. Everyone who went on the trip really enjoyed it, and want to go again next year.  Thank you very much to Mr Haines for organising the trip and visiting the groups throughout the day to see how everyone was getting on. Thank you also for treating us to hot chocolate and ice cream at various points in the trip. Thank you to Mr Cantrell and Ms Craven-Smith for supporting all of the students and helping organise the trip with Mr Haines. Thank you to Dan for putting up with us throughout the day, and in the evening, and for organising swimming on Thursday as well. Thank you to the bus drivers, John and Lou, for ignoring us when we were loud and moving us around the valley for various events. Finally, a massive thank you to our instructors for challenging us and helping us to dramatically improve our skiing!

By Josephine Cowley in Year 10

We are incredibly proud of the achievements and progress of all our students as we receive excellent GCSE and BTEC results today.

Frome College students have shown great resilience over the past three years, facing tougher exams and national changes to qualifications and assessments. Our success is grounded in the strong relationships fostered at this college, the dedication of all our staff, consistent high-quality teaching and the support of our parents. Frome College governors and I would like to thank parents, staff and students for such a successful year.

We have many success stories to share this year. Highlights include Mathematics and the Sciences where we have achieved a record number of the highest levels with our average point score rocketing compared to previous years. A superb 60% of Chemistry and Physics grades are level 7 or higher. We continue to perform exceptionally well in Sport with 44% of grades at distinction level; matched by German with 42% of grades at top levels. Students of Childcare performed extremely well with 88% gaining good grades.

Our girls have performed exceptionally well this summer with 82% achieving 5 or more strong GCSE qualifications. English and Maths are crucial for any young person’s future and we are delighted 

that 97% of the year group have gained both of these qualifications- the highest percentage in the history of the college. One of our strengths is the breadth of subjects students can study at college and a total of 12 subjects attained a 100% pass rate- real testimony to the hard work of students and staff.

Amongst our many individual successes, 16 of our highest performing students achieved a total of 145 top level 7+ [the equivalent of A*/A grade] across a wide range of subjects. This is a stunning achievement for:

Joe Coles; Niah Earl; Samuel Evans; India Haines; Isabel Hanney; Almos Juhasz; Brian Kendall; Eve Lindley; Iris Shulman; May Southgate; Irek Swierczynski; Robert Trowbridge; Stephanie Verwey; Alex Waldeck and Daisy Wellsted.

The following students have made outstanding progress in their GCSE examinations, achieving results well above their targets. In some cases, this was by two or three grades or levels. A fantastic set of achievements, demonstrating the dedication and positive attitude of Frome students. Congratulations must go to: Rio Atherton; Adam Baker; Morwenna Bryant-Young; Noah Brock; Charlie Cox; Isabella Davis; Orla Feeney; Liam Hughes; Lj Land; Maycie Mathurin; Grace Miles; Chloe Nicholls; Joe Porter; Aidan Rodgers; Phoebe Sparks; Phoebe Tanner and Sophie Tanner.

We look forward to welcoming year 12 into sixth form on Wednesday 4th September and plan to hold our GCSE celebration event on Thursday 21st November from 7pm in the Memorial Theatre.

Emma Reynolds

“Frome College continues to grow and improve and these results show once again why we are the best option for all in Frome. Congratulations go to Emma Reynolds and her dedicated staff team, to the parents whose unsung contribution is so vital in everything we do, and most of all to the class of 2019 for surpassing so many national averages. We look forward to seeing many of them next year and wish everyone the best of luck on the next stage of their journey.”

Max Wide,
Chair of Governors

We said farewell to our Year 13 students on Friday 24 May with a leaver’s brunch. The year group got together in Futures with a selection of hot and cold hand held food supplied by our catering company CucinA, to say goodbye to staff and friends as they set off on study leave to complete their exams. 

The group will be reunited to celebrate formally at their Prom on 25 June in the Silk Mill.

We wish them all good luck in their final exams.


Students from Years 9 &10 have been working on a number of enterprise projects throughout the year and have raised over £1,200 for the charity 'School in a Bag'. The money has funded 65 school bags which were packed at Frome College during a celebration event and will be shipped to poor, vulnerable and disaster affected children across the world. The bags are numbered and the students will be able to track where they go, and hopefully see photographs of the children who have received them.  Thank you to everyone who has supported this project in the last 9 months.

Lianna Denwood in Year 11 gained the 'Best Cadet in the Division' award after attending a senior cadet camp in July on HMS Bristol in Portsmouth. 

Lianna and Jake Godfree, also in Year 11, undertook the challenge of spending a week away from home to learn how to lead our new 'CCF' Navy Cadet section - even though they were completely new to the Cadets. 

Liannna's achievement is even greater because she was competing against hundreds of experienced cadets from all across the country. 

Both Jake and Lianna had a great time learning how the Navy operates as well as having a go at fire fighting and damage control in a flooded ships cabin.  They even managed to sail all the way to the Isle of Wight and back...without getting lost. 

To acknowledge their huge achievement, Mr Ball awarded both the students a 'Principals' Commendation' and thanked them for their courage and committment shown by particpating in a new project and how they are ambassadors for others who will follow on in the project.

The Navy section is continuing to expand and will soon be at full capacity.  If you are interested in joining the Cadet Force, please see Mrs Smart or Miss Foxwell for more details.

The parade is 3.00pm -6.00pm every Wednesday.

On Saturday 30 April at 12 noon, Frome College students staged the 24hour takeover of FromeFM to raise funds for further training and equipment for their radio club – the first time a group of school aged students had broadcast alive for 24 hours continuously from a community radio station in the UK.


Shows written and presented by College students and staff covered topics including science, maths, cookery and film reviews.  The Business and Enterprise hour welcomed guests from Frome Rotary Club, and a special pre-school bedtime hour enjoyed book readings from children’s author Michelle Robinson as well as stories written by local school children.


Between the hours of 11.00pm and 1.00am the FromeFM studios became a vibrant concert venue with over 20 students performing live music sets, under the direction of Nick Waterhouse from the music department.

The broadcast was a spectacular success receiving over 300 messages of support in to the studio whilst on air, as well as messages on social media.  Listeners were tuning in from all over the world including New York, Melbourne, Kentucky and the Falkland Islands. A seal of approval was even given on Twitter by astronaut Tim Peake direct from space!


Matt Sims, from FromeFM said “On behalf of all the directors of FromeFM we wish to congratulate the Frome College Radio Club on their successful 24 hour broadcast. There was such a buzz going on from start to finish and the studio was really alive - the way it should be in a community station.”

Rupert Kirkham, also from FromeFM added “It was great to hear the students enjoying themselves and being so confident. The ‘Teenage Kicks’ show with Gavin Ball was hilarious, and reflected a great relationship between the College students and the Headteacher, as did all the shows.”

Local businesses The River House, Rectory Farm Riding Stables, 35mil Photography, Not Just Pets, Epicocity, FromeTech and Sodexo came on board before the broadcast to support the students by sponsoring shows, and donations came in from listeners and local organisations throughout the 24
hour broadcast.

Frome College support staff member, Jennie Smith, who runs the radio club in her spare time said “The support from the local community, and beyond, was overwhelming. The money raised will enable us to provide training and get more students involved in broadcasting on FromeFM. It’s a lot
of fun for the students, but importantly it enables our young people of all abilities to work with, and get to know people within their community allowing them to have a say in services that affect them, as well as providing them with important life skills and experience.”

The shows are available to download from the FromeFM website at frome.fm and so far the students have raised £1,300.00!  Donations can still be made online at frome.fm/donate until the 23 May.

If you are interested in getting involved in the College Radio Club or would like any more information on the project, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What a way to start Valentine's Day: listening to incredible music by professional musicians!

We were delighted to welcome The Tempest Flute Trio to Frome College, who performed a selection of exciting music from Rimsky-Korsakov to Debussy, and arrangements of contemporary pieces and jazz standards such as 'Take the A Train'.

The flautists play internationally and in The West End, and are graduates from The Guildhall and The Royal Northern School of Music. We learned about strange techniques like jet whistles and multiphonics, as well as exploring bass flutes, alto flutes and piccolos!

Following this performance, a selection of music students from Oakfield Academy, Selwood Academy and Frome College, were given a workshop by the trio focussing on an arrangement of Corelli's 'la folia'.

The students and trio will perform together at the Cheese & Grain on Tuesday 26 March at 5.30pm.

A huge thank you to Jackdaws Music Education Trust based in Great Elm for continually supporting Frome College and for organising this event.

Congratulations to the 18 Year 11 students took part in the British Physics Olympiad GCSE Physics Challenge Competition last term. This competition is run through the University of Oxford and targets the most able physicists across the country, although students from across the world are also permitted to enter.

Joe Coles, Charlie Cox, Nathan Cummings, Zach Durojaye, Kallum Gulliver, Adam Sheppard, Robert Trowbridge and Evan Williams, all received a Commendation. Ethan Casey, Sam Evans, Chris Haines and Baxter Raithby took home a Bronze 2 Award - placing them in the top 48% of participants.

Brian Kendall, Tom Leigh and Eve Lindley performed in the top 31% of students and achieved a Bronze 1 Award. Performing in the top 16% of students, Adam Baker and Irek Swierczynski received Silver Awards, and Stephanie Verwey performed outstandingly well, achieving a Gold Award, which places her in the top 5% of all the participants.

This year, less than 0.3% of the UK Year 11 students took part in the competition, and our Frome College physicists have been very successful; they should be extremely proud of the awards they have achieved!

Frome College hosted a pizza party in the main hall on Thursday 23 May to celebrate the outstanding achievements of twenty-five Year 11 students who have attained 100% attendance at school since the beginning of the academic year.   We were amazed to see that they managed to eat every piece of pizzas on the tables.

Our in-house catering company CucinA, also baked a 100% attendance cake, which was cut by Principal, Ms Reynolds, who congratulated the students by saying how well they had done and wished them every success in their GCSE exams.

These students have done exceptionally well as this is a particularly challenging time for Year 11, with exam pressure, as well as other factors, which can affect attendance.  At Frome College, we do our utmost to work with students and their families to support and encourage excellent attendance.  

We would also like to thank the families who continue to support their children to ensure they attend school every day - it does makes a huge positive impact on their outcomes.  
We are delighted with the success of our year 13 students and the results they have received in this summer’s examinations. With 336 examination entries, our students have continued to deliver strong levels of achievement and progress to the highest of standards. An excellent 46% of all our examination entries achieved A*-B grades, meaning the hard work and dedication shown by Frome College students has once again been recognised at the highest academic level.

This talented cohort of young people has made brilliant progress; these results provide an excellent start to university life, apprenticeships, employment and every success in the future. We, as a staff team, are very proud of our students and their many contributions to college life. Amongst our many individual successes special mention must go to Connor Cairns, Morgan Curle, Matthew Haines, Thomas Haines, Daisy Harrison-Broninski, Rhiannon James, Tilly Le Lohe Attwell, Dylan Oliver, Avalon Ross, May Schymczyk, Poppy Summers, Cordelia Tarbrooke, Pippa Turner and Flora Williams who between them achieved 39 A and A*grades- the highest number of top grades Frome College has ever received!

We are especially pleased with our brilliant Physics, English Literature and Modern Foreign Language results whilst maintaining our status as a centre of excellence for Creative Arts and vocational subjects. Credit and thanks must go to our dedicated staff team for all of their continuous hard work, dedication and support for all of our students.

Headline figures:

Percentage of A/A* grades 24%

Percentage of A*/B grades 46%

Percentage of A*/C grades 72%

Percentage of A*/E grades 96%

On Thursday 5th September, we look forward to welcoming back our Year 13 students whose performance in mock exams has been very promising this summer and will provide a very firm foundation for future success.

We wish all of our leavers the very best of luck for a bright future,

Emma Reynolds


It is wonderful to see another improvement in the results that our students have achieved, to add to year on year improvements for Frome College. This is an excellent set of results and it is especially pleasing to see the increase in our top grades with those achieving A* and A increasing from 21 to 24% and those achieving A* to B grades increasing from 44 to 46%. These results will set people on the journey to their next destination and we wish them well. My congratulations to them and our thanks to the teachers and parents who work together so well in our Community College.

Max Wide

Chair of Governors

The College welcomed everyone in the Frome and surrounding areas on Thursday 17 September, to come and see what a vibrant school it is and to see first-hand all that it offers the students who attend. 

The evening began in our campus Merlin Theatre with an address by Principal, Gavin Ball, who spoke to a full house about the current trend of success, the best ever exam results this summer and the aspirations of the school looking ahead.

He inspired the audience with a confident speech on student self-belief, ‘every child counts’ and the opportunities on offer at the College giving the best life chances and support needed for their chosen paths. He said there are more choices in the important key areas of Maths, English and Science and a 5 year programme which begins in Year 9 through to Sixth Form. He spoke with passion about the Colleges’ programme of ‘Employability ‘and how important it is to offer students the life skills needed for the next step when leaving school.

Mr Ball spoke warmly of the commitment of the staff, who enjoy working at the school and the good staff development plan in place with many training sessions on offer including the successful Olevi training which is now offered by College staff to other schools.

Head Boy, Fynn McLennan,  Head Girl, Adriana Seviour and the student leadership team followed by talking about their experiences at College, the constant support from staff and the large range of activities available, such as trips, drama productions held in the Theatre, inter-house competitions, rewards and the great Gifted and Talented programme.

Pre 16 students, Macy Mourant, Charlie Parker, Isobel Jones, Milo Herbert and Lianna Denwood all spoke about their chosen areas of interest they are involved in and the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer.

Mrs West, Pastoral Manager finished the session with information to parents about the evening ahead and offering  the audience  personal student guides to accompany them around the site to see points of interest.

Everyone left the Theatre to tour the site and participate in many activities in Design Technology, PE, Maths and English. Food Technology staff and students offered superb hot food to guests, and in Science the Mayor of Frome, Kate Bielby, who was also attending as a prospective parent, volunteered to take part in a controlled experiment with ignited chemicals. The Art department displayed their superb student exhibition and the Music department students set up around the site supplying a variety of accompaniment.

The feedback from the evening was outstanding and many parents said that they had looked at other schools in the area but Frome College stood out as a committed school with a community feel where they felt their children would flourish.

Mrs Thelwell  from Frome said ‘I have no doubt in my mind that my children will be happy at this school, I attended From College when I was young and it is amazing to see how much it has changed in that time, it was a great evening and I feel reassured hearing how it continues to develop’. 

Mrs Cornish from Wiltshire said, ‘I thought the evening was fantastic and we all enjoyed it. I can see how much effort has gone into the evening and how passionate the teachers are about their subjects. The quality of students' work on display was outstanding and I was very impressed by everything I saw, my daughter is looking forward to coming to College next year’.

Mr Thomas from Beckington said ‘I feel very happy about what I have seen tonight and how much the development of the College has enhanced the students learning.  The new Sixth Form and Maths buildings are an impressive working environment for the students to study’.

We will be holding an Open Morning on Tuesday 22 September from 9.30am to 12.00noon for anyone who was unable to attend the Open Evening.

If you are unable to attend either event, please don’t hesitate to contact the College on 01373 465353 to arrange a tour.

(Photos supplied by Kevin Mitchell Photography)

We have been running Raku workshops as part of an enrichment experience in the art department. This fantastic opportunity is providing art students in Year 12 with experience working with this new technique, providing a range of work in their creative portfolios, and hopefully enriching their education with this exciting and experimental process. 

In this workshop we hope students discover the enjoyment of working with clay and overcome any frustrations as their skills and confidence develop. 

Western-style Raku involves removing pottery from the kiln at bright red heat and placing it into containers with combustible materials.

These workshops are taught by renowned ceramics artist Andrew Eddleston, who will be sharing his expertise and specialist knowledge of this process with our students from design through to firing.  
If you would like to get involved with the workshops Andrew Eddleston and the team are running at Frome Community Pottery, visit the courses page at fromecommed.org.uk to book your space.

The second Careers Talks of the academic year was held on 13 February at Frome College, with 16 different speakers talking simoltaniously. Students could choose which talk they would like to attend; which either closely matched their career aspirations or an area of business with which they were unfamiliar, to broaden their horizons regarding the job market.

The most popularly attended talk was ‘Becoming a Content Producer’ - 159 students attended in the Merlin Theatre and heard about making a career in a freelance world and how making stories and content is a huge business area. After 18 years making television programmes and latterly You Tube content, Martin Hughes from Solent University explained the ins and outs of a freelance media career, with plenty of tips and tricks on how to succeed in this industry.

Other talks included; Student Finance - extremely useful  for Year 13 students about to go off to university, Cricket Coaching, Nursery Practitioner by Wyvern Nursery, Legal careers were discussed by Neil Howlett from Harris & Harris Solicitors, and land based careers were covered by Lackham College. Dawn Denton talked about being a professional Business Trainer, and how you can empower people to be the best they can in their positions, personally and professionally.

Lestyn Thomas inspired students on how they could make a difference working in the charity sector and specifically the charity ChallengeAid;  which helps promote health and fitness throughout the UK by sponsored exercise, in order to fund the creation of Schools of Hope in Africa, which offer education for aspirational young slum dwellers. Andrew Palmer from Meridian Financial Services explained to students what a Financial Adviser does and why it is an excellent career choice.  The skills needed for the role and opportunities available were covered as well as other roles within Financial Services.

The Applied Science and Engineering talk was selected by 98 students and highlighted career paths they could follow from studying science, technology engineering and maths subjects. It discussed how science can be used to enhance our world, and examine some of the challenges in health care, the environment and sustainability that the younger generation will need to solve.

Candlelight Homecare Services informed students about “What you didn’t know about care work” Lorna Kent covered her career path and how she ended up in becoming a registered manager, the opportunities care work can present, as well as how rewarding it can be for the employee and the individual. Moving from people to caring for animals Sian Naylor from Garston Vets enthralled students explaining “A Career as a Veterinary Surgeon- All the different roles there are as a vet and veterinary nurse.”

Managing Director of Marston Foods, Sarah Green attracted 104 students, who wanted to find out what goes on behind the scenes getting a fantastic dessert to appear on the supermarket shelves, and all the different roles available in the food industry. Vivienne Whitaker from Frome Town Council educated students on marketing, the variety of marketing activities and roles. Jamie Curd from Fusion Sports Centre gave a very inspirational talk about “Career Gains – Finding Your Feet in Fitness” and how anybody could achieve- being a superhero or a certain shape is not required.

Detective Chief Inspector Dickon Turner, who is in charge of teams managing young offenders, and dangerous sex offenders across Avon and Somerset Constabulary gave students a fascinating insight into his role and his previous roles in Counter-Terrorism & Child-Protection. Students enjoyed pieces of police kit being passed round, though the DCI felt it prudent to draw the line at passing around his mace. 

Students at Frome College are privileged to have an employability programme which provides such an extensive breadth of insight into different careers, the College would like to extend a large thank you to all the company guests who gave up their time to give 1,100 students an understanding of their career paths, companies and employment opportunities available.

Frome College Year 10 & 13 students took to the Merlin Theatre stage on Earth Day, 22 April for a presentation to their parents and special guests.  The College was privileged to welcome one of the most influential and respected world leaders, His Excellency Mohamed Nasheed, former President of the Maldives.

Frome Cadets welcomed the distinguished guests to the Theatre, including members of Frome Rotary Club and former Frome Mayor, Peter McFadden.  


© David Chedgy Photograhy

Year 10 students gave outstanding presentations on particular aspects of climate change and human rights including issues of gender, women in politics, democracy and freedom of speech and how we can all play our part in tackling climate change. 

The presentations were the culmination of 8 weeks of research on a Social Justice Module planned and delivered by University of Bath’s researcher, Ioannis Costas Batlle and students, Lydia Salter and Robin Guy, part of the College’s work with the University’s Widening Participation Office.

Year 13 A level students presented a thoroughly researched, perceptive and articulate assessment of the issues surrounding the Maldives and introduced a fantastic audience participation question and answer session.    

Chris Curtis, who had introduced the evening and stated the President, was a beacon of light for climate change and human rights said “Your achievements at the Copenhagen Summit in 2009 are extraordinary and will be a lasting legacy for all time.  The agreement for world leaders to honour the 350 PPM for CO2 emissions will be one of the most important decisions of our generation.” The Presidents’ words from the Copenhagen summit were also quoted: “If we cannot save the Maldives today, then what hope is there to save England tomorrow”.

The result was a stunning evening of presentations and an inspirational talk about important issues in the world given by His Excellency, who is the first ever democratically elected leader of the Maldives.  He gave an inspirational speech to the audience and emphasised the need for every country to place human rights and tackling climate change at the forefront of its policy making.  He said he was deeply moved by the passion and determination of Frome College students, and congratulated them on the exceptional levels of research and understanding they had shown in a truly unique evening.  The President gave a moving account of the many challenges he has had to overcome including being sent to prison as an innocent man on many occasions and being tortured twice.  

His Excellency wishes to build on the success of the evening and expressed a wish to continue to keep in contact with Frome College and forge exciting links with the people of the Maldives.  He planted an apple tree near the Merlin Theatre, and a plaque to recognise his contribution to the world stage will be unveiled in the near future.

We would like to thank Frome Rotary Club for sponsoring the event, Combe Grove Manor in Bath for generously providing accommodation, The little Flower Co for the beautiful flower arrangements, Emma Chapman Pottery for the bowl presented to the First Lady and to Grace Barnes in Year 12 for her fantastic portrait of the President, which she presented to His Excellency on stage.

The presentation was organised by Hana Thompson and Chris Curtis as part of the progression with the Able & Ambitious Programme at the University of Bath.  Other guest speakers also gave inspirational and eloquent talks on the issues of climate change. 

The University of Bath Widening Participation Office (WPO) has an ongoing relationship with Frome College to plan innovative activities for the students. The KS4 Project is aimed at the school’s Able & Ambitious students within Key Stage 4, therefore Years 9 to 11.  It is designed to stretch and challenge the students while encouraging them to see going to university as a viable, attainable option.

The WPO offers 2 after school 6 week projects each year run by University PhD students. After each project the students prepare a presentation and deliver it to members of the senior management team at the school, parents and representatives from the WPO. 

The WPO also offers sessions across the year on transferable skills such as presentation skills, revision techniques and writing for different audiences. Each project has an element that is delivered at the University campus, giving the students the opportunity to develop the necessary wider skills for Higher Education study, for example communication and presentation skills and breaking down some of the barriers towards Higher Education.

Since February, the Year 10 project has been Social Justice with specific reference to the situation in The Maldives.

Commenting upon the presidential visit, Sam Wenman WP Outreach Programme Manager, said: “We have really enjoyed working closely with Frome College for the past 2 academic years. Feedback from the teachers and students alike has been equally positive and reassuring. This presidential visit is a wonderful experience for the students and gives them first-hand exposure to the real world.”

Ioannis Costas Batlle, a PhD Research Programme student in Education working on the KS4 Project added: “I have really enjoyed working with the students since February. Their passion for social justice came across during each of our sessions. It’s one thing to study a topic, but to hear from someone actively involved in social justice is something else entirely. I think this experience will have an impact upon their attitude towards education going forward, and will hopefully increase their appetite for Higher Education.”

The Widening Participation Office at the University of Bath is responsible for a wide range of widening participation activities designed for under-represented groups who have the potential to benefit from Higher Education. http://www.bath.ac.uk/study/teachers-advisers-parents/widening-participation/index.html   

Well done to our ‘Grow it’ team who hosted a lunch for Frome Rotary and guests on Tuesday 4 June. The visitors enjoyed a tour of the garden, followed by an informal lunch with Principal, Ms Reynolds. 

The project has received several donations for the garden, and the students involved wanted to thank their special guests for all their continued support.
Congratulations to Astrid Rogers, Daisy Wellsted, L'Lainne Wood, Felicity Sloane White, Amy Diment, Laura O'Brien who all won awards at the Black Swan Young Open on Satruday 30 March.

The judges included local artists, the Mayor of Frome, and renowned graffiti artist, Paris.  

On top of their awards, they have also won work experience with local artists.

Well done to all of them!

The College has been awarded the Geographical Association's 'Secondary Geography Quality Mark'.   
We were among only 46 schools in the UK to be awarded with this prestigious award, which recognises high quality, innovative teaching and learning of Geography in secondary schools. To achieve this award the department had to submit a 60 page portfolio of evidence to prove we meet the high standards of the Geographical Association. 

We are very proud to receive this award, as it demonstrates our commitment to improve all aspects of our department.

Here's what the GA say about the award; 'The SGQM award process encourages and supports schools to reflect on their work and strive for the highest quality in their teaching. All the award winners undergo a rigorous moderation process, and the team of assessors were hugely impressed by the manner in which all are continuing to embrace new and innovative approaches to teaching geography.

The SGQM, now into its 9th year, recognises student attainment, progress and achievement in areas such as geographical knowledge, understanding, values, skills and concepts, and sets expectations about the quality of teaching in geography. It aims to promote effective subject leadership and management, helping subject leaders raise the standards of geography in their schools.'

 Congratulations to everyone in the department!


Over 134 Year 12 students from Frome College spent the week commencing 8 July in a wide array of companies and work experience placements, including the British Bobsleigh Association, Devon & Somerset Flight Training, Schneider Electric, Rook Lane Arts Trust, Acorn Pharmacy, Frome Brewing Company, Mendip Rail, Systems Engineering & Assessment, I.G Sports Coaching and Babington House.

Olivia attended Bristol Airport for her placement in Marketing & Business Development. She worked on a joint exercise around a route launching, fire and airside operations brief, terminal and control centre shadowing.  Polly attended the National Trust at Stourhead - working in the world famous garden with the team to support conservation and maintenance of a historic landscape garden. Callum was an operating assistant for Devon & Somerset Flight Training; helping to prepare aircrafts, including refuelling, dealing with customers, money handling and assisting visiting pilots and aircraft. Grace attended Harris Hill & Gibbons, where she assisted and observed veterinary surgeons and nurses with consultations and procedures. Maddy observed a Community Respiratory Nurse with Virgin Care, while Tramaine who plans to study a Medicine Degree after completing Sixth Form, spent the week at Frome Hospital working on the inpatients ward, therapy services, outpatients and the physiotherapy team. Jim worked at Seasons Ecology Ltd gaining an insight into Ecological Consulting.

Bailey Morris completed work experience at BuroHappold Engineering in Bath. He explained “Work experience has opened a new avenue in my search for future employment. This has been an amazing place to work.” A group of students completed their work experience with Frome Town Council, conducting a benchmarking survey- interviewing business and town visitors, then collating and presenting their findings to council members to help impact the future direction of the town. 

Lewis Wells went to Center Parcs at Longleat Forest where he worked in the Cycle Centre providing guest care, helping guests with bikes and child attachments and using the till. He observed repairs and gained product knowledge, worked on new bike builds, helped with recycling as well as fixing and repairing hire bikes. He said “I saw this week as an opportunity to enhance my knowledge and embed my working skills to become a better employee. It has been a successful, beneficial week and I have really enjoyed working there whilst gaining further experience in the world of work. Following work experience in year 10, I applied for two jobs there and was successful both times which clearly shows how work experience helps you when applying for certain jobs you wish to do as it makes you stand out from the rest.“

While some students ventured as far afield as Ventique in London to assist the art gallery manager and to a work in a science laboratory at Edinburgh University, the majority of students remained in this area. Louise Friend who co-ordinates the work experience at Frome College said “I would like to extend a huge thank you on behalf of the 134 students to all the local companies who hosted this year group. The College is hugely grateful to businesses for giving up their time to share their expertise and many thanks for giving our students such an invaluable insight into the workplace.”

The Year 11 Prom at Center Parcs on Wednesday 27 June, saw a fantastic summer evening.

The students were greeted with drinks on arrival, and everyone enjoyed a formal dinner. The College staff band played after dinner, followed by a disco, a magician and dancing and party tricks.
We would like to thank everyone involved, and to Center Parcs for another great Frome College event!
If you would like any individual photos taken at the Year 11 Prom, contact Chris Bailey Photography directly via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Congratulations to our Year 13 chemists for excelling in the National Olympiad Competition. Our students collectively gained 3 Gold Awards, 5 Silver, and 2 Bronze Awards - this is an exceptional performance. 
To give some context, only the most able are entered, and 35% of students entering gain a U grade.  Every student entered by Frome College gained a Bronze Award or above. The challenge is work normally covered in the early part of a chemistry degree, and they have undertaken additional preparation work, in the challenging conditions during lockdown to prepare for the competition.

The awards are as follows:
Gold - Charlie Whiting, Brian Kendall, and Kallum Gulliver
Silver - Adam Baker, Evan Williams, Nathan Cummings, Joe Coles, and Sam Evans
Bronze - Tom Leigh and Ben Weyman
Well done to all of them for an outstanding achievement!

Congratulations to all of our highly talented students who displayed their Art work in the 'Making a Mark' Exhibition at the Black Swan, from Saturday 9 – 23 February.

Creativity is at the core of Frome College and much value is attached to freedom of expression in the arts.  One of the great strengths of our artwork is its variety and vibrancy. Frome College’s inclusive belief involves students ranging from beginners and enthusiastic amateurs, to the most skilful creators.

The selection of outstanding work was chosen to reflect the range and talent of our young Artists, Photographers and Designers, and which displayed these innovative young people’s work in a gallery setting. The skilled and beautiful work represents a small fraction of the students’ coursework projects, which have been produced during the academic year.

Our College Sixth Form students, Jake Howell, Charlie Sloan and Ben Manning who make up the Home Guardian team, were awarded second prize in the national enterprise competition 'Making Business Happen'.


The competition is organised annually by the University of South Wales and this year attracted over 300 entrants from across the UK.


This is the second year in a row that Frome College has had a team winning this runner-up prize, with the Plant Notes team winning the prize last year.

Home Guardian were awarded the prize of £1,500.  Some of the funds will be used by the College to purchase a 3D printer for the team and for future enterprise projects. The team will also receive business mentoring and hope to enter the competition again next year.

The judges were extremely impressed with their proposal, their professional presentation and their business skills.

Congratulations go to all of them on such an outstanding achievement. We wish them good luck for the future! 

ASDA store Manager, Shaun Harrowing presented the first prize cheque of £200 to the College this week after a successful green token bank campaign at the Frome store for the College library resourses. 

Students at school enjoy a well stocked library and the funds will go towards more resourses to enhance their learning.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the project and ASDA for their help to achieve this.


(In the photo left to right) College Principal, Gavin Ball, ASDA Manager Shaun Harrowing, College Librarian Teresa Fox and Communications Officer, Jane Davis.

Congratulations go to our very strong and talented Year 9 debating team Melissa Verwey (Chair), Tabitha Spiers (Main Speaker) and Saphire Almond-Neate (Vote of thanks), who won the Rotary Youth Speaks Regional Final at the Queen’s College in Taunton on Saturday 30 March.

Their topic was ‘What happened to Feminism?’ Tabitha also won ‘Best Speaker’.  

Well done to all of them and good luck in the Nation Final 2019 on 12 May!

Now all the exams are over, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our students and staff for all their hard work and committment!


We look forward to seeing them all on Exam Results Day.

  • GCSE on 23 August
  • A Levels on 16 August
Any students who remain undecided about post 16, we are still recruiting Sixth Form.

Call us on 01373 465353 to discuss any questions.

A beautiful summer’s evening welcomed students and staff to the Year 11 Prom at Center Parcs on Wednesday 26 June.

Students were greeted with drinks on arrival, and everyone enjoyed a formal dinner. The College staff band played followed by a disco, dancing, a magician and party tricks.

We would like to thank everyone involved in another great Frome College event!


If you would like to purchase high-resolution photos, please contact Chris Bailey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cost £10 each.

Well done to Saphire Almond-Neate, Tabitha Spiers and Melissa Verwey, all from Year 9, who have won the 1st Round of the competition at Selwood Academy, followed by the 2nd Round at Standerwick Market.

On both occasions, Tabitha Spiers was awarded ‘Best Speaker’.  

The next round will be at the Kings of Wessex, in Cheddar on Saturday 2 March.

Frome College is a very strong team, described as "commanding” by the judges. Good luck to all of them!


Red Nose Day turned into red mask day on Friday 19 March when Sixth Form students raised money for Comic Relief. So far, they have raised £124.80.  

Thank you to everyone who contributed, and a big thanks to Teigan Throup in Year 13 for organising this and carrying the bucket around the Futures block. 

This summer saw the arrival at College of a 250 year old, 57' tall, 11 tonne, Oak tree which fell in Turner's Paddock, Stourhead in January 2013.

The intention is to re-erect it on the site in summer 2016 as part of a scheme to create a more significant main entrance to the College. The tree featured in the painting 'View over the lake at Stourhead' by JMW Turner in 1798 when it was 30 years old.

The Heritage Lottery have awarded the project £40,000 to involve Frome's young people in the tree's historical and ecological heritage. The sculpture will signify the now depleted great forest of Selwood first recorded in 898 which once covered the whole Frome area.

Students are carving personal aspirational tattoos into the heartwood of the tree. A visit to Tate Britain is planned for the end of September with a talk by the Curator of the Turner Collection. Oral histories of Selwood will be collected, young filmmakers will be supporting and documenting the project and a guided walk is planned along the 15 mile route through the forest from Frome to Stourhead. Talks by local experts will take place and an exhibition will be mounted next year in Stourhead by the students.

Celebrating the installation of the tree at Frome College in July 2016 students will be involved in creating the start of an annual event, coordinating a performance/procession and traditional tree related activities, that will also fundraise to ensure the on going maintenance of the tree.

Students who would like to be involved in creating or designing a carving for the tree can meet the group in the Media Arts Centre on Mondays 3.00-4.00pm.

May Schymczyk, has received the funding through the Frome Town Council’s Youth Bank to start a radio news project at the College.  Working in partnership with FromeFM, students will produce and record programmes of 30 minutes to go on air fortnightly. All the recording equipment was purchased locally from Sounds of Frome, and radio training for the students and staff has been provided by FromeFM.




Pictured left to right is Jane Davis, Communications Officer, Adam Baker of Frome FM,  Kim Hyde from Sounds of Frome, May Schymczyk, Mrs Robinson, Head of Einstein House, Ali Edney-Jordan, Kate Hellar from Frome Town Council, Amy Bell, Mrs Smith from Radio FromeFM, Jazmine Carpenter, Principal Mr Ball and Terry Stewart from FromeM.

The sun shone bright for the Year 13 Prom on Tuesday 26 June at Leigh Park near Bradford on Avon.

Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and following a delicious dinner, filled the dance floor in a lively atmosphere. 

Thank you to Kevin Mitchell Photography for covering the event.  A wonderful night was had by all!

A large crowd saw a brilliant 'Later …with Frome College' concert on Tuesday 15 March in the Cheese & Grain. 


The diverse talent of College students was showcased across 3 stages, in a cabaret style programme of pop, jazz, acoustic, classical, choral percussion and electronic music.










The very popular event which was moved from its summer spot was a great success, and to celebrate the day, Year 12 Employability students organised a ‘Mufti day’ to raise money for PAC, Time is Precious & Dorothy House.




Thanks go to everyone involved and to James Wallis and Daniel Weston in Year 12 for covering the photography on the night!


© Photography by James Wallis

Congratulations to Maddie Blackburn in Year 10, who took part in the Rotary Chef Regional Finals at Westfield Academy in Yeovil on Saturday 9 February. She was required to plan, prepare, and cook 3 healthy dishes in 2 hours on a budget of £20 - a challenge in itself!

Frome College was competing with other students from Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, to secure a place in the District Finals in Exeter. Maddie was super organised with her time-plan, and managed to present her dishes to an incredibly high standard. The judges commented on the level of talent and professionalism of the students involved.

We are all very proud of Maddie and her outstanding achievement, and wish her every success in the District Finals!

Year 12 Child Care students visited Wyvern Nursery to share stories and the joy of books with the children during Book Week.


They all had a great time and hope to visit the children again soon.

Frome College Best Ever GCSE ResultsFrome College has achieved its best ever GCSE results this week continuing the upward rise in examination results.

57% of students achieved five higher-grade GCSE passes which includes English and mathematics. This is nearly a 10% improvement on last year and places the College above the national average (using last year’s figure). This is also the first entry figure and does not represent any re-takes.

Boys have also out-stripped girls, with a higher percentage of boys achieving five A*-C with maths and English than girls.

Mathematics has been one of the big success stories this year, where 67% of students achieved a C grade or higher which is a 10% improvement on last year.

English Language also achieved 67% of students achieving a C grade or higher, which places both subjects above the national average. The grade boundaries in English have been raised this year making it harder to achieve the higher grades. English Literature achieved an 85% higher pass rate.

Science grades were substantially higher than previous years with 63% of students achieving at least two science qualifications at a C grade or higher. This is an improvementincrease of over 40%.

Progress levels in all three Core GCSE subjects are also very high and above national averages, showing increases at all ability levels. This is particularly important for a fully-comprehensive school such as the College.

Results in the humanities subjects have also increased with 70% of students achieving C grades or higher. History in particular has made important increases. Overall the rise in the grades of the more traditional subjects at the College represents a relentless focus on the academic rigour of the curriculum.

In GCSE computer science, a subject highly regarded by both government and industry, 90% of students achieved a C grade or higher.

In other option subjects GCSE drama achieved a 100% pass rate on C grades and above, GCSE music 87%, GCSE physical education 90%, GCSE religious education 85%, GCSE photography 90%. This illustrates the breadth and depth of the quality of learning and achievement across Frome College.

In a new government measure called ‘Progress 8’ the College has recorded an impressive result of ‘’0.19’’. This basically means that our students are making really good progress over a range of at least eight subjects. The College is absolutely delighted to score such a positive figure in this new performance measure showing that we are on the road to become an outstanding school.

We are proud of all of our students but there were some exceptional individual performances: Ben Davies achieved eleven A*s and one A; James Muxworthy gained nine A*s, two As and a B; Blythe Plenderleith attained six A*s, three As and two Bs. Some of our other excellent achievers were (alphabetically):

Grace Barnes - six A*s, one A, three Bs

Jake Barrow - six A*s, three As, one B and one C

Kieran Hill – six A*s and four As

Chana Joyce - five A*s and six As

Jessica Perry – five A*s and six As

Samuel Wilson six A*s, four As and a B.

In addition to these amazing results, a large section of our students also achieved four A*s.

We have amazing students and staff at Frome College and my thanks and congratulations go out to all of them. I would also like to thank our community for their support. We have a dynamic school and town that we can all be proud of.

Gavin Ball
Frome College


Thank you to everyone who came along and supported or participated in our fantastic Later.. with Frome College concert on Tuesday 16 July.

This highly popular summer event highlighted the talent of our students and staff. The large crowd at the Cheese & Grain were entertained with a full and vibrant programme across 3 stages throughout the evening.  


Well done to everyone involved in yet another great Frome College event!


Eight Frome College students entered the Rotary Club creative writing competition.  The students from Years 9 and 10 had to write a style of text of their choice on the theme ‘Reflection’

Ms Franklin, teacher of English said:  ‘I am very proud of the efforts of our young writers.  Their work displays talent and confidence and I am sure that it will serve them well in later years.’


The students’ writing was judged by a panel in Bath where the submissions received high praise, including those from Aaron Fletcher, Emily Harris, Sophie Tanner, Savanna Martin, Evan Alexander and Kerry Murray who got creative. The winners will go through to a regional final later in the year.

Our winners were Abi Thorne and Adam Sheppard in Year 9. Both had a wonderful morning at Chickenhouse Publishing in Frome, on Wednesday 8 February, for the presentation. After a warm welcome by Rotarians David Gerhardt and Gerry Atkinson, certificates and prizes were awarded to the junior winners from Springmead in Beckington, along with Adam as runner-up, and Abi who was the winner of the intermediate group.


These young writers were generously rewarded for their efforts with the certificate as well as a choice of books from Chickenhouse Publishing and a voucher from Hunting Raven book shop.

Many congratulations to all those who took part, and our thanks go to Chickenhouse Publishing and Hunting Raven book shop for their amazing donations and, of course, the Rotary Club for their continued support of Frome College, and for providing such an incredible opportunity for our students.

College students have been working with the Target Youth Support Service to hand build high performance, classic steel, hard tail mountain bikes. The 6 students, Gavin Seago, Conner Maxted, Tyrone Jelly, Jack Hughes, Tom Sears and Josh Strudley built the bikes from scratch. One has been raffled at school and one has been given to Frome Rotary Club as a thank you for all their continued support to the students and families at College. The Rotary Club are raising money in their ‘Pop up shop’ by selling tickets for the bike and the money will be used to help take out a group of disabled children and their families for the day. The bike will be in the shop until 16 June where you can enter your name for £1 to win it. The charity shop is located in the Westway Precinct and open Monday to Friday from 9.30-4.30pm.  In the photo is College Principal, Mr Ball with Mrs Gay, PFSA presenting the bike to Norman Sellars from Frome Rotary Club.

The new catering company at Frome College have been supporting the Community Fridge project by donating all left over food produced every Friday. 

Over the past two weeks, we are delighted to see that some of the items we supplied haven't even made it as far as the shelves. This concept is proving very popular, and we are proud to be taking part in this initiative.

We would encourage more companies to get on board with this community idea to distribute unwanted food.

The final Careers Talks of the academic year was on Thursday 21 March at Frome College. Over the year, students have had 3 events arranged to attend talks of their choice, with 50 guest speakers representing different areas and giving up their time to allow our 1,100 students an insight into their company and career path.

This event hosted 16 speakers from a wide variety of companies. The most popularly selected talk to attend was Clinical Psychology in the Merlin Theatre. Maggs Cariss from Oxford Health NHS Trust gave 138 students a fascinating insight into what it is like working as a clinical psychologist and the career path to become one.

The various career paths in science were explained by Dr Filipa Vance discussing "Why science? Where can it take me? My career started as a Microbiologist. My new role as an executive officer and project manager working on research strategy at the University of Bath.” Science was represented well at the talks with former student Professor Jody Mason from the University Department of Biology and Biochemistry, giving a presentation entitled “To Frome College and back again: My life in Biochemistry and what a Biochemistry Degree entails.” 

All levels of maths related careers were represented. Andrew Palmer from Meridian Financial Services, told students about opportunities across finance in non-advisory roles, which included; compliance, audit and administration. Mary Darville described all the different roles with in an accounts office –how staff are responsible for making sure that all spending is within budget, managing orders, logging spending and income. She explained what an exciting and varied role it can be and dispelled the myth that you need high-level mathematical skills, but good numeracy, strong planning, and the ability to pay careful attention to detail.

Finlay Mills from Inspiring the Future gave our students an introduction to apprenticeships, including higher and degree level. He covered the range of apprenticeships, apprenticeship levels and what they mean, latest apprenticeship opportunities, and where to find out more information. He was joined by a young man doing an apprenticeship, and the audience appreciated hearing the experiences of someone not much older than themselves. Vivienne Whittaker from Frome Town Council discussed the various roles in the charity sector, from her experiences working with the Salvation Army.

We are extremely grateful to former plumber, Matt Hopkins, and now a plumbing lecturer at Wiltshire College, who gave students an insight into the type of work in this field from bathrooms to installing heating, the variety of skills needed and how to run your own business.  Having previously arranged 2 plumbers to talk to students who did not materialise on the day, students were delighted to gain an insight into this career.

Minerals Extraction was a new career to most students. Former Frome College student Adrian Schreiber-Green from Wainwright Quarry explained that after leaving school at 16, he has only ever worked in the minerals extraction Industry; however, he has been involved in such a varied career including the technical aspects of the business, production and general management.

One of our parents attended to give 105 students a fascinating insight into a career as a commercial pilot. Students were enthralled by the video of the plane landing and a Head of House described the talk as ‘outstanding.’
Still on the theme of careers in transportation, Jason Black, Director at Mendip Rail, described roles within the railway industry, such as engineering, locomotive wagons and track management, as well as areas which are highly transferrable to many industries such as; customer service, finance, human resources and project planning.

Connor Construction discussed the many careers within the road construction industry, which make our roads, runways and motorways safer. They described how they look for such varied qualities in their personnel such as, hands-on people, aspiring globetrotters, strategic-thinkers, creative and mechanically minded, mathematicians or even natural teachers. 

Cricket Coach Matthew Nielsen, spoke about the qualities needed and career paths available in sports coaching. Mike Skillman gave a passionate insight into a career in electronics "from tea boy to multi-departmental manager. How it led me into an apprenticeship, a job as a radio and TV repairer and a career as a civilian engineer for the Army.”

A special mention must be made to Jon White from a local NHS service, who stepped in at the last minute to talk about Mental Health Nursing, after an arranged guest became ill; he averted the disappointment of 124 students who were keenly anticipating hearing about this career! Our huge gratitude goes to all of our guests for their time and the effort they put into preparing their career presentations for the benefit of our students.

Frome College is always extremely grateful to any businesses or parents who can spare a little time to help our students understand the different career paths they could pursue.  If you would like to provide this experience to our young people, please email Louise Friend via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we are also looking for business people to help provide our Year 10 students with a mock interview.

Congratulations go to former Frome College student Jess McLennan who has become the youngest store manager for supermarket chain Asda.  At 21, she is in charge of 94 employees after joining the firm’s fast-track retail graduate scheme.

Jess first started working for Asda in Frome as a sales assistant when she was 19.  When she went on to study Criminology and Psychology at the University of Southampton she transferred and was promoted to section leader at a store there. 

While she was working part-time, her store manager noticed her leadership skills and encouraged her to apply for the graduate scheme which gave her training and confidence to progress.

On top of the scheme, she also gained ‘on-the-job’ experience in a variety of stores. She said “It was the practical experience that fast-tracked me into management so young and shows that Asda encourages potential (regardless of age).”

Jess’s application process involved a variety of assessments, including an online test, telephone interview and assessment days.  She spent a day in a local store and one in the Asda reality center, where she faced real life and everyday business situations. 

Jess now hopes to manage a larger store.  She says: “There are so many opportunities; I want to grab them as they come by”.

Her brother Fynn is an ambassador for College as our current Head Boy, and we hope Jess will visit College when she is in Frome.




We were honoured to welcome visitors from Zhangjiagang Lian Feng Secondary School in Yangshe, a province of Jiangsu on Monday 8 July. 

Our visitors were paired up with students and embraced college life. The weeklong visit ended with lunch and an assembly, where everyone could say their farewells.

Following our success in the Rotary Youth Speaks Competition last year, we have worked on our debating skills with middle schools and hosted a summer event with Selwood and Oakfield, which we hope to replicate this summer. We also ran an Able & Ambitious public speaking event, and came 2nd out of 22 regional schools in the national organisation PIXL’s debating competition.

With all this success and enthusiasm for public debate, we are delighted to be offered the opportunity to host the BBC’s Question Time in May.

The BBC’s political show, known for its topical and lively debates, invites guests from the world of politics and media, to answer questions from members of the public. Fiona Bruce, who took over from David Dimbleby in December, now hosts the show. Frome College students interested in the technical side of TV or Politics have been invited to watch the set up and rehearsal process, including a Q&A session with the Director prior to the show.

Question Time will be broadcast from our campus Merlin Theatre on Thursday 23 May. The audience can ask questions to be considered for the programme. 

You can apply on line to be in the audience of panellists by visiting the BBC’s website via this link: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/5vyK2GwYrdQGFvCJyKNfZhn/join-the-question-time-audience/contact
After the success of the music departments version of The Wellerman sea shanty, we decided to run a ‘Remix the Wellerman’ competition for our music technology students. Their remit was to use whatever software they had available at home, and only had one week to produce the remix.

Congratulations to our winner Dan Birch in Year 12 who has won an Amazon gift voucher. 

All the participants did a fantastic job, and their fabulous entries can be heard on our YouTube channel here youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIG7Kk1iN5s4ZzIrdF_VpNNe9U_p9L3f3

The College students and staff, along with the Frome community were fully entertained with our sell out music extravaganza at the Cheese & Grain.





Our annual concert saw the talented students of Frome College thrill the audience on three stages throughout the evening.  It was a fantastic array of different styles of singing and musical instruments, from bands to solo performances. 








Well done to everyone who took part!

Frome College U16 Boys win Somerset Cup 2015Another win for College Sport! The U16 boys' football team won the Somerset County Cup in Street. They beat Broadlands Academy by 2 - 0. Congratulations to the team for such a well-earned trophy.



Following our success in the Rotary Youth Speaks Competition last year, we have worked on our debating skills with middle schools and hosted a summer event with Selwood and Oakfield, which we hope to replicate this summer. We also ran an Able & Ambitious public speaking event, and came 2nd out of 22 regional schools in the national organisation PIXL’s debating competition.

With all this success and enthusiasm for public debate, we are delighted to be offered the opportunity to host the BBC’s Question Time in March.

The BBC’s political show, known for its topical and lively debates, invites guests from the world of politics and media, to answer questions from members of the public. Fiona Bruce, who took over from David Dimbleby in December, now hosts the show. Frome College students interested in the technical side of TV or Politics have been invited to watch the set up and rehearsal process, including a Q&A session with the Director prior to the show.

Question Time will be broadcast from our campus Merlin Theatre on Thursday 21 March, just days before Britain is due to leave the EU. The audience can ask questions to be considered for the programme. 

You can apply on line to be in the audience of panellists by visiting the BBC’s website via this link: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/5vyK2GwYrdQGFvCJyKNfZhn/join-the-question-time-audience/contact

This week’s Careers Cafe on Wednesday 16 March, was a great success with over 700 students attending the event to listen to guest speakers from the world of Science, Engineering, Math’s and Data, Transport and Logistics.

The College is moving swiftly forwards in promoting STEM activities and it was especially exciting to welcome Michelle Robinson who has co-authored a book called The Space Man with Major Tim Peake,  who is now a world famous astronaut serving a 6 month mission aboard the International Space Station.  Photographs from this Careers Cafe will be sent to the British Astronaut in space, to help celebrate his achievements.

Other guests were represented from Renewable Energy, the Institute of Physics, PGP Surveyors, Arla Engineering Degree Apprenticeships, NVB Architects, SEA based in Beckington, the University of Bath, Dennis Maps, Mathematics and Inter-Alia.

The next Careers Cafe will take place on Wednesday 5 May from 8.45-9.30am with the theme of Sport, Leisure, Agriculture and Animal Care.   If you would like to be a guest speaker at any of our Careers Cafes, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the College.  

Year 10 students have been focussing on their careers and employability skills over the last couple of months.  As part of this process they had to consider their own skills and experience and produce a CV and covering letter.

On Thursday 2 and Friday 3 July, 260 Year 10 students were interviewed, with support of the Frome Rotary Club and employers. They were asked typical interview questions based on their CV and then given valuable feedback on their performance.


During these two days a small group of Sixth Form students supported the interviews by running the reception desk. They were extremely efficient and organised and gained extra experience to add to their own CV.

The interviewees were all very positive about the experience. Matthew Cook in Year 10 said: "It was extremely useful. The interviewers were really nice. They made it a realistic environment. I was pleased with the feedback and I know how to improve."

The employers were also very positive about the students, rating the majority of them as likely to be shortlisted or appointed based on their interview performance.  One employer said: "the students seemed to be very well prepared and all have a wonderful variety of talents and interests."

We are very grateful that these professionals have given up their time to support our students:  it really was such a valuable experience for them.   

Well done to everyone! 

On 7 February 60, gifted young mathematicians from Years 9 to 11 completed the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge and 27 students achieved awards!

The top 3 performers from each year group were:

Danny Nguyen in Year 9: Silver
Thomas Willis in Year 9: Silver
Mary Evans in Year 9: Silver

Harry Forrester in Year 10: Silver
Bow Dougans in Year 10: Silver
Laura Curle in Year 10: Silver

Ireneusz Swierczynski in Year 11: Gold
Samuel Evans in Year 11: Gold
Stephanie Verwey in Year 11: Gold. In addition, ‘Best in school’

Following exceptional results, the following 5 students got through to the next round of the Kangaroo Maths Challenge, which was on 21 March.
Thomas Willis in Year 9
Danny Nguyen in Year 9
Irek Swiercsynski in Year 11
Sam Evans in Year 11
Stephanie Verwey in Year 11

Stephanie has been invited to take part in the prestigeous UKMT Summer School after an outstanding performance in the first round. This is a massive achievement, as only the top 1.5% of entrants are eligible for this, well done Stephanie!

Here is an example of the questions from the Maths Challenge.  Can you answer it?

There are 4 people, some of whom always tell the truth. The others always lie.
The first person said, “An odd number of us always tell the truth”.
The second person said, “An even number of us always tell the truth”.
The third person said, “A prime number of us always tell the truth”.
The fourth person said, “A square number of us always tell the truth”.
How many of these 4 people were telling the truth?
A: 0    B: 1      C: 2      D: 3      E: 4

In conjunction with Avon & Somerset Police, Frome College arranged for Paul Hannaford to deliver his drug awareness talks to all student year groups throughout the day on Thursday 24 January.

Paul is a well-respected speaker who has already spoken to over 50,000 students this year across the UK, and since 2009, he has worked with over 300,000 students. The talks were based on his life story, which provided a real life insight to crime, drugs addiction, alcohol and gang life, knife crime, self-harm and bullying. All students received a valuable message about these topics, and Paul was extremely professional ensuring his talks were appropriate for each year group. We are grateful to the Mendip Police Team in facilitating and supporting these talks. 

Paul said, “I cannot stress enough the importance of talking honestly to children about the catastrophic effects drugs, knife crime and gangs can have on their life, and the lives of those who love them. Every child matters and their future must be a bright one. We need to do all we can to ensure that.” 

You can find out more about Paul Hannaford on his website https://www.paulhannaford.com/ or Instagram @paulhannaford and paulhannaford.com on Twitter.

In addition, Frome Town Council hosted Paul Hannaford in the evening, to deliver his drug awareness talk to parents in the Town Hall. Forty-seven people attended and Frome Town Council live streamed it.  On the night, 248 people viewed the live stream, which is still available on the FTC Facebook page.  By 4.00pm, Paul had over 250 comments from students and parents on his social media, saying how inspirational and powerful the talk was.

Frome Town Council are looking at more workshops and action to tackle drugs in the town. Avon & Somerset Police said how important it was that all incidents involving and relating to drugs were reported and logged.

On Monday 8 July, we celebrated our annual Sports and Duke of Edinburgh Awards Evening in the Merlin Theatre. 

This year we were delighted to welcome James Threlfall MBE as our guest of honour. James is a skater and presenter, who gave an inspirational speech about his development from childhood, enjoying skate boarding, raising money for skate parks and travelling the world presenting. 


Congratulations to all the winners involved. A special ‘well done’ goes to the Sports Team of the Year – our Year 9 Athletics team, who won the Mendip School Championships!

Frome College Year 11 students were invited to the main College Hall this morning to receive their mock exam results.

This event is set up the same as it will be in the summer, to make the experience as authentic as possible in preparation for the exam season ahead. 

These important results will help assist in indicating where each student is doing well, or highlight any areas where they need more focus ahead of the real GCSE exams in the summer.

If you have any queries or concerns about the results, please contact your Head of House in the first instance, who can give advice on where to go for help or support.

Good luck to everyone!

Frome College U16 girls win Somerset County Cup 2015Congratulations to the formidable girls’ team who beat the Kings of Taunton School in the county final by 2 - 0. They returned with the prestigious cup for the second year running. Well done to all of them!

Frome College U16 girls win Somerset County Cup

Frome College - Last Tree Dreaming goes upright!After much work by students and local artists, the Last Tree Dreaming today went upright! 

Having fallen in 2012, the 250 year-old, 17.3 metre, eleven tonne oak tree from Turner's Paddock, Stourhead, was transported to the College in January 2013 where it has since been carved with personal, aspirational 'tattoos' by students at the College.

The oak tree featured in JMW Turner's 1798 painting 'View over the lake at Stourhead'  when it was 30 years old.

Welcome to the BBC School Report News Day 2016!

From just before 8am, School Reporters have already appeared on Farming Today, 5Live, BBC Breakfast and BBC Local Radio stations across the UK. And we’ve got hours of reporting and broadcasting ahead of us!

Huw Edwards has recorded a special message for all the schools taking part today - take a look! http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport/35766485

Frome College students are busy today filming and recording news.  More updates on our website as they come in through the day here www.fromecollege.org/news-dates/bbc-news-report










On Thursday 13 December, Frome College took their ever-improving Girls Rugby Team to a seven a side touch rugby tournament called ‘Project Rugby’ at the Recreational Ground in Bath, which was organised by the Bath Rugby Foundation.

Prior to competing at the Rec, the girls were part of a five-week coaching program provided by the foundation to encourage the participation and development of minority groups in Rugby. The program ran every Wednesday after school in place of the regular training sessions, and we would like to extend our thanks to coaches Becks and Curtis, who delivered such a fantastically varied and in depth course in such a short space of time.

During the tournament Frome College’s squad of ten played five 15-minute matches, recording three wins and two losses, beating Hayesfield, Somervale Penguins and Norton Hill, but losing to Somervale Gloves and Writhlington School.  The team will now start to work towards their next tournament in April at Weston Hornets RFC with ambitions of progressing to the next round, hopefully playing a friendly fixture during their preparations. If you would like to get involved and start playing rugby then please come along to training, every Wednesday after school from3-4pm, on the bottom field Rugby pitch.

I would also like to thank the girls for their continued efforts, hard work and dedication during training, which is really starting to shine through during their displays on the field.

The squad is constantly developing and improving, and I think the best is yet to come. Well done to
Maddie Howes, Layla Thomas, Hannah Bird, Megan Corp, Cassia Bell, Emma Butland Smith, Josephine Cowley, Izzy Neale, Sophie Gilson and Alisha Coulson.

Matthew Jones
Lesson Supervisor

On Wednesday 13 March, Year 12 Geography students were treated to an inspirational talk from Hugh Deed and Liz Odell, from ShelterBox. Students heard about the work of this charity; an organisation founded by a Rotary Club in SW England, which sends emergency relief to disaster zones worldwide. We heard about how this aid is distributed, often in very challenging situations, to countries that have suffered from floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and conflict.

Students were shown one of the boxes that are given to families in need, which contains essential items such as a tent, cooking utensils, torches, water filtration devices and more. Students were able to see video clips of this aid being used in locations such as Haiti and the Philippines. This tied in really nicely with the ‘Natural Hazards’ topic that students have been studying, and really developed students’ appreciation of how foreign aid can make a huge difference to the populations of Low Income Countries.

Liz Odell, a Shelter Box Response Team volunteer, gave a brilliant insight into what it’s like to be sent to manage the distribution of this aid in the days following a disaster. She spoke about her time in several countries including Haiti, which tied in nicely with students’ case study about this earthquake which they will use in their exams. Students also heard how challenging it can be to gain permission to go to certain countries, such as the Congo, for political reasons.
We all very much enjoyed seeing this ‘Geography in action’, with some students now considering potential volunteering opportunities and careers in disaster relief. A huge thanks to Hugh and Liz for giving up their time to give us an insight into the excellent work that Shelter Box does around the world, and to extend students’ understanding of responses to disasters.

On 6 November 2018, 28 students from Years 11, 12 & 13 entered the Senior UK Mathematics Challenge. The students did very well, with 13 students achieving awards. Matthew Haines in Year 13 did exceptionally well by achieving a Gold Certificate, on top of being invited to participate in the next round (The Senior Kangaroo Challenge).

A sample question from the challenge is:
The positive integer 2018 is the product of two primes. What is the sum of these primes?
A)  1001     B) 1010     C) 1011     D) 1100    or  E) 1101


The results are as follows:-
Year 13
Matthew Haines: Gold, 'Best in School' & 'Best in Year'
Josh Scovell: Silver
Morgan Curle: Silver
Dylan Oliver: Bronze
Ben Green: Bronze
Thomas Haines: Bronze
Betty Restorick: Bronze

Year 12
Grace Lindley: Silver & 'Best in Year'
Ridley Carpenter: Bronze
Robert Deighton: Bronze

Year 11
Stephanie Verwey: Silver & 'Best in Year'
Samuel Evans: Bronze
India Haines: Bronze

Congratulations to everyone who took part in such a prestigious challenge and outstanding results!

The results are in for the Frome College Sports Day on Monday 1 July: 

1st Aristotle 
2nd Newton
3rd Franklin
4th Einstein

Well done to everyone involved in a great day full of sport!

We are delighted to welcome our new catering company CucinA Restaurants Ltd who are offering a wide range of innovative fresh food service to all of our students throughout the day.

From Monday 7 January, our fresh and varied menu prepared by CucinA’s Executive Chef, has been received with great success and enthusiasm.  We are now offering a new Breakfast Service from 8.15-8.40am, with FREE porridge for all students.  There is also a range of cooked breakfasts available which can be purchased by staff and students at discounted rates, such as bacon and tomato rolls, croissants and blueberry pancakes.

The new team have rolled out new branding for the Sixth Form café. Based on a coffee house style menu, the new ‘Pronto’ café in Frome Futures, is offering a relaxed and upmarket New York deli area, where students and staff can buy a fabulous range of premium sandwiches, salads, hot handheld snacks and new one-pot meals. This area will be open from 10.00am – 2.30pm where staff and students can meet or study.

CucinA use mainly fair trade products and produce from the UK, with fish from sustainable stocks. By linking their menus with our curriculum, they plan to work with Frome College students each week as part of their NVQ coursework, and help with training in food preparation and cooking.  We hope to continue expanding the College garden with the ‘Grow it, eat it’ project enabling our fully trained Chef’s to prepare freshly picked produce every day, and encourage our students to cook their own fruit and vegetables.

On top of a different hot menu in the main restaurant every day, CucinA offer an afterschool ‘take away’ type facility, whereby students and staff can purchase food and drinks to take home or an afterschool club.  Anyone who would like to order a take away meal for afterschool, need to place their order with the canteen by 2.00pm each day required, to be collected after 3.00pm.

A full menu is on our website here.

If you are entitled to free school meals, details and an application form can  be found on our website here.

In the fullness of time, we hope to be able to offer local businesses our facilities for breakfast meetings and conferences, further information will follow once we have established the new systems.

We are also looking at our finance systems, and introducing a cashless paying system. More information will be sent home once the system has been implemented.  Any students or staff, who have special dietary requirements, are invited to speak to the Executive Chef, who will be more than happy to find something suitable each day.

Cara Honey in Year 13 has  been given this tremendous accolade for “The exceptional time and energy put into being Mayor for young people and the extra input she added to that role". Congratulations to her and her family.

Frome College Year 13 Law students enjoyed a rainy but highly stimulating trip to Bristol on Tuesday 18 December.  They spent the morning at Bristol Crown Court, one of the busiest venues for criminal trials in the country.

Judge Mark Horton, who talked frankly about the delights and drawbacks of the legal profession, put our students through their paces in the witness box, and entertained us.  Students then had the experience to observe part of a real, and very serious, trial from the public gallery.

Following this, they walked up the hill to the Wills Memorial Building at the University of Bristol, where second-year undergraduates had prepared a university-style seminar on human-rights law. ‘Which rights are absolute and unalterable, and which can be modified according to circumstances? Should our right to privacy outweigh the right to freedom of the press? Are there limits to freedom of expression?’ They all grappled with these and other interesting questions, ably assisted by the enthusiastic university students.

Our thanks go out to all our hosts for a fantastic trip opportunity.


The latest Careers Café on Wednesday 2 March was another huge success and focused on the importance of literacy in the world of work.  Among the amazing guests we were supported by some incredible literacy figures including children’s book author Michelle Robinson, science fiction/fantasy writer John Walton and games designer Piotr Swietlek.

Over 700 students visited the main College Hall to listen to guest speaker’s talk about how literacy and the love of words have helped them to take advantage of all of the opportunities life presents.  


We were delighted to host the BBC Points West News Presenter Sarah-Jane Bungay who is a former Frome College student.  




The Mayor of Frome, Kate Bielby talked to students about her work, and was joined by former Mayor Helen Sprawson-White who talked about how literacy and the spoken word has helped with her charity and fundraising work.  Other guests provided useful insights into the application of literacy skills to a range of occupations including construction, theatre production, acting and museum work.

This extra Careers Cafe was a collaboration between Aron Schneider, Deputy Assistant Principal and Faculty Head for English, and the Next Steps Team at Frome College as part of the celebration of National Book Week.  All of the guest speakers are keen to keep in touch with the College and continue to contribute to the development of our young people. 


The next Careers Cafe will take place on Wednesday 16 March with a theme of science, engineering, maths, data, transport and logistics.  

College Principal, Mr Ball, thanked everyone who attended and continue to support the College and the invaluable help and advice given to our students.  

If you would like to be a guest speaker at a Careers Cafe, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are excited to announce that from Monday 7 January 2019, our new catering company CucinA Restaurants Ltd will be offering a wide range of innovative fresh food service to all of our students, which will be available all day. 

Following a review by a panel of students and staff, several companies were invited to come along and show what they can offer in way of tasty and healthy meals. The panel sampled many menus, but after much deliberation, CucinA won the bid in a healthy eating campaign!

Starting the New Year with a fresh and varied menu prepared by an Executive Chef, we will now be able to offer a Breakfast Service from 8.15-8.40am, with free Porridge for all students.  There will also be available a range of cooked breakfasts which can be purchased by all staff and students at discounted rates, such as bacon and tomato rolls, croissants, blueberry pancakes, and cereals.

The new team will roll out branding for the Sixth Form café. Based on a coffee house style menu, the new ‘Pronto’ café in Frome Futures will offer a relaxed and upmarket New York deli area, where students and staff can buy a fabulous range of premium sandwiches, salads, hot handheld snacks and new one-pot meals. This area will be open from 10.00am – 2.30pm where staff and students can meet or study.

CucinA promise to mainly use fair trade products and produce from the UK, with fish from sustainable stocks. By linking their menus with our curriculum, they plan to work with Frome College students each week as part of their NVQ coursework, and help with training in food preparation and cooking.  We hope to continue expanding the College garden with the ‘Grow it, eat it’ project enabling our fully trained Chef’s to prepare freshly picked produce every day, and encourage our students to cook their own fruit and vegetables.

On top of a different hot menu in the main restaurant every day, CucinA hope to incorporate an afterschool ‘take away’ type facility, whereby students and staff can purchase food and drinks to take home or an afterschool club.
We endeavour to have full details and up to date menus on our website as soon as possible. In the fullness of time, we hope to be able to offer local businesses our facilities for breakfast meetings and conferences, further information will follow once we have established the new systems.

During this process, we will also be looking at our finance systems, and will be introducing a cashless paying system. This may take time, therefore more information will be sent home once the system has been implemented.  
We are confident that our families, students and staff will be delighted with the fantastic range of new options available to suit all needs.  Any students or staff, who have special dietary requirements, are invited to speak to the Executive Chef who will be more than happy to find something suitable each day.

Congratulations to Lucas Martin in Year 10 for being promoted to a 2* Cadet after successfully attending the Junior Leadership Course at HMS Rayleigh.  He spent the weekend learning how to teach drill, undertaking a variety of different leadership tasks, as well as getting wet and muddy working in a team to complete the obstacle course.  Lucas will be using these skills when he leads the new Frome Navy Cadet Section after Easter.

Sub-Lieutenant Smart was also promoted to Lieutenant after successfully attending a weeklong Section Commanders Course at Fort Blockhouse during the summer holidays. 

The Navy Section is due to start parading at Frome College after Easter on Thursdays from 3-4.15pm.  If you are interested in joining the CCF as a Cadet or as an adult volunteer, contact Lieutenant Smart via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask the Heads of House.

The Frome College Choir participated in the Somerset Music Christmas Celebration Concert at Wells Cathedral on Monday 10 December.  Ten schools from across the county performed with the Somerset County Youth Band and Choir in the magnificent setting of Wells Cathedral.

This highly prestigious event celebrates the talents of young musicians in Somerset, and the Frome College Choir was invited to perform ‘White Winter Hymnal’ by Robin Pecknold, and ‘Jesus Christ the Apple Tree’ by Elizabeth Poston. Included in the programme were ‘massed items’ where our students sang with other school choirs, and traditional congregational carols.

Well done to everyone involved in another outstanding event!

Planned and organised by the Year 13 Leadership Team, this year’s Prom at the Silk Mill in Frome, on Tuesday 25 June, saw glorious sunny weather and the year group arriving in style.  Students and staff enjoyed a lovely meal followed by dancing to a DJ until late. 

Thanks to Chris Bailey Photography for covering the evening. If you have any photo requirements, please contact him directly.


The Year 13 Prom is always a memorable occasion and an opportunity for staff who attended to say their goodbyes and to wish students good luck in their chosen next steps.

We look forward to seeing them all at the A Level Results Day from 8.30am in Frome Futures on Thursday 15 August.

Good luck everyone!
On Tuesday 27 November, Frome College held its first careers event of 3 this academic year. A huge event which involved vast organisation and set up; all staff assisted and 1,100 students from Years 9 to 13 participated, and were treated to a wealth of interesting talks to select from.

Sixth Formers considering a career in sport attended a talk by Sports Lecturers from Bristol City Community Trust covering "University courses at Bristol City Football Club & careers students go on to."

As sport is an area of interest for many students, another talk ran alongside it from Wiltshire Cricket “How to get into coaching and coaching pathways;skills to be a good coach andopportunities within and beyond sport”.
Two local companies interested in recruiting future apprentices into their industry attended. Hanson Aggregates highlighted their Higher Apprenticeship Scheme – Career in aggregates, construction & engineering and Connor Construction (South West) who treated students to donuts, talked about “Road Construction - A Road for Everyone to Take. Whether you are hands-on, an aspiring globe-trotter, strategic-thinker, creative, mechanically-minded, mathematician, a natural teacher or businesses-minded individual there is a place for you in Road Construction. Feel proud to be part of the industry that makes our roads, runways and motorways safer, and find out what we do and how we do it”

Creative students were catered for by local entrepreneurs Edventure who explained how to start an ethical fashion business.  Another speaker talked broadly about careers in the arts covering careers from being a creative director for a big make up brand, to illustrating books to being a ceramic artist. Students with an interest in photography or animals were treated by a fascinating talkby wildlife researcher and photographer Victoria Hillman, and were enthralled by film capturing animal behaviours in the wild.

Jim Bird from Southampton Universitygave students a realistic insight into careers in Nursing & Midwifery, explaining; “Nursing is a profession where every day you make a genuine difference to the lives and well-being of people needing expert support. There are multiple opportunities to not only provide care but to lead it, to be a decision maker, to be the clinical expert. As a nurse you may care for children, adults, older people, their families, those where health needs may be physical, mental, emotional, and in diverse settings such as hospitals, patients’ homes, prisons, the armed forces, internationally. No two days will ever be the same and your personal practice will be immensely appreciated.”
Local company Frome Tech came in to help students gain an insight into a career in IT. Harris & Harris Solicitors gave an ever popular law talk. Will from Forest Marble talked about his unusual career journey “Estate Agency/ setting up a business- from goat farmer to local business owner” and talked about how to set up a business in today’s changing world where everything is at our finger tips 24 hours a day- utilising the power of social media with traditional sales techniques.
Inspiring the Future updated students on the increasing popularity of apprenticeships. If any of our business readers do have any apprenticeships please send details to Frome College’s Employability Co-ordinator Louise Friend at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who can match students looking for specific careers with your job. Please also email if you would like to be a careers speaker at our next event.  If you would like to consider setting up an apprenticeship, but are unsure how to go about this, please contact Vivienne Whitaker at Frome Town Council on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Another talk covered the variety of careers in Science. Sadly for the second careers event, our local plumber guest speaker failed to arrive. Rather than disappoint students who had selected that talk again- Frome College’s Maths teacher Niall McNair (pictured) stepped heroically into the safety boots and quickly found videos and material online to educate the students on this profession.

Students considering finance as a career gained an insight into the duties involved in running a company financial department and all the job roles involved from manging orders, cash flow and juggling the budget. Those preferring a more practical career listened to John from Cannimore Cycles describe daily life as a bike mechanic; how to enter this career, work within the cycling industry, training, and different opportunities available once qualified.

Martha Lynn in Year 10 reported on here experience: “At least once a term, students get the chance to experience an informative and intriguing talk from a guest speaker who will give them the opportunity to understand different workplace environments, depending on the students choice of interest. This term, there were options such as photography, law, fashion, and apprenticeship, giving college students a possibility to really understand their passions, and ask questions about possible options for their future careers. Arts, such as photography opened up to wider subjects such as wildlife and zoology, whilst fashion went in depth about the ethics of clothing industries.
Many students described their experience as ‘eye opening’ and ‘enlightening’ considering the chance to ask questions, learn about life in the work place, and additionally, not only find out about, but understand the first steps to future ambitions outside and beyond school. One of the employability coordinators at Frome College said ‘We as a school are very lucky to consistently have speakers come in and give marvellous insights into the different careers available’.
I am sure the students at Frome College will agree, considering the eager questions and multiple hands raised. All students were given slips of paper to write their answers to questions, and make general notes, most of which were filled with their thoughts of this terms career options.”

Frome College would like to extend their huge gratitude to all the business speakers who kindly gave up their time, to give our future workforce an insight into the many different careers open to them and the highlights and realities of different employment routes.

Frome College U16 girls’ football team were victorious on Thursday 4 February, winning the quarter finals against Writhlington School by 8 goals to 0, and taking them through to the semi-finals of the Somerset County Cup. 







Goal scorers were Katie Minty, Charlotte Buxton, Chloe Gilroy, Lucy Macey, and Ellie Stripple.




Congratulations to them all on a fantastic result! We wish the all good luck in the semi-finals.

Following their hugely successful funding drive in May, in which Frome College Radio Club students broadcasted live for a marathon 24hrs, the project has expanded into Oakfield Academy, with the aim of helping the Year 8 students with the transition to Frome College. 

The College radio club donated recording equipment and, with the help of Frome.FM, arranged training in OFCOM standards, presentation, and technical skills.

Frome.FM Director for Children & Young People, Jennie Smith, said, “Frome.FM are proud to be able to offer the young people of Frome this unique and exciting opportunity to broadcast regular shows on FromeFM. It enables young people of all abilities to work with and get to know people within the wider community of Frome. It allows them to have a say in services that affect them and to develop the confidence and expertise to articulate what matters to them, providing vital skills and experience that last for a lifetime”

The new show, ‘Acorns on Air’ was a huge success, and the team, led by Oakfield Head of Maths, Mr Andrew Stephenson, enjoyed it so much they asked to present a Christmas show. You can hear ‘Acorns on Air’ on Wednesday 19 December at 4.00pm on 96.6fm locally, or anywhere via the internet on www.Frome.fm


Congratulations go to Martin Doel in Year 10 for being awarded a £5 voucher from Sodexo Catering Manager, Aaron Millard.

Martin found a wallet containing £15 in cash, and handed it in to the staff in the school canteen. Principal, Mr Ball said that he should be very proud of himself for being so honest and noble.

The wallet was returned to its rightful owner who was very pleased to have it back, and thankful to Martin for his honesty and thoughtfulness handing it in.

On Thursday 6 December, Debbie Goodsell from Gracewell Healthcare came in to Frome College to deliver a Dementia Friends course to the Year 12 Health & Social Care students. This means that we now have certified Dementia Friends in the College.

It entails raising awareness and understanding through action for people living with dementia, and those affected by it. These students have gained understanding of how dementia is perceived and experienced by people. They have also gained the understanding of how to support someone living with dementia to some degree. Most of all, they have built their own characters by reaching out to the broader community as a whole.

Wendy Day, Teacher of Health & Social Care, said: “I am very proud of this group of students. They have been so inspiring how well they approached this difficult area, and I am sure they will be a real asset in supporting people who need it. Well done to all of them!”

Congratulations to 'The Front Runners' who have been chosen to go on tour in the West of England.

Band members Solo, Sky, Joseph and Cole are all Frome College students, and we wish them every success for the future.


More information can be found about the tour via the Cheese & Grain Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/383366172441903/ 

You can also find details about the project by clicking on the link below

On Monday 26 November, 12 Frome College Year 10 students took part in the Rotary Chef Competition 2018. The students competed against each other to win a place in the Regional Finals, which will take place after Christmas.

This national event gives students the opportunity to cook and present to a very high standard, and then judged by top Chefs. Their brief was to cook a healthy 3-course meal in 2 hours for under £20.

This was a difficult task, but they all rose to the challenge, and the standard of presentation and commitment from our students was outstanding.

The day began with prepping the room and kitchen. Each student was given their own workspace for presentation, and they looked like professional chefs with their personalised chef whites, supplied by the very generous Gracewell.

Each student worked calmly and professionally, while judges Sam Perrett and James Morrison from Orchardleigh Estate and Simon Lewis from Gracewell walked amongst them with strict marking criteria.  Chef, Sam Perrett who previously worked at the Michelin star restaurant, The Pony & Trap in Chew Magna said, “I was amazed at how hard the students worked. The standards were very high, and there were some outstanding dishes presented”.

The tension in the kitchen was immense but none of them faltered, and each presented their dishes with enthusiasm and flourish - the quality of the dishes was outstanding.

After a full hour of tasting and deliberation, the overall winner was announced as Maddie Blackburn. She now goes on to the Regional Finals against other local schools and colleges.
Izzy Hobbs, Sam Oliver and Polly Thomas, all received Highly Commended for recognition of their individual dishes on the day.

I am so very proud of their achievement and a real credit to Frome College. Congratulations to all those who took part.

We would like to thank the generosity of Frome Rotary Club, Gracewell and our guest judges, for giving us this opportunity and who supported the students on the day.

The Frome College Rotary Interact Club held its second charity event on Monday 24 June.

The weather was perfect for the fundraising event and fete rolled into one. Twenty-six stalls greeted visitors, and many pounds were raised for the two chosen charities - Winston's Wish and Martin House Hospice - which gives support to bereaved families. The charities chosen are in honour of Frome College’s teacher Anna Kirsopp-lewis, and former student Poppy Devey Waterhouse. 

Two elite GB athletes, Jack Rutter and Julie Rogers, were at Frome College for the day to deliver inspirational assemblies and practical workshops. 

Our VIP’s also joined in the celebrations by starting the 1K fun run, which saw Frome Mayor, Mark Dorrington taking part. Although he did not win, he completed the course in a good time, and started the 5K run in which 56 runners from the College and Frome community competed. 

The winner of the 5K male section was local boxer, Ryan Wheeler.  The female winner was Jo Fordham, and her son Sam  in Year 10, who won the junior boys section, joined her.  The winner of the junior girls section was Abi Thomas in Year 11.  Ryan achieved a very impressive time of 17.56 minutes, especially considering the very hot weather.

Students in the College Interact Club organised the majority of the Extravaganza, and were supported by their teacher Liz Sypko and Frome Selwood Rotarian, Malcolm Westgate.  The whole day was a great success, and the monies raised will be going to very deserving charities. 

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Frome Extravaganza whether as a spectator, stall holder, runner or shopper.  Special thanks go to all the businesses that donated raffle prizes and to Frome’s TriClub and Running Club for sponsoring the runs at this fabulous community event!

Creative Chloe Nicholls has given the Poppy Appeal £110 from the sale of her knitted poppy badges.  A phone call from her father Blayne, alerted the Frome Branch Royal British Legion to this extra ordinary effort by 15 year old Frome College student, who had independently set out to support the Poppy Appeal.  Chloe met fellow crafters at the Assembly Rooms, and presented the cheque to the Chairman of Frome Branch RBL, Jane Norris.  In thanking Chloe, Jane explained how the money raised from her hand made poppies will go towards welfare work for veterans and their beneficiaries.

Spending time talking with other crafty knitters, Chloe and her younger sister Eloise, then helped with the Last Hundred Days Push for Poppies project by putting some finishing touches to the poppies being attached to the 6 combat webbings.  The display has since been much admired over the Frome Memorial Theatre foyer roof where it has been central to the Centenary Commemoration of WW1 Remembrance.

Chloe is always immersed in her hobby of knitting.  She has previously knitted hats and scarves for the homeless; knitted hats for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the RUH; knitted hearts to raise money for a charity to help in depression, and is currently busy knitting Christmas tree cushions.  She has plans to knit twiddle mats for the elderly, which will give sensory stimulation in memory loss.

For someone so committed to her needles and wool, Cloe does not see study or a career in textiles, instead preferring to have it as a hobby that gives her a purpose.  The RBL is so grateful for this donation, and acknowledge that all generations can provide great comfort in times of need.

Our congratulations go to Chloe on such an outstanding achievement!

The 'Frome College Matters' team are hosting a ‘Drive Live’ slot on Radio FromeFM on Thursday 28 January at 4.00-6.00pm.  This student led project will see teachers and staff coming in to present along side them. 

To listen to the broadcast, you can tune in on 96.6fm, online at frome.fm or download the free FromeFM app to your smartphone.

During the broadcast you can contact the studio with your good wishes, any local information, news or jokes, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by texting the studio on 07797 800631. We look forward to hearing from you.

These projects are open to ALL students at the College.  If you would like more information on any of our news features, please contact the Comunications Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Frome College GCSE Presentation at Memorial Theatre on Tuesday 20 November saw a large crowd of parents and students, who sat their exams in the summer, celebrate their results and receive their certificates.

During the presentation, Principal, Ms Reynolds, expressed her congratulations to all the students on the record exam results this year, and to their families for the tremendous amount of support that goes on to help our young people achieve them. Alongside the presentations, students performed a variety of musical accompaniment on the stage.
We were delighted this year, to welcome European Triathlete, Rachel Bown as our VIP guest of honour. Rachel gave an inspirational speech to the audience about her career, and displayed the Olympic Torch she carried. She also spoke about the support she had battling an illness when she developed a tumour on the brain, which left her blind in one eye, and the book she wrote about her journey called ‘The Butterfly WITHIN’. The audience was intrigued by her story and her determination to achieve her goals. Rachel spoke candidly to the students about focussing on their ambitions, and to never give up on working hard achieving their dreams. Her mantra was “happiness is a choice” regardless of what obstacles may get in the way through life.

 Rachel said "Thank you to Frome College for inviting me to speak at the GCSE Presentation evening. This is the first awards evening of its type that I have attended, I did not know what to expect, and it was fantastic! Well organised and well-paced. The musical interludes were beautiful and showcased what else Frome College offers and achieves. It was an honour to celebrate such academic success and to hear that it was a record year! However, what really shone through was how much the senior leadership team value the staff and students. Frome College must be a positive and inspiring place to work.”

 The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all, in celebration of another successful year at Frome College. Our congratulations go to all the students, and thanks to our Sixth Form photographers Liam McPherson and Ryan Snook in Year 13.


Congratulations go to Martin Doel in Year 10 for being awarded a £5 voucher from Sodexo Catering Manager, Aaron Millard.

Martin found a wallet containing £15 in cash, and handed it in to the staff in the school canteen. Principal, Mr Ball said that he should be very proud of himself for being so honest and noble.

The wallet was returned to its rightful owner who was very pleased to have it back, and thankful to Martin for his honesty and thoughtfulness handing it in.

The Young Photographer of the Year Competition is a well-established and successful competition promoted by Rotary International in Britain and Ireland (RIBI).

It is a 3-stage competition designed to support and encourage the development of photographic skills. This competition has been open to all schools and communities in the local area.

We were thrilled this year to have 20 entrants selected for the local finals, which took place on Wednesday 14 November at Rook Lane Gallery, with the awards ceremony following at 6.00pm. A crowd of friends and family attended to support these brilliant young photographers.

The selected finalists from Frome College were: Alex Lakin, Emily Oakley, Emma Duston, George Allen, Gus Slade, Isabel Hanney, Jake Joce, Jena Truscott Davies, Joe O'Neil, Joseph Parry, Joy Beaven,  Laura O'Brien, Leila Card, Maddie Eccles, Megan King, Milo Herbert,  Morwenna Bryant-Young, Nick Perry, Shanna Williamson, Sid Liney.

Frome College won every category, which had entries. The winner of the 11-13 year old category was Jenna Truscott-Davies in Year 9.
The winner of the 14-17 year old category was Emma Duston in Year 13. Highly Commended was Joy Beaven in Year 11.


Congratulations to everyone involved with such outstanding work!

Frome College celebrated the Big Read Week 2019 with student led Radio Shows from 4.00-5.00pm, Monday-Friday on Radio Fromefm 96.6FM. 

We were also privileged to welcome author and storyteller Jem Roberts for World Book Day on Thursday 7 March who inspired students with his humour, and varied and interesting career.  Several members of staff dressed up as book characters to celebrate. 

Throughout the week, there were book related quizzes and competitions during tutor time, with a book tasting café in the College Library during lunchtimes.

Well done to everyone involved! 
To help support Children in Need, House Captains and students attended the live broadcast of the BBC Breakfast Show at the Cheese & Grain on Friday 16 November.

With special guests Pudsey, and Gold Medallists sports personalities, Amy Williams and Emily Diamond, the students presented a giant cheque for £280.

Radio presenters who were live on air from 7.30-8.30am, interviewed the group who raised the funds from their interhouse cake sales around the campus on Thursday 15 November.

Well done to everyone involved!

Our thanks go to © Chris Bailey Photography.


Congratulations to Alex Hall in Year 9, Ryan Snook in Year 13, and Lewis Johnson and Luke Berryman in Year 12, who were shortlisted in the top 25 across the UK at the National School Photography Awards 2019.

There were hundreds of entries submitted, and a team of professional photographers spent a full day shortlisting for the final round. The judges were all very impressed with the quality of photos entered, and the technical ability of many of the entrants.

Well done to our highly talented students on such an outstanding achievement. We wish them all good luck in the final round!

Some of our Gifted & Talented linguists visited Bath University for a Spotlight on Languages Day. Brian Kendall and Stephanie Verwey in Year 11, were asked to compile the thoughts on the day from the students who went and this is what they wrote:

The day was amazing and explained many parts of the importance of languages and communication.  The day started with a talk from one of the Italian tutors from Bath University explaining where his love of languages has come from, and how important it is to be able to communicate with others.  We then participated in a variety of different workshops whilst some of us built on our knowledge of French and German, others learnt about French humour or took a beginners class in Italian.  After a tour of the campus, we heard from some previous Bath University students about careers, employability and the importance of learning languages.”

The message from Bath University was clear - knowing just English is not enough and that students should learn a foreign language.

Mr W Owsley
Head of International Faculty

The BBC News School Report gives 11-16 year-old students across the UK the opportunity to research and produce their own news reports for a real audience.

The whole of Year 9 are involved in the project to decide upon, create and publish stories about news that is important to them.

Students from the College will be making the news for real on 10 March 2016,  as they take part in the BBC News School Report.

We aim to publish the news by 4.00pm on the ‘News Day’, so please save the link below, as a favourite and return to it later: 



For more information contact Jane Davis, Communicaitons Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last year, Frome College Art, Photography & Graphics students were invited to create logos for Connor Construction (South West) Ltd, to go on gifts for their customers at Christmas. The winning students received cash prizes and gained valuable work experience being involved with such a large company.

Since then, Connor Construction has advertised regularly in our termly Newsletter, and is very proactive in supporting our students.  This year, our Year 12 & 13 Art, Photography & Graphics students were sent invitations to design a new logo for the companies UK fleet of new Volvo trucks.  The 6 week project saw Chloe Adams, George Allen, Grace Beaven, Jasmine Eardley, Ida Joof, Avalon Ross, Sol Smith, Isobel Steven, and Pippa Turner produce fantastic designs. Managing Director, Ian Webb, came into College to view the completed work and to collect it for the company staff to view and select the winners. He said the students work was of such a high standard, it was difficult to make a decision alone. 

After much consultation and deliberation over 2 weeks, the winner was announced as Sol Smith from Year 13 whose design is now on the company’s truck fleet.  Sol won £300 and will have his work shown in the global annual Volvo Magazine. Pippa Turner received a £100 cheque as runner-up.

Neil Allen, Road Planning Director at Connor Construction (South West) Ltd said: “We would like to thank the staff at Frome College who have supported our projects. We would not be able to present these opportunities to their students if it was not for them. The work that was presented to us from everybody was absolutely incredible, what a credit to the teachers and staff at Frome College. A big well done to Sol for his winning design which can now be seen on our Volvo trucks up and down the country and also to Pippa Turner who won £100 at 2nd Place for her design. Thank you to Jane Davis, the Communications Officer, for co-ordinating our project from College, and to Sarah Auld, Teacher of Art, who gave her students the confidence and encouragement to take part. I wonder what our next project will be?”

Our congratulations go to Sol Smith, and all of our highly talented students who submitted such outstanding designs. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Connor Construction (South West) Ltd for their continued support of Frome College.  Their ethos is very much about supporting our local community, and helping to develop opportunities for the young people who live here.

The Art department ran a booster day on Saturday 9 March to help and support GCSE students prepare for their exams and unit work. The students involved produced some amazing and creative pieces of artwork, and everyone had an enjoyable and worthwhile day.

On Friday 9 November, all Frome College students attended assemblies to mark Remembrance Day at 9.00am.

Principal, Ms Reynolds, also led a service in the Merlin Theatre at 10.50am, attended by guests, campus partners and staff.  Current students read the names of all the former students who lost their lives in combat.  Following the Last Post, a 2 minute silence was held. 

After the laying of wreathes, Chair of Governors, Max Wide, read In Flanders Fields, and the Frome College Choir closed the service with a fantastic version of Lay me Low.

We are immensely proud of all our students who attended the assemblies to pay their respects, honour our fallen heroes, former students, and to mark the 100th Anniversary since the end of World War I.
Congratulations to Brandon Stobie in Year 10 who has received the Pride of Somerset Youth Award 2019 for his hard work and commitment in the community. Brandon attends Frome Cadets and volunteers by cutting grass in a children’s play area. He also supports other children in care, and is a member of the Somerset in Care Council.

On top of playing the bugle in parades, Brando also helps to prepare school lunches. This award is organised by BBC Somerset, Rotary Club of Taunton, Bridgwater & Taunton College and the Somerset County Gazette series.

We wish him continued success for the future.
This term, all of our new Year 9 students were offered the opportunity to go camping and hiking as an introduction taster of our highly successful Duke of Edinburgh scheme at the College.

Over a week long period from Monday 15 October, groups of students were taken to Pitchperfect near Woolverton, where they enjoyed activities, hiking and a BBQ, before camping overnight under the stars. Each group walked back to the College the following day across country using orienteering equipment.

Everyone who attended enjoyed the experience, and were very lucky with the autumn weather. We would like to thank Mr Marsh, our DofE lead at Frome College, for organising such a fantastic week, also the staff who stepped up to the platform to make this big event happen for our students.

Anyone who would like to join the DofE scheme, can contact Mr Marsh for more information via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ben Eley in Year 10 has ridden in two national ten mile time trial events on his trial bike, organised by the Road Time Trial Council.  Ben is a member of Frome and District Wheelers.  In September he competed in an under 18 event at Marlborough with a finish time of 25 minutes, 38 seconds, followed by an under 16 event at Ware in Hertfordshire, where he finished 14th in the UK, with a personal best time off 25minutes, 5 seconds.

Izzy Book in Year 10 teamed up with Ben to fund raise for ‘Mind’ - a charity supporting those suffering from, or caring for mental illness.  They set out to raise £500 towards the charity which provides advice and support across England and Wales.

They completed the 100 mile ride on Saturday 26 September in 8 hours and 52 minutes raising an incredible amount of £812.50, for the charity.  Ben and Izzy met with Principal, Mr Ball to discuss 'Mind', and ask the College to support it by doing a ‘Mufti day’ in October to go towards the charity.

So many generous people gave to the fundraising campaign with the two events, they totalled it up to an incredible £1460.90p!

Mr Ball congratulated them both and awarded commendation certificates for outstanding fundraising initiative. He presented them with the cheque for 'Mind' and said tha they set inspiring examples to everyone at the College. 

Molly Myall from the charity said: “On behalf of Mind I would like to thank everyone who supported Izzy and Ben by donating money for their 100 mile bike ride and through the ‘Mufti’ day at school. They have been incredible fundraisers and are great ambassadors for other young people.

For those who don’t know ‘Mind’ very well we are the leading mental health charity for England and Wales. So by mental health we’re talking about everything from depression, stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and schizophrenia.  There are two main branches of what we do as a charity.

Firstly, we provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.  When you're experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change your life.  We help people to understand their condition and the choices available to them through:
•  Our ‘Infoline’ which offers callers confidential help for the price of a local call.
•  Our Legal Advice Service which provides information on mental health related law to the public, service users, family members/carers, mental health professionals and mental health advocates.
•  Our award-winning publications and website, now certified by the Information Standard.

Last year our ‘Infoline’ took over 36,000 calls from people, who had nowhere else to turn, this number has doubled in two years.  In many ways, it is incredible that more people are asking for help, but our resources are stretched thin and we were unable to answer almost as many calls. This is why fundraising events like this are so hugely important, with your support we could be there for even more people.

Secondly, we campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.  We believe everyone with a mental health problem should be able to access excellent care and services. We also believe you should be treated fairly, positively and with respect.

We campaign on a range of issues that could affect anybody with a mental health problem. This includes health services; legislation; protection of legal rights, and employment.  This year we finished a year of campaigning in the lead up to the General Election. Thanks to our brilliant campaigners, 95% of MPs read our manifesto for better mental health, and in October 2014 a few weeks after we campaigned for better access to talking therapies, the Government announced that, for the first time ever, there will be waiting time standards for talking therapies. From April 2015, 75 per cent of people should get treatment within 6 weeks.

We can see change happening, we can see our services being needed more than ever, and we can see more people talking about mental health.  But there’s a long way to go, at the moment, suicide is still the biggest killer of men under the age of 35, and teenage girls all over the world.

So once again I would like to reiterate how grateful we are to Izzy and Ben for their amazing fundraising efforts and hard work that has gone into raising this money.  We will continue to work until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect, but we couldn’t do it without people like you.”

This term, all of our new Year 9 students were offered the opportunity to go camping and hiking as an introduction taster of our highly successful Duke of Edinburgh scheme at the College. 

Over a week long period from Monday 15 October, groups of students were taken to Pitchperfect near Woolverton, where they enjoyed activities, hiking and a BBQ, before camping overnight under the stars. Each group walked back to the College the following day across country using orienteering equipment.

Everyone who attended enjoyed the experience, and were very lucky with the autumn weather. We would like to thank Mr Marsh, our DofE lead at Frome College, for organising such a fantastic week, also the staff who stepped up to the platform to make this big event happen for our students.

Anyone who would like to join the DofE scheme, can contact Mr Marsh for more information via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Congratulations to the fantastic cast and crew who worked tirelessly on this year’s Frome College production of Chicago!

The 3 nights of shows at the Merlin Theatre were a sellout, and received phenomenal reviews. The standard of professionalism and quality of the performances, music, singing and dancing were equal to a West End show - Brilliant!

Our thanks also go to © Chris Bailey Photography for supplying the images.

The grand piano on the stage in the main College Hall has been on long-term loan to us from Jackdaws Music Education Trust in Great Elm www.jackdaws.org.uk.  This trust was set up by Maureen Wishart (nee Lehane) who was a prolific opera singer and founded the Great Elm Music Festival. The piano belonged to Maureen, and when she passed away it was loaned to us.

Jackdaws have now offered to permanently gift the piano to Frome College, and our students thoroughly enjoy playing it. We would like to thank Jackdaws for such a generous gesture. If anyone can help with tuning the piano, please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Frome Extravaganza Fete & Fun Runs

Monday 24 June from 3.00 – 5.00pm at Frome College

We are excited to announce the two GB VIP's for the Frome Extravaganza on Monday 24 June from 3.00-5.00pm at Frome College are Footballer, Jack Rutter and Julie Rogers, Athlete.

 Events include -
• The Fete - Stalls in Frome Leisure Centre Sports Hall. Cost £10 each. 
  To book a stall, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• 3.30pm – The 1K Fun Run is open to all ages and abilities for a £1 donation.
• 4.00pm – The 5K Competitive Run for 14+ years. Cost £5.60 including a medal for completing, and a trophy to the winners. 

To sign up for the 5K run, log on to www.fromecollege.fullonsport.com/event/frome-Extravaganza-5k-Run/profile

Frome College Sixth Form are now participating in Access to Bristol; a fabulous scheme where successful students can attend 8 lectures in a subject area of their choice at the prestigious Bristol University.

Our first group of students started on Wednesday 17 October, and a second group will go in the spring. Subjects include Law, Healthcare, Biological Sciences, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Management & Marketing, Childhood Studies, Geography and Social Sciences. Fourteen of our Year 12 students successfully gained a place on this valuable scheme.

One student, secured a place on Pathways to Law, a 2 year scheme which also includes a Supreme Court Debate Day, university application support, a trip to the National Law Conference at the University of Warwick, E-mentoring from a current law student, and a law work placement. Another student was awarded a place on Pathways to Health Sciences,   also a 2 year course for students interested in studying Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science; as well as attending relevant university lectures, UCAS support and interview workshops, this scheme also gives access to high quality  work experience placements and work with health science professionals.

The Access to Bristol scheme looks great on UCAS applications, and therefore increases likelihood of getting offers from other universities, as they have had university  experience and Degree study in that subject. It allows students to gain an insight and taster of studying that subject at university, and to explore whether this is the route they wish to follow. It also enables them to meet and talk to current students and faculty staff.

Bristol University is one of the top Russell Group Universities in the UK - completing Access to Bristol will guarantee our students an offer from Bristol University should they choose to apply, or if a subject interviews pre selection, they are guaranteed an interview. Bristol will give them an offer of 2 grades less than other students. It is also a fabulous scheme for our students from lower income families; if household income is under £25,000- students will get their first years tuition fees paid, and will get a bursary each year of £3,855. There is absolutely no cost to the student of attending the scheme, and even transport is provided free of charge.

Nine of our students commenced the scheme this week, and a further five start in the spring. We would like to congratulate all of our students who were successful in their applications, and who are participating in this excellent scheme.

Our thanks go to Bristol University for providing this fantastic opportunity for our students.

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